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Industrial forklifts : Articulated forklift trucks

Aisle-Master articulated forklifts

Locators are the award winning distributor for the Aisle-Master range of articulated forklifts across the South of England. These articulated trucks will stack pallets in aisles as narrow as 1.6 metres and lift to a height of 13 metres. The Aisle-Master’s large wheels allow them to work efficiently in an outdoor environment. This allows you to operate just one truck for your business instead of having to use different types of machines in different areas.

The result is no double handling and a smaller fleet of trucks which will save you time and money. The narrow aisles will also save space and make your warehouse more productive. We have over 20 years experience of working with our in house storage experts to supply narrow aisle warehouse storage systems. Please take a look at the press release tab above for more information on projects with Aisle-Master machines.

There are three manufacturers of articulated truck, Aisle-Master, Bendi and Flexi. Locators service and maintain all of these makes of truck and currently support more than 250 articulated forklift trucks in Southern England. Our specialist engineers and a comprehensive parts stockholding helps to keep our customers’ truck downtime to an absolute minimum. 

For further information on the Aisle-Master range of trucks and how we can help improve your warehouse, why not take a look at our short Aisle-Master video below and call Locators on 01202 854200.

Aisle-Master articulated forklifts

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Range Aisle-Master Electric Aisle-Master
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Aisle-Master articulated forklifts

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