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Forklift Supplier in Guildford

Forklift Supplier in Guildford

electric vs propane – a forklift supplier in Guildford’s take

The most visually popular forklift on the planet comes with several distinct fuels.

As a forklift supplier in Guildford, we receive a lot of questions on why a business would want to buy just an electric or a propane truck. Therefore, we thought discussing the electric and propane counterbalance forklift was worth some time. After all, it’s by far the most visually popular forklift on the planet, and today we’ll point out the differences between each truck. Now, from a distance, these trucks look very similar.

Yet as you take a closer look, you’ll see that a few things make them operate slightly differently than one another.

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First, propane is excellent if you’re running multiple daily shifts. All it takes is a simple tank change, and you’re back up and running immediately. If you’re outside, it comes in very handy as well. The propane is a little faster and can lift a bit more weight than the electric can. However, electricity is a must if you’re around any food. The carbon that comes out of the exhaust of the propane could contaminate the food. If you only operate during regular business hours, this can also be beneficial to the company because they could charge the truck at night. This way, there’s no need for propane tanks. Thanks to opportunity saving, it’s powered up and ready to go in the morning. It’s also a lot quieter, and you don’t need any ventilation to expel the fumes – whereas propane would require the doors to be left open or adequately ventilated.

Should you opt for propane, this forklift supplier in Guildford can outfit your ventilation systems. After all, we’re not just the South’s leading material handling company. We’re also the South’s leading storage system provider.


First, we’re going to take a look at the propane counterbalance truck. As you will see, the seat and steering wheel don’t have many differences. The majority look the same, yet over here – to the right of the steering wheel – are these hydraulic controls. So, our up/down lever will raise or lower the forks. Next is the tote lever, which you use to secure the load. After that, we have our side shift lever, which shifts the load left or right, and lastly, we have our attachment control lever. This allows you to – you guessed it – add an attachment to the forklift.

There are many attachments, such as the roll cage or a box clamp.

The pedals are pretty similar to a car. There’s an accelerator pedal and a brake pedal, but because this is a propane counterbalance, it will also have a third pedal, which is an inching brake. Now the inching brake allows you to disengage the transmission hydraulically. You need to do this because when you need to raise the forks, you have to hold the accelerator pedal to raise the forks faster. Otherwise, it would just creep up slowly. Keeping down this pedal allows you to raise the forks without moving the truck forward. Now safety is our passion here at Locators. Therefore, we want to remind everyone to switch the truck into neutral before raising or lowering its forks.

Doing so will help prevent accidental movement.

Besides the inching brake, we have another foot pedal – the emergency brake. Some cars have an emergency brake that looks like this. Moving up the steering column, you see the emergency brake’s release. You can also find the directional controls, which allow the operator to put the truck in forward, neutral or reverse. If we look at the front of the truck, it looks almost identical to the electric. Now, these forks can be removed. You slide them to the centre and remove them to allow your attachments to go on moving.


As we said earlier, the two trucks have the same seat and steering wheel, but let’s first dive into the pedals. So on the electric, there is no inching brake pedal because we don’t need it. The truck will move forward if you take your foot off the accelerator pedal. Suppose you are stopped, unlike the propane, where it would move forward if you didn’t have your foot on the brake. Much like an automatic car and drive, it would also do so because it’s battery-powered. The forks will raise relatively fast, and you don’t need to hit the accelerator pedal to raise them any quicker. Plus, there are only three hydraulic levers.

Levers electrics can still have attachments, but this particular one that we have does not.

However, whilst the directional controls are the same, the electric has an emergency handbrake rather than a foot pedal. Plus, most battery-powered forklifts have these displays that read things like battery levels or the number of hours on the truck. So we’re going to take a quick look at the battery here. This one is heavy. Believe it or not, this one weighs about 2,000 pounds, so it’s almost half the weight of a car — the batteries being this heavy help the counterbalance picks up heavy objects. With the battery being weightier, it adds bulk to the truck’s total weight. So, quickly, I’m going to point out that this truck is a three-wheeler. The difference is that there’s a smaller turning radius with the three-wheelers. So, if you have limited space in your warehouse, check out the three-wheel; it’ll have better manoeuvrability in tight spaces. So for those people who have never operated counterbalance, the rear wheels are the turning wheels.

So, let’s pop the seat on the electric to take a quick look at the batteries.

You can also see here that a thick wire runs over the top of the batteries. This is what you would unplug from the connector and plug directly into your charger. If we look at the propane, however, it’s more akin to underneath the bonnet of a car. Plus, the bottom of the truck is actually where the exhaust is. So, as you can see, both trucks are very similar. However, they do have their differences. With the propane, you have to do a few more things while operating than with the electric. We typically train people first on the propane and move them to electric due to this.

