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All-Terrain Forklift Hire

Hire a forklift for all of your needs on any surface

Are you looking for a forklift that can conquer all-terrain? We have some that will do exactly that and you can hire them as well. It can sometimes be a difficult decision to know if you should buy a forklift or hire one. Buying a forklift is a big sum of money going straight out of your business account but you will be able to keep it for as long as it will run or you can spend little bits of money at a time hiring a forklift when you need one and always have the newest and top of the range forklifts at your disposal. Because that is what you get at Locators. We have a young hire fleet that is in great cosmetic condition and our prices remain very competitive.

Because these types of forklifts can cover such difficult terrain it is always helpful to have responsive service support when you need it. We maintain over 2,500 machines and our teams of factory-trained mobile engineers. In the event of a breakdown, our team will be able to support you by providing a solution very quickly so you can get back to work as soon as possible. We stock all kinds of machines and equipment that you can hire from us. Every business has seasonal demands where they become much busier than normal and if you aren’t prepared for this demand increase you could miss out on a lot of work. If having an extra forklift would make the pressure a lot lighter then you can hire one from us and then once your demand decreases again you can give the forklift back.


More About Our All-Terrain Forklift Hire

We have LPG, Diesel and Electric forklifts that you can get from us, you can choose whichever fuel type is best based on what you are using the forklift for. You can see all the advantages and disadvantages of these fuel types on our dedicated forklift fuel types page. The electric forklifts are easier to use if you are going to have them operating inside. This is because they don’t release any toxic gases; This means you don’t need any ventilation systems where you are operating the machine. They are very easy to drive as you just have a stop and go pedal and no clutch. The operating costs are very affordable because electric vehicles have fewer parts than diesel or LPG forklifts and therefore won’t cost so much to service or repair.

The electric forklifts are also very quiet which means there will be less noise around the workplace. This can be a huge benefit to your business as it will be easier to communicate with workers and increase productivity with less distracting sounds.

Are you looking for a forklift that can tackle all types of terrain? We have a lot for hire, make sure you get in contact with us.
Want to see all of the machines we have in? Take a look at our product page.


If you come with us you will have access to these benefits


Access To A Young Fleet


With It All Being Safe, Quick and Easy


Factory Trained Mobile Engineers


Competitive Rates


Overnight Part Delivery


Reliable Safe Equipment


An Extensive Fleet



If your business requires additional materials handling or access equipment then contact us today. We guarantee:

– Competitive commercial terms
– The best standard of equipment
– Prompt delivery timescales
– A comprehensive range
– Responsive mobile engineering support