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Trading in Guildford? Locators have over 35 years’ experience supplying Guildford as a regional Toyota Materials Handling Equipment dealer. In fact, we’re also the South’s leading independent forklift supplier and have been operational since 1985. So, whether you want economical prices or need to improve your staff’s productivity, Locators can give your business a competitive advantage.

The big and the small, we’ve got it all. We not only supply forklifts but offer accompanying maintenance services too. Our bestselling motors – and a staple of most warehouses – are our Toyota counterbalances. We supply two ranges, the Triago and Tonero, which have a maximum load capacity of 8 ton and a maximum lift height of 7m. We also supply the Aisle Master, Sideloader, Multi-Directional, and C Series Combilift forklifts. These have a maximum load capacity of 25 ton and a maximum lift height of 15m. For your bigger needs, however, the Combilift Mobile Gantry and Straddle Carriers have a maximum load capacity of 100 tons!

Our work in Guildford


Whilst not forklifts, we recently supplied the authorised Manitou dealer, FTH Hire Group with a selection of 21 of our telehandlers. Locators supplied their Guildford dealership with 10 model MT625 easy, 4 MT932 Easy, 6 MT1335 and 1 MT1840 telehandlers to FTH. These trucks have lifting capacities from 2.5 to 4 tonnes and lift heights from 6 to 18 metres

Our telehandler hire business continues to expand both for short and long term hires. Manitou trucks are very popular with our customers and we have added to our fleet with 21 new machines.

Shaun O'Connor

Marketing Manager, FTH Group

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