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Access Machines

Access Machines

Locators’ Ultimate Guide to Access Machines

Ascend to operational excellence, one level at a time, with our cutting-edge access machines.

Elevate Your Horizon with Access Machines That Go Beyond

Reach new heights and break through barriers with our unbeatable access machines.

The world around us is vertically expanding, and the sky really is the limit when it comes to possibilities. We know that if you’re in construction, factory maintenance, or any job that needs a lift, you don’t just want equipment. You want a lifeline that prioritises safety, amplifies efficiency, and transcends limitations. You want access machines that act as your workplace wings. Safety is not a checkbox; it’s a commitment. A fall from height is not just a statistic; it’s an avoidable tragedy. Our Manitou range of access machines ensures you operate under the safest conditions — no matter how demanding the application. And while safety is the cornerstone of our products, we also ensure you don’t trade off on efficiency. In fact, imagine safety and efficiency as two sides of the same coin, and our access machines are the mint that produces this invaluable currency.

Equipping your workforce with the right tools is the key to any successful operation. These tools shouldn’t just perform but outperform. They shouldn’t merely serve but empower. Our comprehensive Manitou range of access machines offers a range of solutions suitable for any and every vertical need. We offer a variety of equipment, including electric platforms and rugged booms, to meet different needs. Opting for Locators’ access machines is like choosing a golden key that opens doors to operational excellence. Our equipment serves as the pillar that holds up the sky of your ambitions. We offer impeccable, uncompromised quality that takes care of the vertical dimensions. All so you can focus on pushing the horizontal boundaries of what your business can achieve.

Time waits for no one, and opportunities are no different. That’s why you need access machines to keep up with your pace, meet your standards, and amplify your capabilities. Experience a world where limitations become launchpads and barriers become stepping stones. It’s time to elevate your operational narrative from ‘getting the job done’ to ‘setting a new industry benchmark’. Keep reading if you need a partner who understands all your challenges and opportunities. With Locators’ access machines, you don’t just reach for the sky; you touch it. With all this in mind, the question isn’t whether you need an access machine; it’s which one will take your business to unparalleled heights. So why settle for less when you can have the best?

Make the smart choice today; choose Locators’ access machines for a future that’s not just promising but elevated.

Experience Skyward Success with Our Access Machines

Unpack the genius behind access machines that outperform the rest.

Your quest for excellence has brought you here, and you’re not alone. Many businesses, like yours, are looking for ways to safely and effectively improve their operations. The key to this elevation lies in the machines that make vertical mobility possible and efficient. At Locators, we specialise in providing access machines that are the epitome of engineering brilliance.

Our access machines serve as a linchpin for many applications across multiple industries and are designed to deliver . . .

| Safety
| Efficiency
| And versatility

Are you looking to understand load capacities, lift heights, or the specific advantages of different types of machines? If you are, we have done our best to unpack all of this information. Sit back as we unravel the science behind why our access machines are indeed the market leaders.

Let’s delve into the technical features and unique capabilities that make our machines a cut above the rest . . .

Electric Articulated Platforms

Do you need to navigate narrow hallways and tackle tight corners? Our electric articulated platforms make these tasks a breeze. With a maximum load capacity of 0.23 Tons and a maximum lift height of 17m, these machines are crafted for indoor elegance. Suitable for factory maintenance and building upkeep, these platforms are your quiet workhorses. Their compact design ensures they slip into places where larger machines would falter. As such, they offer an agile solution for complex indoor challenges.

| Click here for our electric articulated platforms

Scissor Lifts

When multiple heads are better than one, our scissor lifts come into play. With a maximum load capacity of 0.68 Tons and a maximum lift height of 14.2m, they offer spacious platforms for collaborative tasks. Scissor lifts are helpful for various tasks, like fixing lighting or installing banners. They provide a stable platform suited for indoor and low-wind outdoor scenarios. As such, they are the Swiss Army knives of vertical mobility.

| Click here for our scissor lifts

Manitou Vertical Booms

Specially designed for indoor use, our Manitou Vertical Booms offer a maximum load capacity of 0.2 Ton and a maximum lift height of 9.85m. These machines are compact and agile. They can move easily through busy factory floors or commercial spaces without causing problems. If your operations require you to manoeuvre within tight indoor spaces, look no further. These booms are the epitome of precision and finesse in access equipment.

| Click here for our Manitou vertical booms

Articulated Booms

When you need to stretch a little further, our articulated booms come to the rescue. With a maximum load capacity of 0.68 Tons and a maximum lift height of 27.5m, they offer the muscle and reach you require. These booms are flexible, making them great for construction or maintenance tasks that need extended reach. These machines come in electric and diesel versions. As such, they are great for both indoor and tricky outdoor areas.

| Click here for our articulated booms

Stock Pickers

When lift height is a priority, but load isn’t, our stock pickers are the ideal choice. These units can ascend to a maximum height of 25ft, perfect for stock picking in warehouses or light maintenance tasks. Without a heavy focus on load capacity, they offer a unique, agile solution for operations that require a high but lighter lift.

| Click here for our stock pickers

A Skyward Ascent Engineered for Excellence

You’re not just buying a machine but investing in a tailored, vertical mobility solution. Our access machines offer a balance of safety, efficiency, and versatility that’s second to none. When you choose Locators, you choose a partnership that goes beyond the surface and grasps your operational needs.

