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Choosing the Best Storage System for Your Business

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Locators’ Top Ten Tips

With so many options available, choosing the best storage system for your business can be a challenge – but it’s not impossible. All you need to do is identify the criteria that will ultimately help guide your decision. To ensure you make the right choice, we’ve put together a few helpful hints and tips. These cover factors such as maximising efficiency, optimising space, and improving turnaround time.

Create More Space for Storage or Production

What storage solution works best for your business?

Considering all the different types of racking solutions can be confusing. Push-back systems can store up to five loads deep on each side of an aisle for standard products. Single-deep systems are great for lower density but excellent for selectivity and occupancy. Double-deep systems put one pallet behind the other but can demand compromises in your operation. Then you have the various automated systems. These optimise volume, reduce staffing requirements and have 24-hour availability. Yet it all comes back to which is best for your business?


Tip 1

Make the most of your vertical space. Pallet racking, cantilever racking and metal shelving are solutions that free up valuable floor space.


Tip 2

Mezzanine floors are solutions that add increased office, production or storage space high above the ground.

Tip 3

Suffer from little to no room? Drive-in, mobile racking or pallet shuttle systems allow you to store products without the need for forklift aisles.

Tip 4

Reach trucks condensed design and high lift height make them the perfect machine for order picking in narrow spaces. Especially when you still need to pass fellow trucks in the aisle.

Don’t Compromise When it comes to Weight and Size

Consider the weight and size of goods to ensure you have the correct racking

Safety is key – which means you need to consider the weight and size of goods to ensure you have the correct load-bearing in your racking. Whilst the layout and construction of your racking will change depending on its product size, you must remember one key element. So too will the type and size of the materials handling equipment that has to access it.


Tip 5

It’s crucial the capacity of the racks conforms to the weight it bears – otherwise, you risk collapse. For safety, the limitations of all storage systems should be clearly signposted.

Tip 6

Depending on the size of the load, different types of equipment de-rate (lose capacity) at different heights. Having the optimal machine enables you to go higher with increased loads.

Tip 7

Paired with a 4-way truck’s mobility and compact design, cantilever racking enables you to store heavy, long loads in narrow aisles. Thus maximising your storage density.

The Right Racking for Your Budget

Plan ahead and prepare for extra stock

Many companies make the mistake of buying racking that meets their current requirements. Yes, you read that correctly. In not anticipating their future needs, many companies make a mistake. Instead, they should plan ahead, prepare for extra stock, newer products and faster turnarounds. They could even part-install systems and complete as required. This way, they don’t end up relying on expensive off-site storage.


Tip 8

Don’t cut corners: choose a solution that meets your requirements rather than the cheapest system. Take the long-term view; spending a little more now could save big in the future.

Tip 9

Most warehouses rely on forklifts, but some racking solutions need specialist equipment. Avoid sudden costs by working with a single-source supplier that appreciates both elements.

Tip 10

After low start-up costs? Use wide-aisle racking. It’s durable, long-lasting and is a good investment. All you need is a counterbalance forklift. You can always upgrade in the future.

An Innovative Solution

We design and supply integrated storage systems

Want to fit out a new warehouse? Perhaps you want to maximise some existing storage space? Either way, Locators’ knowledge and expertise can help your business gain a competitive edge. With over 30 years of experience under our belts, we design and supply integrated storage systems – including pallet racking, mezzanine floors, and forklift trucks. Our engineers will not only visit and assess your site, but we’ll also create 3D designs to visualise how we would go about optimising your space. This way, you can actually move around and explore our proposals before committing to any implementation.