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Storage systems : Barriers & rack protection

Barriers & rack protection

All storage systems represent a significant investment and need to be protected against accidental damage from forklifts and other movements around the warehouse. 
Locators offer a comprehensive range of protection systems that can be specified at the design stage or fitted to existing installations.

Upright protection
We offer metal or plastic high visibility upright guards which can be bolted to the floor or clipped to the upright. As a minimum recommendation, exposed corner uprights should be adequately protected when there are forklift movements in close proximity.

Barrier systems
These systems provide protection over wider areas and are suitable for protecting pallet racking end frames, machinery and walkways. Barrier systems can be used to create safe pedestrian routes to ensure you meet Health & Safety requirements.

Protection posts 
These provide an alterantive option for protecting exposed corners of racking systems and also other parts of the building such as doorways and structural supports.

If you are unsure if your warehouse storage system has enough protection from damage or you want to reduce costly repair bills, call us now on 01202 854220 for further information and a free site survey.

Barriers & rack protection 

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