Your business deserves not just any equipment but the kind proven to stand up to the rigours of the most demanding applications. The landscape of operational excellence is as diverse as the challenges it brings. Our access machines can meet all your needs for vertical mobility, whether indoors or outdoors. What’s more, our comprehensive Manitou range offers a complete package for all your specific needs. When you choose to work with Locators, you’re making a decision that goes beyond just purchasing a machine.

You’re forming a partnership committed to taking your operational capabilities to new heights and . . .

| You’re selecting safety
| You’re choosing efficiency
| You’re opting for unmatched versatility

Here at Locators, it’s not about meeting industry standards; it’s about setting new ones. When you plan your next business move, remember our machines help you climb higher and safer.

So choose Locators and make the smart ascent toward a more successful future.

The Vertical Suite of Success with Locators Access Machines

Elevate your game and experience the benefits of our range of access machines.

When dealing with the operational needs in your industry, remember that the machinery you choose can help or hinder you. At Locators, our access machines function as individual equipment and integral parts of your workflow. This section aims to take you on a deep dive into what makes our machines stand out. Our machines have many features and options to meet different needs in different places. They can do more than move up and down. We offer customised, safe, sustainable, cost-effective, and easy-to-integrate solutions for your lifting needs. This is more than just a product catalogue.

Consider the following your comprehensive guide to achieving new operational heights with Locators . . .

All About Customisation

When it comes to pivotal equipment for your business, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t do. That’s where our customisation options come into play. You’re not just buying an off-the-shelf machine. You’re investing in a tool designed to meet your workspace’s unique challenges and opportunities. We have control panels that are easy to use and different tyre types for different terrains. Like you, we want your machine to fit your business perfectly. With Locators, you’re in the driver’s seat of customisation. Our team will ensure that your access machine integrates perfectly into your operations.

Safety First, Last, and Always

No feature is as indispensable as safety regarding machinery designed to lift personnel to considerable heights. Our machines are robustly built, featuring a plethora of safety measures. We add fail-safes to lifting mechanisms to ensure safety and use non-slip platform surfaces. Advanced control systems further ensure that operating errors are minimised. Our machines come standard with robust safety checks that help in accident prevention. This creates an overall environment where your team can focus on the task without worrying about unnecessary risks.

The Green Quotient

In today’s world, businesses are increasingly focused on sustainable practices, and we are no different. We have electric options for many access machines, which decreases emissions and energy use. These machines are not just good for your conscience but also your bottom line. By choosing eco-friendly options, you can save on energy and maintenance and keep your workspace clean. Our electric models are particularly suitable for indoor operations. They provide an efficient, quiet, and emission-free performance.

Economic Longevity

Cost is a significant factor in any business decision, and the total cost of ownership of our access machines might surprise you — in a good way. These aren’t machines that you’ll have to replace after a few years. They are built to last, with minimal maintenance requirements. But it’s not just about the initial investment or upkeep. We have considered the resale value of our machines as well. When you invest in Locator’s access machines, you’re putting your money into a long-term asset. It’s an asset that will offer returns in day-to-day operations and when it’s time to upgrade.

Seamless Integration

When you bring a new piece of machinery into your workspace, the last thing you want is a long, complicated integration process. Our access machines are designed with this in mind. They’re built to sync with your existing operational flow seamlessly. This isn’t just about plug-and-play simplicity. It’s about making sure the machine serves your specific needs effectively. No matter what you do, our access machines work well with your activities and won’t cause any interruptions.

Now that you know about our access machines’ features and options, you can make an informed decision. For us, this isn’t just about selling you a piece of machinery. It’s about providing a solution meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs.

Every aspect has been designed with your operational success in mind, including . . .

| Safety features
| Environmental considerations
| Economic advantages
| And seamless integration

When you’re ready to take your operations to the next level, we’re confident you’ll find the optimal lifting solution in our portfolio. With Locators’ access machines, you’re not just choosing a machine. You’re choosing a partner committed to elevating your business operations. Thank you for considering Locators as your go-to solution for vertical mobility.

We look forward to being a part of your operational success story.

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