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Cleaning Machine

Independent expertise and advice from Locators​

Manually cleaning floors and surfaces can be a time-consuming chore. For some, it can be physically demanding and lead to necessary strains. At Locators, we don’t think you need to get down on your hands and knees to scrub the dirt clean. Such hard work isn’t practical or even safe in an industrial setting – and our clients seem to agree. Locators are one of the South’s leading suppliers of forklifts. But we also provide a fantastic range of indoor cleaning machines too.

Why should you invest in a cleaning machine?

Cleaning machines are convenient, helpful and time-efficient. Hygiene is vital and this was made abundantly clear with the recent outbreak of Covid-19. So, if you feel that your warehouse could be more hygienic – don’t worry – we’re here to help. We have years of experience in warehouses and provide independent and friendly advice. Through providing our client’s with transparent solutions, we aim to make things clean-cut. Our comprehensive range saves time, effort and money – all things businesses need to take into account during their day-to-day operations.

By removing dirt, dust and grime, you can ensure that your workspace is kept spotlessly clean. Our cleaning machines are ergonomically designed to make cleaning less challenging. Such equipment is ideally suited for heavy-duty commercial and industrial use. 

We advise you carefully choose your cleaning machine based on the type of surface you’ll be cleaning. Prior to purchase, Locators offer a comprehensive site survey that determines specific requirements. This can involve whether you’ve chosen the correct machine, brush type and chemicals. We know that no warehouse is quite the same, so you might be wondering what works best for yours? On the following page, we’ll breakdown the benefits of each of our cleaning machines. Should you want a more in-depth discussion in regards to your warehouse, please get in touch. You can contact us via telephone, email or through using the contact form below.

Nilfisk Ride on Scrubber Driers

These battery-powered ride-on cleaning machines cover most indoor wet cleaning applications. The cost-effective range covers small commercial areas as well as large industrial applications. They reduce the working effort and significantly improve productivity in the workplace. Each is effective at cleaning most floor surfaces. This includes liquid spillages, grease or oil contamination.

The Nilfisk ride-on range is most efficient when using a cleaning solution. Particularly one that contains chemical additives. We recommend that you request specialist advice on which is best for your operation. Chemicals and brushes should be properly optimised to your business needs. Otherwise, the cleaning machines might not perform as efficiently as they should. In such a situation, this could cause damage to the floor, such as scratching or worse. We also recommend coupling a wet cleaning machine with an industrial sweeper. First, use the sweeper to remove any loose debris. Then, once an area is dirt and dust-free, the wet cleaning machine can operate at its best.

BR 652/752

  • New sliding deck concept; maximum comfort and performance, minimum effort and maintenance
  • New squeegee concept; a stable and reliable squeegee for the best pick up performance
  • Ecoflex™ system minimises the environmental impact without compromising performance
  • New ergonomic steering wheel concept with all working functions fully integrated
  • Patented automatic speed control that significantly increases operator safety
  • Super compact design makes cleaning of restricted areas fast and easy
  • Low noise mode makes daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise sensitive areas viable

BR 755/755c/855

  • Ecoflex™ system: complete consumption control without any compromise on cleaning performance
  • User friendly, waterproof one touch control panel, easy to operate and highly productive
  • High manoeuvrability allows cleaning in congested areas
  • Adjustable scrubbing pressure ensures better results regardless of the dirt level
  • Integrated 3 stage vacuum reduces noise level to just 63dB(A)
  • Large battery compartment enables a 360Ah battery tray for more than 4.5 hours run time

BR 850sx

  • Ecoflex™: green, flexible, nice and easy
  • Modular scrub deck system, with different scrub deck options and numerous brushes, offers productive cleaning for different floor conditions
  • Excellent traction for increased operator’s safety
  • Fast floor drying thanks to an innovative squeegee concept that provides maximum pick up, reliably and with simple adjustment


  • Powerful brush and vac motors, high down pressure (up to 77 kg), outstanding cleaning and drying performance: the best answer for heavy duty “industrial “task
  • Green oriented: complete consumption control: Ecoflex™ system, low noise level (only 61dB(A))
  • Large 95 litre solution and recovery tanks give extra capacity for longer working time
  • The scrub deck is protected with removable covers that prevent damage to walls and doors, while providing easy access for maintenance
  • Right industrial shape in compact dimensions. No compromise on the ergonomic level and manoeuvrability


  • Easy handling. Just step up and go OneTouch™ scrub ON/OFF switch and two brush pressure settings for securing high cleaning performance
  • Intuitive dashboard with user-friendly menu for setting parameters for cleaning conditions and floor type
  • 44 litre tank with electronic controlled water flow allows cleaning up to 75 minutes per tank
  • Low noise level and a silent mode option, makes it ideal for sound sensitive areas and daytime cleaning
  • Up to 3.5 hours battery running time and optional


