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Electric Forklift Hire

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The South’s leading independent specialist in electric forklift hire and supply.

Want to ward off delays and deadlines, brought about by sudden breakdowns or seasonal demands? Locators can help with that. We offer electric forklift hire that can help your business keep running smoothly in the face of adversity. Hiring is a cost-effective solution for businesses that have seen uncertainty since COVID-19, lockdown and the effects that came with it.

Locators are proud of the reputation we’ve established for our high-quality rental fleet and the service we supply – and we’re always working hard to keep it that way. It’s because of this that you can be sure that anything leaving our site has the Locators seal of approval.

Locators maintain well over 2,500 machines with our teams of factory-trained, mobile engineers. We aim to give our customers peace of mind in knowing that the equipment they buy or hire from us is well maintained and in fully safe working order. As a business – and as individuals – we are also committed to minimising our environmental impact. Over the last 10 years, we are proud to have implemented numerous eco-friendly initiatives. You can read more about Locators’ Energy & Carbon Saving Initiatives here.

Rental customers can benefit from Locators’ years of experience in electric forklift hire. Do you need a truck for a couple of days, weeks, months or even years? Locators can meet any requirement. We hire out new and refurbished electric forklifts for both short and long-term hire, via tailor-made financial packages. Our business is committed to providing yours with the best alternatives to an outright purchase (although we offer that too).

Benefits of Locators electric forklift hire

🟪 | Extensive hire fleet in great cosmetic condition

🟪 | Commercially competitive rates and terms

🟪 | Reliable and safe fixed-cost transport

🟪 | High-quality comprehensive range of equipment

🟪 | Well-maintained electric forklifts

🟪 | Flexible overnight parts delivery

🟪 | Prompt delivery timescales

🟪 | Responsive mobile engineering support


Select the option best suited to your business


Locators lift standards across the industry.


The versatile articulated forklift that does it all.

The Aisle Master is renowned for being a safe, space-saving and innovative handling solution. Especially when it comes to pallet storage. Your business can increase productivity thanks to Combilift’s innovative electric-powered machines. Each one of their electric forklifts features AC technology as standard. This improves acceleration, increases pallet movements and ultimately equates to greater productivity. Thanks to fewer wearable parts, the electric Aisle Master is a low maintenance machine with reduced downtime. All this and more puts the Combilift firmly at the forefront of battery-powered technology in the articulated sector. Electric forklift hire is currently in demand, due to heavy wait times for brand new stock. In some cases, manufacturers have quoted up to a year’s wait, leading many of our customers to turn to electric forklift hire.

Fortunately, Locators always have a range of fully operational and refurbished machines in stock to meet the needs of our clients.

🟩 | Easy to operate with reduced energy consumption
🟩 | Efficient 19.5kw AC motors for low running costs
🟩 | Ergonomically designed operator cab
🟩 | Indoor and outdoor operation
🟩 | Quick and easy battery removal
🟩 | Versatile reach and load capacity


All Power. All Electric. All Toyota.

For over 35 years, we have supplied Toyota trucks to businesses across the South. We are proud to do so because we know Toyota produce the most innovative and high-quality forklifts on the market. Toyota is the world’s number 1 and their forklifts are synonymous with reliability and safety. They are an intrinsic part of the vital behind-the-scenes equipment in day-to-day trade. Their safety is enhanced by the trucks’ superb all-round visibility and Toyota SAS – the System of Active Stability.

This makes the Traigo range the most productive range available on the market today.

🟧 | Automatic tilt angle and tilt speed restriction in both directions
🟧 | Includes a 3 year/5,000 parts and labour warranty as standard
🟧 | Self-levelling forks
🟧 | Stabilising rear axle (speed reduction when cornering on 3 wheels)
🟧 | Synchronised power steering
🟧 | Travel speed reduction with the load raised

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The compact multidirectional forklift that packs a punch.

Locators have worked closely with Combilift for many years. As a result of this, we have a range of highly customised electric forklifts available for hire. Whilst the diminutive stature of the Combi CB is more compact than a C series it’s perfect for palletised goods. Plus, it has the added advantage of being able to carry a diverse range of long loads in sideways mode. During which, the operator’s visibility is maximised by its off centre and high seating position. Safety is a guarantee with both Combilift and Locators. So know that your hired electric forklift is fully protected from falling debris by the Combi CB’s sturdy roll cage.

A further advantage of the CB’s innovative 4-way steering is that it provides you with the versatility to operate it as a narrow aisle forklift.

🟩 | Adaptable multidirectional operations
🟩 | Effectively acts as three forklifts in one
🟩 | Designed with maximum visibility in mind
🟩 | Efficient and safe functionality
🟩 | Small and fast with unrivalled versatility
🟩 | Intuitive controls and ergonomic cabin

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Pushing standards to new heights

Featuring an ergonomic design for optimum performance, Toyota’s BT Reflex series is the next step for any warehouse. Updated technology delivers on efficiency, safety and performance like never before. Whilst some applications require a straightforward truck that is simple, yet effective, the BT Reflex caters to all that and more. It offers high manoeuvrability in narrow aisles, an intuitive touchscreen and more. Toyota’s stunning innovations pack a punch and have lead the way for new standards across the industry. So, for those seeking some sort of electric forklift hire, these easy-to-use trucks could be considered a necessity. They are best suited to operators who have to juggle dozens of jobs during the day (or night for that matter) in cold store or hot conditions.

Available in a variety of picking heights and load capacities, they include trucks for . . .

🟧 | Block stacking
🟧 | Drive-in racking
🟧 | Long handling
🟧 | Pallet handling
🟧 | And more

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The original multidirectional forklift

Tough, reliable and built to last, Comblift ensures the highest levels of performance. Featuring a revolutionary design, the C Series acts as three forklifts in one – a sideloader, counterbalance and narrow aisle forklift. The range is chiefly engineered to deliver the safest way of handling long and specialised loads. Its patented, cutting edge technology affords the C Series multidirectional capability. Allowing your staff to transport long loads through narrow doorways and around objects with the utmost care. Plus, due to its integrated platforms low centre of gravity, this particular electric forklift hire is more stable when loaded.

Built using essential and sensitive electronics the C Series electric forklifts are easy to maintain.

🟩 | Capable of safely handling awkward long loads
🟩 | Increase your storage capacity by up to 50%
🟩 | Indoor and outdoor applications
🟩 | Intuitive controls and ergonomic cabin
🟩 | Streamlined offloading and load handling
🟩 | Versatile multidirectional operation

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Toyota delivers success

To help customers overcome logistics challenges, Toyota has manufactured warehouse equipment for decades. Yet, despite offering sustainable choices, their electric trucks can be an ample investment for any business to make. That’s why Locators offer high-quality electric forklift hire. We’re best placed to do this because we’ve been in partnership with Toyota since we first began in 1985. Our experienced engineers can therefore consult with you to find the essential truck that’s best suited to your business needs. All of Toyota’s warehouse equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications and environments. These include cold store and wet conditions, outdoor areas and more. Every machine can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. This includes safety and productivity options, including programmable performance and weight indicators.