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Forklift Hire In Portsmouth

Forklift Hire In Portsmouth

Need forklift hire in Portsmouth? Reach out to Locators

Locators are down to earth professionals who listen to your needs.

Forklift hire in Portsmouth can be a highly frustrating process. Far too often, the wrong types of equipment are ordered, hours are wasted on the phone chasing down delivery times, or forklifts are left too long on site. All of which simply serve to wrack up some pretty big bills that throw your entire budget off-kilter. Despite this, whether you’re on a site or tidying up a warehouse, there’s nothing more frustrating than not having the right tools ready to go. Especially when both you and your employees want to carry out the job at hand safely and efficiently . . . So, what do you want?

Well, you can buy a forklift, but this will cost you a LOT of money. Worst still, it will likely see use now and then, only to spend the next few months parked in a corner. Logically, this isn’t great for the environment OR your wallet. So, what should you want? It’s simple. You want to hire the right equipment and NOT spend hours on the phone chasing up orders or pickups when you should be working. In short, you want a better way to take control of forklift hire in Portsmouth.

Benefits of forklift hire in Portsmouth

Extensive Young Fleet

Factory Trained Mobile Engineers

Overnight Parts Delivery

Quick, Easy & Competitive Rates

Safe & Reliable Equipment

So why not speak to Locators, the South’s number one provider of materials handling and storage systems?

All our forklifts are checked, tested, cleaned and serviced before every hire, so it’s safe and ready to go. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help and advise you on any concerns you might have. All so you can hire with the confidence that the forklift you need is in working order and fit for your job. Contact Locators to get your job done the right way, today.

Here’s how forklift hire in Portsmouth is the way forward

When the going gets tough, the tough hire from Locators.

If you work on a building site or a warehouse, you likely have one, two or even a fleet of forklifts or material handling equipment. Even if this is the case, you are likely no stranger to receiving an influx of seasonal demand. Whilst it’s great that business is booming, if you don’t prepare yourself for an increased workflow, then you might as well not have it. As a business, you want to avoid delays and missed deadlines, which is why Locators is here when you need us the most. In such a situation, businesses come to the realisation that they will need another machine to fulfil their work.

Yet, some businesses – big, small and in between – cannot justify the associated costs of buying a new or even used forklift.

Sound Familiar?

Is your current fleet capacity struggling to keep up with the demands of unexpected peaks in your handling requirements?

If it’s currently stretched thin, how do you think your business will fare against seasonal demands or unexpected breakdowns?

Here at Locators, we’re here to help. Our team offer long and short-term packages for forklift hire in Portsmouth.

This is not only why but how hiring forklifts in Portsmouth is taking off. Here at Locators, we know our customers aren’t always able to afford a new forklift – especially in this financial climate. So we offer forklift hire in Portsmouth. All so you can benefit from using another machine for a fraction of the price. The same goes for when a machine of yours breaks down or has to go for a service. Your business might not be able to operate as efficiently without it. So, as it’s repaired, you can hire a replacement from us to ensure the jobs get done. Then, once your forklift has been repaired or serviced, you can return the hired machine back to us.

Here’s what you gain with our forklift hire in Portsmouth

Fast, easy and affordable hire as and when you need it. Locators is the South’s #1 for a reason.

Do you want your business to benefit from safe, reliable equipment at cost-competitive hire rates? If so, get in touch. Locators is here to help with all your forklift needs. Our mobile engineers maintain over 2,500 machines and stock all types of material handling equipment. This includes industrial forklifts, telehandlers, rough terrain, warehouse and access equipment.

All too often, sites want to order what they need, when they need it, and now they can by reaching out to us to experience our groundbreaking service. As a site foreman, you can order hire forklifts in Portsmouth from any device, 24/7. You can check real-time information on the job, including stock levels and delivery times to any Portsmouth site. Review and select the exact forklift and accessories you need before sending any saved requisitions to your office. This allows you to plan and keep on track even when you’re on the go.

We will notify you when your forklift is loaded and ready to go, along with the expected arrival time. If you regularly hire with us, we can even inform you when certain equipment is due to return – giving you the option to end or extend. Requisitions can be queried, authorised or adjusted with our friendly team. You also have complete visibility of your active hires and site order history, meaning better budget control. And with documentation – like proof of delivery and invoices – auditing paperwork becomes simple. Sign up now to take control of your forklift hire with Locators!

Aisle Masters & Equipment Hire Portsmouth

Efficient | Innovative | Space-saving

We supply a wide variety of warehouse equipment to suit most applications. With an aisle master, we can increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Excellent visibility and ergonomics

Up to 50% increased storage capabilites

1.6m Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) ability

Electric, LPG or Diesel Forklift Hire Portsmouth

Comfortable | Ergonomic | Interactive

Locators offers a full range of counterbalance forklift trucks. Various lift heights and capacities are available. Increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Excellent turning radius

Indoor & outdoor work

Multi-load handling

Telehandlers & Access Equipment Hire Portsmouth

Dynamic | Maneuverable | Precision

Need a specialist machine for rough terrain, access equipment or to handle long loads? If so, we can increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Exceptional 360° visibility from cabin

Lifts heavy, bulky loads without moving

Perfect flexiblility with 3 steering modes

Get in touch for forklift hire in Portsmouth

Locators are the South’s leading material handling and storage system company.

If you are interested in forklift hire in Portsmouth, you can be assured of expert impartial advice and high-quality services. Our team works with some of the largest companies in our area as well as some of the smaller ones too. So, if you would like a partner with the resources and capability to help your business succeed, get in touch.

We guarantee

Access to Young Fleet

The BEST Standards of Equipment

Competitive Commercial Terms

Prompt Delivery Timescales

Responsive & Mobile Support