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Checking out forklift suppliers in Chichester? Locators are more than appropriate candidates! In fact, we offer a whole lot more than most forklift suppliers. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have a wealth of advice and guidance to offer. We also offer a maintenance check-up service that not only lifts your load but your spirits too. We’ve helped equip agricultural, industrial and manufacturing sectors on time and on budget. If you’re unsure exactly what type of forklift would be the best fit for your requirements, get in touch today!

Locators memorably assisted Covers Ltd with their Chichester site. Established for over 170 years, these family-owned timber and building materials merchants had been stuck in a transitory period for the past 5 years. Their sites didn’t maximise their space as they were planned with traditional sideloaders and counterbalance forklifts in mind. This didn’t support the growing needs of the business, especially due to their run down fleet and its unruly maintenance costs. This is where Locators stepped in.

We proposed they replace their declining sideloaders with 4 way Combilifit sideloads. These electric trucks were not only multi-purpose but were capable of operating inside and outside too. Therefore, the Combilift could carry out both functions of Cover’s previous fleet. Our know-how relaxed Covers helped their spiralling maintenance costs from spinning out of control. As well as stifling costs, the new fleet offered a generous reduction in overall emissions, with zero emissions indoors and lower fuel costs. Plus, the Combilift sideloader required less space to operate in.

“Combilift 4 way trucks have helped us to generate the most amount of trade from a fixed amount of space. At our Chichester site we have been able to build a new state of the art workshop facility for our vehicle maintenance by using some of the space we have freed up.”

Andrew Walters

Group Purchasing Director, Covers Ltd

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