Forklift Supplier in Dorchester


If you’re after a forklift supplier in Dorchester, look no further. Based in Ferndown and established in 1985, Locators are just around the corner. We are the leading independent materials handling company in the South of England. Need access equipment? Construction telehandlers? Industrial cleaning machines, forklift trucks or warehouse equipment? Locators are for you. We also install tailored storage systems and offer general guidance and advice. We can keep your warehouse’s productivity high or maintain your forklift to keep it in top condition. We’d go so far as to say our expertise and range can give your business a competitive edge.

Our forklifts


Since launching, Locators have had an exclusive deal with Toyota Materials Handling Equipment. Amongst our fleet, our standard issue is Toyota’s Electric Counterbalance Range, whose features include:

  • Functional self-levelling forks
  • Automatic tilt angle with tilt speed restrictions in both directions
  • Synchronised power steering and a stabilising rear axle
  • Reductions in speed when laden with raised contents.
  • Programmable performance and weight indicators

The Toyota models have a typical load capacity between 1 and 8 tons. However, our top-end Combi Straddle Carriers have a load capacity of 40 and 100 tons! Despite their stature, Combi’s offer a lighter environmental footprint compared to similar models. Fuel efficient and with dozens of safety features, they are highly recommended by us.

Processing our process


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    Fantastic, you’ve got your forklift. If needed, we also offer optional service support.