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3 Advantages of Buying a Forklift

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When weighing up whether hiring or buying a forklift is the best fit for your business, companies tend to settle on the same conclusion. Ownership is the more cost-effective long-term option. New equipment comes with a warranty and does away with generally higher ongoing rental costs. All you need to budget for is fuelling and maintaining your equipment.

No business wants to face demands they’re unable to meet. So, if your workforce operates multiple shifts, handles specialist products or even just has a steady predictable workflow; investing in new Materials handling equipment is a no-brainer. Here at Locators, we have a range of new forklifts that offer high productivity, improved reliability and give your staff exactly what they need to do their job.
What’s more, businesses with plenty of capital or inexpensive lines of credit will find that buying a forklift is the lowest cost long term option. Purchases present higher tax write-offs and leave you with an additional asset on your books. When the time comes for change, you can use your truck as collateral to finance the next truck or fleet in the future.

Familiarity of Controls

Keeping your fleet uniform means you and your team return to the same equipment time after time and all the equipment matches. The reassurance that comes with this means improved safety, increased efficiency and a reduction in damage.

Reliable Efficiency

Whether it’s purchased or rented – you need your forklifts to fulfil a purpose. The best way to ensure it does is to invest in correctly specified new equipment that is right for your application. Whilst the upfront cost of a purchase might seem high, in the long term it is less costly and gives you peace of mind that your staff are using the right tools for the job.

Technological Innovations

Forklift innovations play a crucial role in improving the safety and performance in yards and warehouses around the world. These innovations enable longer operating hours, increased fuel efficiency, higher lifting, smaller aisles and more.

Familiarity of Controls

Comprehensive, dependable and flexible.

Buying a forklift lets your employees familiarise themselves with operating the truck. Better yet, keeping your fleet uniform means you and your team use the same brands and models all the time. We all know what it’s like driving a different car for the first time; the reassurance that comes with familiarity of controls means a safer more efficient workplace.

If you rent your forklift trucks and change them frequently, your employees need a period of adjustment to get used to them. Jumping from one machine type to another makes work take longer and can increase the risk of accidents and damage. So, if you know your operation and what you’ll be handling, buying your equipment may even improve safety and increase productivity.

Locators pride ourselves on being a valued long-term partner

If you want something that will stand the test of time, get in touch.

For those interested in expanding their fleet, working with an expert supplier will help ensure they get the right solution. Experienced material handling suppliers should work like trusted consultants; a company like ours will be able to specify the right equipment first time. This leads to a safe, efficient working environment that gives your business an advantage over your competitors.

Incorrectly specified, faulty or unreliable products lead to downtime – or worse, injuries – which is why we work with the likes of Combilift, Manitou, and Toyota. By working closely with trusted, world leading brands, we can meet virtually any handling challenge and be commercially competitive too. Our products also extend to attachments, replacement parts and we even have our in-house storage systems division.

We only supply high quality brands you can trust

Combilift. Manitou. Toyota. The best brands in the business.

As the South’s leading material handling and storage system company, we work with the best brands in the business. That means all the equipment we supply is reliable, efficient and has very good residual values. Protecting your operation and your investment. Each manufacturer builds a wide range equipment suitable for nearly every industry:

Transportation & Logistics | Retail & eCommerce | Manufacturing | Construction | Food & Beverage | Pharmaceuticals | Builders Merchants and much more

Reliable Efficiency

Everyone wants their handling equipment to run smoothly.

Whether it’s an outright purchase or a rental – you need your machine to reliably fulfil its purpose. The best way of ensuring it does is with correctly specified new equipment. Whilst the upfront cost of a buying might seem high, in the long run it is the cheaper option. Newer forklifts are more refined pieces of machinery with a higher likelihood of running safely and efficiently at all times. Not only will new equipment reduce costs in the long run, but you can rest easy knowing the welfare of your employees is secure.

Buying a forklift new means there’s no need to worry about mechanical issues or wear and tear. You won’t need to fret over performance issues that can inevitably occur after hours of use on older machines. Buying a forklift also allows you to build a long-term service relationship with your supplier. You get the support you need and a partner that knows your site and how best to keep you operational.

Ownership = less time for downtime

Long term ownership has its benefits.

In our experience, employees are at their most productive when they know the equipment they are using. That’s not always possible with rental trucks. Forklift hires tend to be for temporary periods – which can, in turn, hamper your employees’ performance. What’s more, buying a new forklift gives the reassurance of a warranty and means you are protected from unforeseen costs for a reasonable time.

Return on Investment

Strengthen – rather than hinder – your financial success.

Buying a forklift is the only option that will allow you to resell the forklift. Depending on the residual value of your forklift and how well it is maintained, it can be a valuable way to increase your return on investment. Rental don’t give you this option and the costs tend to be higher than monthly financing costs. Also you are liable for any cosmetic damage.

Better still, HM Treasury recently introduced significant tax incentives for UK businesses with super deduction. With lead times on some new equipment up to 12 months, it is a great incentive to act now and ensure your business does not miss out. You can read more about this super-deduction, here.

Technologically Innovative

Remain relevant and competitive.

Technology develops quickly. By keeping things up to date, businesses remain competitive. Yet, with companies striving to find new ways to improve efficiency, you might think that buying a forklift leaves less room to adapt. One of the biggest ways modern forklifts have developed is how they are powered. Cleaner greener machines need fewer repairs, have lower emissions and produce less waste.

Forklift innovations play a crucial role in the performance of yards and warehouses around the world. Such innovation leads to longer operating hours, increased efficiency, higher lifting capacity and lower running costs.

Enhanced Productivity

Newer models are safer, stronger, and more agile.

Whilst renting or buying a pre-owned forklift will fulfil a basic requirement, they won’t be able to keep up with the latest models. These trucks are great for temporary requirements but newer, top-of-the-line features will make light work of heavy lifting.

Technological innovations make equipment more productive. Newer models will therefore be safer, stronger, and more agile. A big perk of buying a forklift brand new is that it’s equipped to work long hours more efficiently. Its new and improved features will accelerate your output and increase staff morale as a result.

Customisable Equipment

Factory-installed options tailored to your application.

Whilst renting a forklift has its uses, you’re saddled with whatever features rental companies consider best. On the other hand, buying a forklift fresh from the factory allows you to make more modifications than you otherwise could.

Such ownership lets you customise it with factory-installed options tailored to your application. This is particularly appropriate if your business carries out highly specialised work.