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Forklift Hire In Reading

Forklift Hire In Reading

Why are more businesses turning to forklift hire in Reading?

Avoid all the expenses – all the servicing – and use the machine for what it was made for.

Buying a forklift can be expensive, without even considering the ongoing costs of servicing, maintenance and registration. So, could forklift hire in Reading really be the answer? Here at Locators, we know our customers are beginning to see the appeal. With buyers facing excruciatingly long lead times, many are turning to our fleet of over 2,500 forklifts available for hire. We offer periods from a single day to long-term contract hire – from six months to five years. Yet, regardless of the duration, hiring a forklift from Locators means you get the very latest equipment – fully maintained and ready for work. Whatsmore, you get it all for an agreed higher fee with no unpleasant surprises. So, whether it’s to provide extra capacity at work, to cover for a breakdown or to handle a specialised job. Our forklift hire in Reading could be your answer.

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Benefits of Locators forklift hire in Reading

Extensive Young Fleet

Factory Trained Mobile Engineers

Overnight Parts Delivery

Quick, Easy & Competitive Rates

Safe & Reliable Equipment

Suppose you work in an industry that relies on material handling equipment to lift heavy loads. In that case, you know how indispensable they are. Without machines to put your goods in place, it would be challenging to do without a dedicated truck. However, for businesses that can’t justify the costs of purchasing one, then hiring might be the best option for you. Hiring affords you plenty of freedom and flexibility with the jobs you can do. For example, you could be working on a building site and be in dire need of a machine to scoop up the rubble. But then you receive another job where you need to move pallets around, which could be in a warehouse or outside loading a lorry. With Locators, you can be free to hire certain machines for certain jobs – giving you the certainty of flexibility.

How might your business arrange forklift hire in Reading?

It’s simple – pick up the phone and dial or get in touch below.

Locators forklift hire in Reading benefits from cutting-edge technology available in the UK. Thanks to our transport routes, customers are guaranteed quick delivery of vehicles perfectly suited for the task. No matter the load or lift height, the application or transport route, Locators has plenty of trucks to suit your needs. Our forklift hire in Reading service will find the right solution, even when time is short. All you’ll need to do is call Locators . . .

“Good morning, Miriam Abraham speaking.”
“Good morning Miss Abraham; this is Monty Armstrong from the Cyclops company speaking.”
“Good morning Mr Armstrong.”
“We require assistance at our support point outside of the Madejski Stadium. Can you provide an electric forklift for our warehouse operations and a diesel forklift for our fieldwork?”
“Okay, what lift height do you need for the electric forklift’s warehouse operations?”
“Oh, about 3 to 4 meters.”
“And do you have overhead clearance limitations?”
“No, not for the diesel forklift because we will only use them for fieldwork.”
“I see, and for outside when loading and unloading trucks . . . okay, then I can send you a quotation right away, and you should have it within half an hour.”
“Oh, that fast? Right.”

Sound Familiar?

Is your current fleet capacity struggling to keep up with the demands of unexpected peaks in your handling requirements?

If it’s currently stretched thin, how do you think your business will fare against seasonal demands or unexpected breakdowns?

Here at Locators, we’re here to help. Our team offer long and short-term packages for forklift hire in Reading.

The rental business is not always as fast-paced as this; however, many orders can be processed well in advance. This goes for using Locators forklifts at significant events like this one. Preparations are underway for a rock concert in Reading. Events in arenas of this size call for elaborate behind-the-scenes planning and organisation. Everything from the transport of technical equipment and catering must be well thought through. This includes meticulously planned internal logistics, a task which is no small feat for our Locators trucks.

Locators’ high-performance forklift hire in Reading is NOT limited to Reading.

However, whilst our Reading branch covers the M4 corridor and West London, our home office covers the entirety of the South Coast. Our entire enterprise maintains a fleet of over 2,500 industrial trucks – the best in the South. Our rental service offers the flexibility our customers want. They can get the reinforcements they need if capacities are unexpectedly exhausted. Plus, should a forklift break down, a new one immediately makes its way to the customer – behind which rental fees are all-inclusive. We cover costs for service and maintenance at a flat rate per day. It’s highly improbable that you will find better standards and solutions elsewhere. In addition to forklift hire in Reading, we also offer sales within the materials handling industry. Yet, those we sell to can say with conviction that they don’t mind delving into our rental service. You can find out for yourself. We’re ready whenever you are.

Interested in forklift hire in Reading? Here’s what you have to do

Pick up the phone or send us a message below to hire with us today.

At Locators, we maintain over 2,500 machines. Our highly trained teams of mobile engineers benefit from our continuous investment in training. In turn, this helps our customers, who receive safe, reliable and competitively priced trucks. Plus, overnight parts delivery means we deliver when it comes to supporting our customers. After all, is this not why we do what we do? So that you – the customer – can reap the rewards? With our highly maintained young fleet and fixed-cost transport, we strive to make your life just that bit easier.

Forklift hire in Reading can benefit your business in an assortment of ways.

If your business isn’t quite yet at the stage that it can justify purchasing a truck, then hiring is the affordable solution. You can STILL reap the rewards and help grow your company. Forklift hire in Reading can also be helpful if you encounter increased demand. Your business might have a rush period every year wherein your demand is higher than ever. If you remain unprepared, you should expect to lose a LOT of money. Yet, an excellent way to cope with that demand is by hiring an additional machine to do the extra work. The same goes for when one of your machines is due for a service or suddenly breaks down. With forklift hire in Reading, you can hire a machine while your main one is out of action. Then, once it’s back up and running, you can arrange a pick-up for your hired truck – it’s that simple.

Aisle Masters & Equipment Hire in Reading

Efficient | Innovative | Space-saving

We supply a wide variety of warehouse equipment to suit most applications. With an aisle master, we can increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Excellent visibility and ergonomics

Up to 50% increased storage capabilites

1.6m Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) ability

Electric, LPG or Diesel Forklift Hire in Reading

Comfortable | Ergonomic | Interactive

Locators offers a full range of counterbalance forklift trucks. Various lift heights and capacities are available. Increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Excellent turning radius

Indoor & outdoor work

Multi-load handling

Telehandlers & Access Equipment Hire in Reading

Dynamic | Maneuverable | Precision

Need a specialist machine for rough terrain, access equipment or to handle long loads? If so, we can increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Exceptional 360° visibility from cabin

Lifts heavy, bulky loads without moving

Perfect flexiblility with 3 steering modes

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Locators are the South’s leading material handling and storage system company.

If you are interested in forklift hire in Reading, you can be assured of expert impartial advice and high-quality services. Our team works with some of the largest companies in our area as well as some of the smaller ones too. So, if you would like a partner with the resources and capability to help your business succeed, get in touch.

We guarantee

Access to Young Fleet

The BEST Standards of Equipment

Competitive Commercial Terms

Prompt Delivery Timescales

Responsive & Mobile Support