  • Productive: 53 cm scrubbing width, high speed (6 km/h), 70/70 L
  • Compact and comfortable: very compact dimensions for narrow areas, comfortable seat and wide space for operator’s legs
  • Consistent cleaning quality: Solution flow of detergent/water automatically controlled by speed
  • Ideal for daytime cleaning: Low noise Vac motor system with silent mode setting working at just 62 ±3 dBA
  • Easy to control: Dashboard with One-Touch button; intuitive display integrated in the steering wheel
  • New water filling system automatically shutoff water when the tank is full
  • USB port as option
  • Easy handling: Automatic brush click on/off and plastic light squeegee with patent elastic strap system
  • Sustainable: Ecoflex™ system with flexible detergent setting and water-only cleaning. Self-adjusting brush speed according to floor type and application to save energy consumptions
  • Settings effectively controlled: Separate user and super-user keys


  • Automatic lifting/lowering of brush or squeegee, instead of mechanical operation
  • Increased brush pressure (up to 50kg) for better results in less time
  • Hanging squeegee for easier passage through narrow spaces/doorways
  • Front LED headlights
  • High productivity for value; cleans large spaces with optimal efficiency
  • Better results; improved brush pressure and quicker drying time
  • Fast, convenient, and ergonomic; automatic management of brush/squeegee
  • Improved manoeuvrability and transport thanks to squeegee control


  • Intermittent SmartFlow™ lever integrated into steering wheel: Reduces water flow on the deck, preventing splashes during turns
  • Speed limiter function reduces operator fatigue during cleaning especially when navigating around obstacles
  • Available in 3 different versions: 86 cm or 105 cm dual discs deck or 91 cm dual cylindrical brushes deck
  • Consistent cleaning: Designed for different types of surfaces, from smooth to tiles floors best in class drying performance thanks to the optional dual turbine
  • Reliable and rugged construction in compact dimensions
  • Fully protected scrub deck and side skirts using rugged steel doors with rollers to minimise the risk of machine or facility damage
  • SmartKey™ system with two different levels of access, (super user and user keys)
  • OLED display visible in even bright light conditions and from all viewing angles
  • No tools are needed to replace/change or inspect the main components of the machine: Brushes, squeegee and blades click-on disc scrub brush system for simple one-touch installation of brushes or pad holders


  • Scrubbing width of up to 1300 mm ensuring high productivity
  • Water tank capacity of 265 litres enables the operator to work for 1.5 hours before refilling
  • High brush pressure and effective drying enabled by a powerful vacuum motor
  • AC traction unit reduces the total cost of ownership since the motor is maintenance free and has a high-quality gearbox
  • Low noise level which enables work in noise sensitive areas and during the night
  • OneTouch control makes the driving and controlling the SC6500 easy
  • Ecoflex™ system is reducing cost by saving water and detergent which is essential when cleaning large areas

Nilfisk Walk Behind Scrubber Driers

These walk-behind cleaning machines are powered by battery, diesel or petrol. Carefully designed to improve productivity, they can also decrease your total cleaning cost. They also feature a range of safety and productivity options. These include programmable performance and weight indicators. Such customisable features mean that the machines can be tailored to your business. The effective use of water and detergent, with an easy to use design, makes this a reliable choice.

However, much like the ride-on range, chemicals and brushes should be optimised. Otherwise, cleaning machines might not perform efficiently. This could even cause damage to the floor, such as scratching or worse. We would also recommend coupling any wet cleaning machine with an industrial sweeper. Should you not opt for an industrial sweeper, a stiff-bristled brush might do the trick. Once the area is clean of any loose debris, the wet cleaning machine can operate at its best. They are best utilised for cleaning most floor surfaces. This includes liquid spillages, grease or oil contamination.


  • Scrub and dry in one single pass giving fast access to the cleaned area
  • Two solution flow settings for efficient cleaning and red LED light indicator alarms when out of solution
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable one or two handed operation
  • Easy to carry and to transport from one place to another – only 12 kg weight
  • Only use clean solution: no dirt and bacteria spread everywhere on the floor
  • Flat recovery tank design and full access makes it fast and easy to clean 100% of the recovery tank from any dirt
  • Can do what others cannot: Low deck profile and offset allow to clean difficult to reach areas for real floor cleaning
  • Easy and quick maintenance operations help the operator to always have a clean and functional machine
  • Flexible cleaning: Eco flow for light cleaning and double flow for spot or hard cleaning
  • All machine functions stop in upright position: No brush or squeegee on the floor and no solution spill when the machine is not in use
  • Robust aluminium frame design guarantee high reliability and long life time
  • Detergent dosing cap on solution tank to always have the right percentage of detergent


