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Equipment Hire In Wiltshire

Equipment Hire In Wiltshire

Why Should You Hire From Locators?

We offer a massive range of machines that can be hired from us.

You should hire from us because we operate a young hire fleet that is in great cosmetic condition and our hire rates remain very competitive despite the level of quality our machines have. We also offer fixed cost transport and you will benefit from reliable safe equipment while keeping within your budget. Our team maintains over 2,500 machines providing mobile services as well. Overnight parts delivery and training are also available with us and this shows that we support our customers in all ways possible.

If you want our equipment hire in Wiltshire we supply and stock all types of material handling and access equipment for you.

Benefits Of Our Service

Great Range Of Machines

Safe and Reliable Equipment

Overnight Parts Delivery

Machine Training

Brilliant Customer Support

How Does Our Hire Service Work?

If you find yourself in trouble our service will help you.

When it comes to warehouse logistics and solutions, it’s always best to plan for peaks. Seasonal Demands, sudden breakdowns or unexpected bulk orders can prove critical. Such spontaneous conditions prompt delays and missed deadlines, this is something you don’t want to happen to your business. In circumstances such as this, our responsive service support is committed to making your life easier with our industry-leading hire range.

So when you are in trouble your first point of contact should be with our team who will quickly get a machine out to you so your work can continue while the problem you have is being resolved. You don’t want to be waiting around for a machine when you need it to complete the outstanding orders you have. Sometimes you just can’t rely on other companies to be able to deliver in time but with us, we guarantee that you will have a machine delivered to you as soon as we can get it to you.


Your machine has broken down mid way through an order.

The machine not being operational could cause delays and missed deadlines.

Locators can supply you with a machine to take the place of your broken down machine

What Else Can We Do For You?

Let us fulfil your fleets needs.

Materials handling equipment is vital in day-to-day trade. Yet, they can be a considerable investment for any business to make; Because of this, it is important to find the best type of MHE to fit your business needs. By using the correct mix of MHEs and storage solutions, you can make major efficiency gains, and reduce the size of your fleet, the number of operators required and the building size needed. Locators supply MHE for hire from world-leading brands.

Our commitment to our customers is firmly strengthened by keeping health and safety at the forefront of our conscience. When working at height, you must consider the associated risks and put in place sensible and proportionate measures. Where it’s needed, forklift training is readily available for our customers. We do this to ensure we remain a responsible business.

Aisle Masters & Equipment Supplier in Dorset

Efficient | Innovative | Space-saving

We supply a wide variety of warehouse equipment to suit most applications. With an aisle master, we can increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Excellent visibility and ergonomics

Up to 50% increased storage capabilites

1.6m Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) ability

Electric, LPG or Diesel Forklifts Supplier in Dorset

Comfortable | Ergonomic | Interactive

Locators offers a full range of counterbalance forklift trucks. Various lift heights and capacities are available. Increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Excellent turning radius

Indoor & outdoor work

Multi-load handling

Telehandlers & Access Equipment in Dorset

Dynamic | Maneuverable | Precision

Need a specialist machine for rough terrain, access equipment or to handle long loads? If so, we can increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Exceptional 360° visibility from cabin

Lifts heavy, bulky loads without moving

Perfect flexiblility with 3 steering modes

Get In Touch For Equipment Hire In Wiltshire

Locators are the South’s leading material handling and storage system company.

If you are interested in equipment hire in hampshire, you can be assured of expert impartial advice and high-quality services. Our team work with some of the largest companies in our area as well as some of the smaller ones too. So, if you would like a partner with the resources and capability to help your business succeed, get in touch. If you would also like to see what our customers and clinets think of us visit our Google Review page.


Fast and Reliable Delivery

Access to Young Machines

Competitive and Flexible Commercial Terms

Responsive & Mobile Support

The Best Standards of Equipment