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Combilift Optimisation

Gain up to 50% extra storage.

Combilift maximises the capacity, safety and efficiency of your storage facilities. With our assistance, Combilift is revolutionising the way businesses unlock their storage potential. Exploit every inch of your yard or warehouse by utilising multi-directional or narrow aisle trucks, today.

Locators and Combilift help companies of all sizes and industries. By enhancing your storage and efficiency, we can help you minimise costs and your environmental impact. With over 50 years of combined experience in volume optimisation, we can make your space work harder.

The ability to manoeuvre in narrow aisles and through doorways is no easy feat. Powerful, precision lifting technology can increase your storage capacity by 50%. Optimise the potential of your site with Combilift’s diverse range of material handling solutions.


Generate up to 50% additional storage


Reduce your taskforce size from 3 to 1


+60% of forklifts are electric-powered

Empowering your sustainability

Empowering your sustainability.

Combilift optimisation has resulted in the production of versatile forklift technologies. These fulfil multiple roles – inside and out – to reduce your fleet size and carbon footprint. Their material handling solutions provide environmental and economic value that maximises your:

🟪 | Safety

🟪 | Efficiency

🟪 | Storage Capacity

However, a core element in the Combilift ethos is to help customers increase their storage capability without expanding the size of their facility. Doing so reduces energy usage and associated costs such as heating, lighting and maintenance. Get in touch to hear more about this.

Roadmap to optimisation

Take full advantage of your space.

Understanding the available space in your warehouse – and how it’s used – is critical to your enterprise. Before expanding or relocating to a bigger location, we recommend exploring space-saving strategies. Specifically, ones that optimise your existing footprint, like:

🟪 | Narrowing Aisle Space

🟪 | Taller Pallet Racking

🟪 | Mezzanine Floors

Take full advantage of your existing warehouse with Locators’ experts. Get in touch to see how we can help you get the most out of your facility and visualise how extra storage capacity can improve your workflow.

Information sourced from Combilift