  • Easy handling: Tank-in-tank design for carrying in one hand provides easy emptying and refilling
  • Effective: Sweeping, scrubbing and drying at the same time
  • High cleaning performance: 34 cm cylindrical brush or microfiber roll
  • Productive: The 6 litre solution and recovery tank gives up to 40 minutes of working time without refill
  • Powerful: Nilfisk 36V Lithium battery technology
  • Easy to use: The ergonomic handle can be adjusted into different positions, used free floating or folded for storage
  • Intuitive and self-explaining: Informative display on the handle
  • Full control: OneTouch button activates all essential functions and touch sensors in the handle which provide an easy operation
  • Non-stop cleaning: The two water/solution settings can be changed on-the-fly
  • Safe: Out of Water alarm protecting the machine
  • Convenient: Easy to carry and move due to its compact design and low weight
  • Low TCO: Long lifetime with ‘No tool’ inspection, service and maintenance


  • Low noise level for daytime cleaning, even in noise-sensitive areas
  • Easy adjustable deck for a perfect traction control
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Fast and simple maintenance
  • Clear recovery lid for easy inspection and function control
  • Ergonomic, adjustable and foldable handle for easy transport and storage
  • Extremely compact
  • Roller bumpers for near to wall cleaning
  • Real two tank system
  • Patent Elastic Strap System to easily install and remove squeegee blades
  • Battery level indicator


  • Compact design and easy to manoeuvre
  • Productive and powerful vacuum motor ensures a perfect cleaning and drying result
  • Brush click on/off, and light weight squeegee with no hose connection
  • Patented elastic strap system makes squeegee maintenance easy and simple
  • Detergent mixing system will prevent overdosing of chemicals – saving the environment and the total cost of cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle with touch points, OneTouch™ button and instruction stickers makes the machine simple for the operator to get started
  • The Nilfisk SilentTech™ technology reduces the sound level from 65dB(A) – and down to 60dB(A) in silent mode


  • Low noise level for daytime cleaning
  • OneTouch™ dashboard operation
  • Ecoflex™ option, detergent mixing system
  • No-tools for changing squeegee blades
  • Easy access to recovery tank for cleaning and maintenance
  • Traction version with large wheels for easy handling
  • Waterproof electrical control box


SC430 GO-Line

  • Easy to use with one touch button that activate all scrubbing functions
  • Integrated solution tank and recovery tank for high capacity
  • Compatible with all Nilfisk accessories
  • Excellent water pick-up


  • The low noise level enables daytime cleaning for increased comfort and efficiency
  • Polyethylene corrosion proof rotomoulded tank ensures durability
  • Automatic squeegee release when hitting obstacles provides reliable use and extended lifetime of equipment
  • Large recovery tank and removable lid for easy cleaning
  • Fast and hygienic
  • Most electrical components are placed in dedicated waterproof box for reliability and safety


  • Ideal for daytime cleaning: Nilfisk SilenTech™ technology keeps extreme low sound level in all conditions
  • SmartFlow™ solution flow of detergent/water automatically controlled by speed to have consistent cleaning and reduced consumptions
  • Ease-of-use: Ergonomic drive paddle and informative display with OneTouch™ button and easy click on/off for the brush/padholder
  • SmartKey™ system with Separate Supervisor and Operator key Settings effectively controlled
  • Easy handling: Plastic light squeegee with patent elastic strap system
  • Sustainable: Ecoflex™ system with flexible detergent setting and water-only cleaning
  • Effective: 53cm scrubbing width and automatic brush speed control to save energy
  • User friendly: Electric motor to lower/raise brush deck with OneTouch™ button
  • Productive: 45/45 litre water tanks and up to 5 hours of running time in light applications
  • SC500 REV™ version orbital scrubbing technology quickly and efficiently attacks dirt from multiple directions leaving the floor cleaner in a single pass”


  • Easy to use with OneTouch™ button to activates all scrubbing functions
  • Tilting recovery tank for easy access to batteries and chemicals
  • Ergonomic pedal to easily lift and lower the deck
  • Easy click-on and off system releases the brush/pad effortlessly
  • Excellent water pick-up


  • Extremely low noise level (down to 58 dB(A)) makes daytime cleaning viable
  • Combination of up to 71cm scrubbing width, 5.6 km/h speed and large capacity tanks provide high productivity
  • Sturdy construction, state of the art design and better materials offer more reliability and a longer working life
  • Eco Dosage System (EDS) is available to save both water and detergent costs and to optimise the cleaning process
  • Interchangeable brush decks allow a choice of 2 different disc sizes or 71 cm cylindrical
  • Optional Ecoflex chemical kit, for automatic and accurate detergent mixing.


