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Storage systems : Conveyors


The challenge

Do you need to move high volumes of product within your warehouse quickly and efficiently using minimal manpower?
Our conveyor systems will increase your productivity and can be configured to work on one level or transfer products to and from a mezzanine level.

Typical loads

Boxed items
Tote boxes containing clothes, food
Most hand loadable product

Our solution

We supply all types of gravity and powered roller conveyors and inclined belt conveyors. Their modular design means we can easily design complex and reconfigurable layouts to meet your current and future requirements.

  • Gravity roller conveyors
    These offer a low cost and effective way of reducing manual handling, moving goods and speeding up production flow of goods between two points. Extendable and mobile versions of gravity conveyors offer maximum flexibility and are ideal for linking packaging machines or assembly plant to warehouse operations and also loading and unloading of vehicles.
  • Powered roller conveyors
    A powered conveyor system will provide an increase in capacity and are used in a wide range of automated handling installations such as feeding product to an assembly line, packaging station or processing machinery.

Why Locators

Locators will always work with you to design the most flexible solution for your business both now and in the future.  You can easily extend your conveyors system when you expand your business or remove and relocate it if you ever move premises.
We have been in the business for over 30 years and have the experience to make your warehouse more efficient and productive.

Talk to us first – 01202 854220.

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