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3 Advantages of Hiring a Forklift

Hiring with Locators is safe, quick and easy

When settling on whether to buy or hire a forklift or fleet, many businesses decide the latter is the right choice. Their rationale is often similar. There are no large upfront costs with hiring a forklift, and they can adjust their fleet through the year to meet peak periods and slow-downs.

No business wants to have a fleet of equipment sitting around for large parts of the year not being used. That’s why Locators are an ideal partner as we have an extensive range of trucks that can supplement your main fleet.

Businesses can even alter their equipment to suit new projects. This is especially useful if you manufacture or handle an ever-changing variety of products. Hiring for longer periods sees you benefit from lower rates, but will reduce the level of flexibility available to your business.

No Upfront Costs

The low upfront price tag is the most attractive aspect. Free up your expenses; focus on expansion and supplies for your business.

Maintenance Included

By hiring a forklift, you reduce administration and work involved with maintenance. It’s all included, and we will even come and top up the battery for you on electrics. This lets you channel your energy into activities more aligned to serving your customers and growing.

The Flexible Solution

Seasonal peaks and troughs prompt many companies to hire forklifts and other equipment. It means they can stay lean but meet upturns in business levels. All with the peace of mind they are backed up by Locators expert service support and customer care.

No Upfront Costs

The low upfront price tag is the most attractive aspect of hiring a forklift.

Faced with the current financial climate’s uncertainty, companies left, right, and centre are trying to cut costs. For this reason alone, prioritising your spending and hiring a forklift will benefit you and your business. Requiring a single forklift can be a costly expense in itself, and purchasing a fleet is significantly more.

When hiring a forklift from Locators, you do not need to make any upfront capital investments. Instead, we let you tap into an easily scalable option that facilitates adequate flexibility for your business. For example, if your needs change at any point in time, you can adjust your hire and request a different type of forklift.

Hiring a forklift frees up your expenses

Allowing you to focus on investment for your business.

Assist growth and expansion by utilising resources in other areas of your business. For instance, you could spend more on marketing campaigns or hire the staff you need to keep production levels rising. Alternatively, you could use the cash to make other investments.

Hiring a forklift can improve your cash flow and make your forklift life far easier. By hiring through Locators, you pass over the responsibility of any maintenance and servicing worries to us. Plus, you benefit from the professional and expert knowledge and support from our team of engineers.

Keep in front of the competition with Locators

Experience innovative technologies ahead of time and ahead of the competition.

Running costs – such as maintenance and repairs – are not your responsibility. Our team knows that the last thing any company wants is to be stung with surprise fees. That’s why when you’re hiring a forklift through us, you’ll have a clear view of what you’re spending from the word-go.

In addition to experiencing expensive equipment without paying full upfront costs, Locators will deliver it for a fixed low charge. If your business is still in its infancy, a fixed costing schedule and no requirement for financial approval makes real sense. This can be a great saver in the long term as such costs can soon add up to significant sums.

Maintenance Included

Cut out most of the work; save time, money and energy.

Operating a forklift truck can be exceptionally time-consuming. By purchasing a forklift, you assume responsibility for organising all servicing, examinations and maintenance. It’s a considerable liability. However, hiring connects you with Locators and our engineering team. This supportive relationship sees your operational standards and productivity improve.

So, by hiring a forklift, you cut out most of the work; save time, money and energy. This lets you channel it into activities more aligned to serving your customers and growing your business.

Experience regular replacements

Reduce your downtime and boost peak efficiency.

Hiring a forklift from Locators means you have a chance to use newer models – without feeling obligated to buy or commit. After the rental period, you can decide whether to buy a forklift or continue with another hire.

Plus, our rental programmes have frequent replacement schedules to reduce the average age of our fleet. This allows you to experience a relatively new fleet in great condition. Your employees benefit from using safe, well-maintained trucks and – in doing so – reduce your downtime and boost efficiency.

Better still, did you know that hiring a forklift is 100% tax-deductible? This is because it’s an operating cost and, with maintenance and repairs included, budgeting for this is simplified. With no upfront purchase costs, it’s also a great way to conserve capital.

Hiring a forklift improves your productivity

Peace of mind with the highest standards.

Whilst hiring a forklift sees repairs carried out swiftly, the same can be said for acquiring and fitting spare parts. Here at Locators, we have access to suppliers and can gain access far quicker than most. Our forklifts are serviced and inspected regularly to ensure they remain in optimum condition.

In addition to this, our comprehensive forklift servicing and maintenance is included in the rental fee. This means hiring a forklift via our team gives you the peace of mind that your vehicles are running as they should and to the highest standards. However, if a problem does arise, we can send a field engineer to repair your truck and minimise your downtime. We will even provide a replacement truck in the case of a long term breakdown to ensure you remain operational.

The Flexible Solution

Assess how quickly we respond to your service and repair needs.

Seasonality prompts many into hiring a forklift and other equipment. Plenty of places encounter significant seasonal rushes and ramp up their operations. However, if they all purchased forklifts during this period, it would likely sit idle once the rush ends. Whereas, if they had hired a forklift, they could return it in due course. Such flexibility eliminates unnecessary expenses and potential storage costs.

Here at Locators, we understand that space can be just as valuable as the equipment left in it. Therefore, few businesses can afford to leave their forklifts idle. The trouble is, leaving them outside can lead to issues such as malfunctioning and rust – both of which would require costly repairs. So avoid that with a short term hire.

Better still, renting a forklift is great if you need equipment delivered to a remote job site for several weeks. Plus, it’s a low-risk way of accessing the capabilities and services of a provider like Locators. This way, you can assess how quickly we respond to your service and repair needs. Such an assessment can prove particularly fruitful, especially if you decide to make a more concrete purchase in future.

Keep up to date

An efficient labour workforce is only as good as their tools.

Some businesses don’t need the use of a forklift all the time. Instead, their need is seasonal or occasional. So, when your business experiences unforeseen high demands, hiring a forklift can be a great short-term rescue. This way, you can overcome absent, broken or faulty forklifts, meet your deadlines and do so with far greater productivity than you would have.

Regularly replacing ageing machines reduces the risk of downtime – and an efficient workforce is only as good as their tools. Providing them with the most up to date models will give them – and your business – the best chance of success. Plus, when you hire a vehicle, it’s only on your premises when it’s needed. Meaning there are no storage concerns for your business.

Hiring a forklift lets you hire expert advice

Call on upon us throughout your rental.

Just because you need to hire a forklift does not mean you need to thoroughly understand the ins and outs of such machinery. Fortunately, when hiring a forklift through Locators, you also hire a team who are experts in their field. Our experts will inform you of the various operating capabilities of each machine, including its load capacity.

We can give you valuable advice on the practicality of the task and which vehicle is most suited for your organisational needs. Better still, our expert advice isn’t just available when you’re looking to start hiring a forklift – it can be called upon throughout the rental. Simply pick up the phone and speak to the experts.