  • The widest counter rotating dual cylindrical scrub deck in its class increasing the efficiency
  • Time-saving high volume tanks of 380 litres to enable cleaning of more than 9.200 m² without refill
  • Safe and easy operation with One-Touch™ control panel, front steering system and Clear-View™ design providing an excellent view of the floor
  • Environmental friendly for both operator and surroundings with DustGuard™ misting system improving the dust free cleaning
  • Kubota powered engine means superior reliability with gear driven valve train
  • Reduced maintenance costs as there is no downtime due to repair of belts or chains on the engine
  • Ecoflex™ system guiding the user to a greener and more cost-effective cleaning mode, limiting the use of water and detergent

DULEVO Sweepers

The Dulvelo range is designed to operate in exceptionally dusty environments. It is capable of picking up a variety of loose debris – from dust to large gravel. These cleaning machines have a minimal impact on the environment. The Dulvelo range is ideal for construction sites or commercial factories. They feature an ergonomically designed system, which is easy-to-use for inexperienced users. It is available in battery, diesel or petrol versions and boasts adaptable accessories.

All sweepers feature self-adjusting brush pressure as well as a trailing main brush. They are robust and designed for industrial use in tough working environments. They are also unique in that they possess GORE filters. GORE coating provides superior filtration and is highly effective at gathering dust. These filters can be easily cleaned and have a five-year warranty. The filters reduce the high consumable costs associated with other manufacturer’s cleaning equipment. The suction in Dulevo sweepers also offers a much more powerful vacuum. Rather than throwing dust behind, the V-shaped brushes direct it into a sealed hopper.

Dulevo Sweeper 52-74 Wave

  • Designed to be used in all environments, both public and industrial
  • Solid manufacture and maximum reliability with outstanding sweeping and dust control
  • The GORE filtering system can filter up to 90% of PM2.5 – freeing the environment of dirt, dust and dangerous particulates. It guarantees emissions free of PM 10 and increases air capacity to 35%
  • GORE dust filters have 5 years warranty and boast reduced maintenance needs
  • The two side brushes direct dust and refuse right to the centre of the machine. Here, the central tubular brush collects everything and sends it to the container
  • The peculiar shape of the container uses all space available, so as to minimize downtime due to unloading operations

Dulevo Sweeper 75 Wave

  • Designed for restrictive areas but able to tackle open spaces if required
  • Can be equipped with the GORE® filtering system, which can filter up to 90% of PM2.5, freeing the environment of dirt, dust and dangerous particulates
  • The chassis is manufactured from high-quality electro welded steel for maximum strength
  • The complete unit is coated with a special primer and finished in a tough polyurethane paint
  • Dulevo’s filtering system is designed to prevent dust (down to 3 Micron) from escaping
  • To meet environmental requirements, it is available battery powered and LPG too
  • To simplify maintenance, the machine has been designed with easy-access to the power unit and all major components

Dulevo 90 Model Sweeper

  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Water-cooled motors suited for hot climates and long working shifts
  • Standard power steering, for a more comfortable and pleasant driving
  • Total access to the machine’s components
  • No electronics
  • Compaction system inside the hopper to increase collection capacity
  • Easy access to filter for inspection and cleaning
  • Replacement of central brush without tools
  • Direct collection system, for an optimum cleaning quality also with heavily worn out brushes
  • Discharge at 1350 mm

Dulevo 120 Elite Model Sweeper

  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Water-cooled motors suited for hot climates and long working shifts
  • Standard power steering, for a more comfortable and pleasant driving
  • Compaction system inside the caisson designed to increase the collection capacity
  • No electronics
  • Standard bulky refuse port
  • Replacement of the central brush without tools

Dulevo 1100 Elite

  • Direct throw sweeping system for outstanding cleaning result even in demanding working conditions
  • Heavy duty steel chassis
  • Water cooled diesel engine to withstand hot climates and long working shifts
  • Hopper garbage compacting system to increase hopper capacity
  • Low maintenance, fully hydraulic function
  • No electronics on board
  • Side brushes automatically lifts up whenever the sweeper is turned off. This avoid brushes deformation and increase brushes live (patented system)
  • No belts turbine drive requires no maintenance
  • No tools needed to change main broom
  • Easy access to filter for inspection and cleaning
  • Powerful filter shaker.

Dulevo 1300 Elite

  • Direct throw sweeping system for outstanding cleaning result even in demanding working conditions
  • Heavy duty steel chassis
  • Water cooled diesel engine to withstand hot climates and long working shifts
  • Hopper garbage compacting system to increase hopper capacity
  • Low maintenance, fully hydraulic function
  • No electronics on board
  • Side brushes automatically lifts up whenever the sweeper is turned off. This avoid brushes deformation and increase brushes live (patented system)
  • No belts turbine drive requires no maintenance
  • No tools needed to change main broom
  • Easy access to filter for inspection and cleaning
  • Powerful filter shaker.

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