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Cleaning machines : Scrubber dryers

Scrubber dryers

Locators are the authorised distributor for the DULEVO range of industrial and commercial scrubber dryers in southern England.

The DULEVO Boost scrubber dryer range covers most indoor wet cleaning work and is very effective at cleaning all floor surfaces and dealing with liquid spillages and grease or oil contamination. In our experience wet cleaning machines are most efficient after an area has been swept by an industrial sweeper to remove all loose debris. Once an area is dirt and dust free, wet cleaning machines can operate at their best.

The Boost range is most efficient when using a cleaning solution containing chemical additives and we recommend our customers seek specialist advice on which is best for their operation. It is important to have chemicals and brushes properly specified to ensure they perform well and do not cause damage to floor surfaces.

Locators will always offer a comprehensive site survey to determine your specific requirements for the correct machine, brush type and chemicals.   

Download a brochure and call us now on 01202 854200 to arrange your survey and free demonstration.

Scrubber dryers

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