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Different Types of Forklift

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Locators range consists of several different types of forklift. Each type consists of several variations again. We’ll detail the functions of the different types of forklift and how each motor can fit into your business. Each section will also link to the corresponding products too – for those who fancy a little more information.


Industrial Counterbalance Forklifts

These are the most common types of forklift and operate in warehouses and some stores. They have a straight forward orientation, with dual forks at the front of the vehicle. The backside is weighted to offset the load at the front. Although these trucks are not purpose-built for outside, they can be used on a stable even surface. However, slippage – like rainwater – can have a detrimental effect on wheel traction. Some industrial counterbalance forklifts have a three-wheel variant. Whilst similar to the typical four-wheel truck, the three-wheel provides increased manoeuvrability. Industrial counterbalance forklifts can be powered by electric, propane or diesel motors. Locators provide the following different types of forklift:


Toyota Electric Counterbalance (Traigo Range)

The Toyota range of electric powered counterbalance trucks have lifting capacities from 1,000kgs – 8,500kgs. Locators provide three different variants.


Toyota IC Counterbalance Trucks (Tonero Range)

The alternative Toyota range features either a torque convertor or hydrostatic transmission, diesel engine. Locators provide three different types of forklift.


Combi Aisle Master

These articulated, narrow aisle forklifts are perfect for palletised goods, warehouse and logistics. They come with a range of lifting capacities, heights and engine options too.


Industrial Reach Forklift Trucks

Known for their extended lift height, these trucks are ideal for high rise pallet racking. However, there are different types of industrial reach forklift trucks. Dependent on the scenario, reach trucks are more commonly found within warehouse situations. With two forks fitted to the front of the truck, they are not dissimilar from standard forklifts. Yet, the reach truck can extend to greater heights. Unlike typical trucks, you have enormous machines like straddle carriers or mobile gantries. These freight-carrying vehicles carry their load underneath by “straddling” it. They can carry upwards of 3,500 kg and are most often found outside. Locators provide the following:


Toyota Reach Trucks (BT Reach Range)

Available in a variety of picking heights and load capacities. They are suited to block stacking, drive-in racking, and long and conventional pallet handling. Locators provide six variants.


Combi Straddle Carriers

Straddle carriers are ideal for containers and heavy, oversized loads. Locators provide standard, telescopic and customised special application models.


Combi Mobile Gantry

A mobile gantry is ideal for handling and conveying extremely large loads. The model is also able to be customised to fit specific requirements and has a range of steering modes.

Industrial Sideloader Forklifts

This type of forklift is ideally suited to working in narrow aisles. As its name might suggest, this is because it approaches its load from the side due to the orientation of its forks. Typical front-facing forklifts lack the manoeuvrability to navigate compact spaces. However, the sideloader can do so with ease. These forklifts are prominently used to transport sheet materials, like wood and metal. This is due to their ability to efficiently carry long and heavy loads. Locators provide the following:


Combi Sideloader Forklifts

Acts as a sideloader with the advantages of a multidirectional forklift. Available in three or four wheelers with a range of lifting capacities and heights. Locators provide five variants.


Combi Multi-Directional Counterbalance Trucks

More compact than a conventional forklift, the CB is ideal for transporting palletised loads. Plus, it can long loads in sideways mode. Locators provide four variants.


Combilift C Series

Able to carry long loads in sideways mode, the C Series is an original IC engine powered all-wheel drive multi directional forklift. Locators provide seventeen variants.

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Trucks

Most commonly used in day-to-day operations within warehouse settings. Pedestrian operated typically refers to the upright position these trucks are operated from. Your staff can easily utilise them to transport pallets without straining themselves. There’s a wide variety, however, each type comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some might be to able to lift, stack and tow but due to their petite size, their functionality is restricted. Locators provide the following:


Toyota Towing Trucks (Tracto & Simai)

Trucks can handle palletised and non-palletised loads. There are light and heavy duty models available, with pedestrian, stand-in and rider options available. Locators provide six variants.


Toyota Powered Stacker Trucks (BT Staxio Range)

Available in pedestrian, rider seated or stand-in versions. It has lifting capacities from 800kgs to 2000kgs and lift heights up to 6.3 metres. Locators provide six variants.


Toyota Powered Pallet Trucks (BT Levio Range)

These models can be used for a wide variety of indoor applications such as loading/unloading, order picking and horizontal transport. Locators provide five variants.


Combi Pedestrian Stackers

Has a range of lifting capacities and is perfect suited for narrow spaces. Able to handle standard pallets, as well as long and awkward loads. Locators provide four variants.


BT Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (Vector Range)

Available with different options including shuttle forks, articulated steering or both. The aisles for these trucks can be as narrow as 1460 millimetres. Locators provide four variants.


BT Order Picking (Optio Range)

Available in a variety of picking heights, load capacities, chassis options and masts. These picking trucks suit all types of order picking operations. Locators provide four variants.


Rough Terrain Forklifts

Whilst standard industrial forklifts can work outside, they are not purpose-built. They can buckle under pressure when faced with elemental challenges – like rainwater – which can have a detrimental effect on their wheel traction. However, rough terrain forklifts are built to withstand rough terrains. They can even operate in icy conditions and are readily capable of taking on mud and snow. These forklifts are more robust than their industrial counterparts and utilise more features. Locators provide the following different types of rough terrain forklift:


Manitou Semi Industrial (MSI)

Manitou’s range has lifting capacities from 2,000kgs – 5,000kgs and is more robust than standard forklifts but not as purpose-built for rough terrain. Locators provide nine variants.


Manitou Masted Rough Terrain Forklift

Built for rough terrain, these robust trucks are available with two and four-wheel drive and have lifting capacities of up to 5,000kgs. Locators provide fifteen unique variants.


Telehandler Forklifts

Ideally suited for extended reach in outdoor conditions. For all intents and purposes, telehandlers forklifts are essentially miniature cranes. Unlike most cranes and forklifts, telehandlers are adaptable. They feature practical attachments for its single telescopic boom. This can include a bucket, lift table, muck grabber or the typical pallet fork. Due to their flexibility, telehandlers have superseded rough terrain forklifts in the agriculture and construction industries. Locators provide the following different types of telehandler forklift:


Manitou Waste Management Equipment

Purpose-built for traversing rough terrain, these machines have a maximum lift height of 9m and lifting capacities of up to 6,000kg. Locators provide nine different variants.


Manitou Truck Mounted Truck

There are three options for this range that allows you to deliver loads to your customers’ door. They have a lifting capacity of up to 2,700kg. Locators provide nine different variants.


Manitou Heavy Lift (MHT)

Manitou offers one of the widest range of telescopic trucks on the market, with lift heights up to 30 metres and capacities of over 2,000kg. Locators provide five variants.


Manitou Construction Handlers

Manitou’s range of heavy lift telehandlers are suited to applications such as stone quarries, foundries and timber yards. Locators provide twenty-one variants


Manitou Rotary Telehandlers (MRT)

Renowned for their crane-like appearance, Manitou’s rotary telehandlers have a maximum load capacity of 7,000kg and a maximum lift height of 31.6m. Locators provide ten variants.


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