As a forklift supplier in Guildford, how are we best equipped to help the town?

We’re the South’s leading independent material handling and storage system company.

Trading in Guildford? We have over 35 years of experience as forklift suppliers in Guildford. So, get in touch if you want economical prices or need to improve your staff’s productivity. Locators will give your business a competitive advantage. The big and the small, we’ve got it all. We not only supply forklifts but offer accompanying maintenance services too. Our bestselling motors – a staple of most warehouses – are our Toyota counterbalances, which we’ve touched on in the above section.

We supply two ranges, the Triago and Tonero, which have a maximum load capacity of 8 tons and a maximum lift height of 7m.

Now, why are we so in demand in Guildford? As you may well know, Guildford is a town in the heart of Surrey. Its steep, cobbled street is lined with more shops and restaurants you can shake a stick at. Better still, it has a healthy mix of independent and chain stores and is a setting for many events in town. For example, December is home to a Christmas market, and there’s a regular farmers’ market on the first Tuesday of every month. Plus, there are plenty of connecting cobbled streets here, and it’s easy to get lost. Nonetheless, you can find some secret tucked-away cafes, bars, or shops. There’s even a hidden bar; see if you can find it. Just off Guildford High Street is the Star Inn, complete with a real fire in the winter. It has an intimate beer garden for you to chill out in the summer with its unpretentious and affordable pub food. It’s also one of Guildford’s longest-running live music venues, showcasing local talents many nights of the week.

Sound Familiar?

Is your current fleet capacity struggling to keep up with the demands of unexpected peaks in your handling requirements?

If it’s currently stretched thin, how do you think your business will fare against seasonal demands or unexpected breakdowns?

Here at Locators, we’re here to help. As a forklift supplier in Guildford, we provide purchases and offer long and short-term hire packages.

On top of that, it hosts many events like comedy clubs, pantomimes or cabarets – so there’s something on for everyone.

Connecting Guildford High Street and North Street is Angel Lane, and you’ll find Coffee Culture here. Coffee Culture is one of the few independent coffee houses in town that serves fantastic coffee and cakes. Alternatively, after a long day of sightseeing, why not chill out and relax at Rogues Bar? This bar is about a 10-minute walk from Guildford High Street, and this family-run bar has been in Guildford for over 35 years. It features one of the best beer gardens in Guildford and prides itself on providing all-weather table service. So, no matter the weather, you’ll be able to find the table, enjoy the outdoors, and down a pint. So there we have it, a few highlights of Guildford. Hopefully, we’ve given you an idea of what it’s like to spend a day here in Guildford. However, we want to know if you’ve noticed what all these locations have in common? They all rely on material handling equipment and Locators – the best forklift supplier in Guildford – where can your business go wrong? So, if you operate a bar or restaurant, set up shop on a market stall or need to shift equipment to help with your latest next gig – we can help.

Want a forklift supplier in Guildford? Here’s your proof:

FTH has quality equipment that’s always in stock.

Whilst we didn’t supply forklifts, per se, Locators memorably assisted FTH Group with a selection of 21 telehandlers. Established over 35 years, FTH Hire Group (formerly Farnborough Tool Hire) embarked on an ambitious strategy. The privately-owned group invested in 3 new depots in Guildford, Farnham and Basingstoke, extra staff and fresh stock of plant and tools.

This is where Locators stepped in.

To facilitate their growth effort, we supplied 10 MT625 Easy, 4 MT932 Easy, 6 MT1335 and 1 MT1840 telehandlers to FTH. These machines have lifting capacities from 2.5 to 4 tonnes and lift heights from 6 to 18 metres. This meets the needs for smaller single-unit developments through to multi-unit, multi-level constructions. We fully support FTH with our team of factory-trained engineers and one of the largest stocks of Manitou parts in the UK.

“Our telehandler hire business continues to expand both for short and long term hires. Manitou trucks are very popular with our customers and we have added to our fleet with 21 new machines.”

Shaun O’Connor
Marketing Manager, FTH Group

Has Shaun’s aptitude for growth got you interested? You can read our FTH Group project here.

By now, we know you’re interested in forklift suppliers in Guildford. However, we also know we’re not just a forklift supplier in Guildford – but so much more. With nearly four decades worth of experience in the industry, we have a wealth of advice and guidance to offer. We’ve helped equip various industrial and manufacturing sectors on time and on budget. We also provide a maintenance check-up service that lifts your load and spirits. So, if you’re unsure what type of forklift would best fit your business, get in touch today. If you are interested in our services, there’s no need to call us – we’ll call you! Fill out the form below with your contact details. We’ll thoroughly examine your enquiry before responding at a time suitable for you.

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