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Achieve unparalleled uptime with Locators' Service & Parts Support. We deliver the highest levels of support through our team of 25 mobile engineers, hold a large stock of quality parts, and have experts on hand to offer tailored maintenance solutions. If you want the best support for your material handling equipment, call Locators.
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Transform your cleaning practices with Kärcher's innovative solutions. Our range spans powerful industrial machines to smaller eco-friendly devices. Each one delivers the utmost cleanliness with minimal environmental impact — ensuring peak performance and pristine results for every clean. All supplied and supported by Locators.
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Elevate your storage and handling capabilities with Combilift's specialised equipment. Our range of narrow aisle and multidirectional forklifts is designed to navigate tight spaces — making them the top choice for businesses that want to increase their storage density and operational efficiency. All supplied and supported by our award-winning partner Locators.
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Lead the way in operational excellence with Toyota Material Handling. Our comprehensive range of forklifts is proven to drive productivity and efficiency to new heights. Ensure you remain ahead of the curve with the global leader in advanced forklifts and material handling equipment. All supplied and supported by our regionally exclusive distributor Locators.
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There's only one trusted name in rugged and reliable machinery for construction and more — and that's Manitou. Our versatile range of equipment includes telescopic handlers and rough terrain forklifts. Made to handle heavy loads and operate in tough conditions, they ensure high productivity and safety on any terrain. All supplied and supported by our exclusive distributor Locators.
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Unlock the full potential of your warehouse with Locators' Storage Systems. We specialise in fully integrated storage solutions that work hand in glove with your business’s specific material handling requirements. Customisable to any size or type of operation, our systems are the key to maximising space and enhancing workflow in your warehouse.
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For over 35 years, we’ve worked with companies that cover everything from leisure to distribution and manufacturing.

Prolong your Material Handling Equipment & Storage Systems

Locators have cultivated a selection of video guides to help you maintain your vehicle and warehouse. From daily checks to walkarounds and engine inspections — we’ll help you keep safe and efficient.

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🟧 | Industrial Equipment
🟧 | Warehouse Equipment
🟧 | Automation Solutions

Combi tab Home — Material Handling & Storage Systems

🟩 | Aisle-Master
🟩 | C-Series
🟩 | Multi-Directional Counterbalance Trucks
🟩 | Warehouse Equipment
🟩 | Sideloader
🟩 | Straddle Carrier

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🟥 | Construction Telehandlers
🟥 | Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks
🟥 | Rotating Telehandlers
🟥 | Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
🟥 | Articulated Loaders
🟥 | Compact Loaders
🟥 | Oxygen
🟥 | Track Loaders
🟥 | Truck Mounted Forklifts

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🟨 | Floor Scrubbers & Scrubber Dryer
🟨 | Floor Sweepers & Vacuum Sweepers
🟨 | Municipal Equipment

Locators Storage tab Home — Material Handling & Storage Systems

🟪 | Pallet Shuttle System
🟪 | Anti-Collapse Mesh & Partitioning
🟪 | Industrial Fit Out
🟪 | Barriers & Rack Protection
🟪 | Cantilever Racking
🟪 | Live Storage Systems
🟪 | Mezzanine Floors
🟪 | Pallet Racking
🟪 | Rack Inspection & Maintenance
🟪 | Shelving
🟪 | Warehouse Labelling & Signage

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🟪 | Short Term Hire & Transport
🟪 | Parts Support
🟪 | Driver Training
🟪 | CFTS Inspection
🟪 | SAFEPOWER Battery Care & Support
🟪 | SEMA Racking Inspections