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Forklift Supplier in St Albans


Searching for a well-regarded forklift supplier in St Albans? Look no further. Locators are the South’s leading forklift suppliers. Our team’s supplied sites and warehouses across St Albans and Hertfordshire for decades. We also have over 35 years’ experience as a regional Toyota Materials Handling Equipment dealer. Dedicated to reliable services, Locators equip agricultural, industrial and manufacturing sectors. We make sure we do this in a professional and timely manner and aim to find a forklift that’s right for you.

Forklifts Supplied Nearby


ASM Auto Recycling reached out for help with storage in their new facility in Aylesbury. Locators proposed using rail-guided Combilift C4000 multi-directional forklifts. These would be capable of operating within aisles of just 3,220mm wide. Despite this truncated size, the racking would cater to 432 vehicles. Given the previous 6,400mm aisle width, this significantly improved their storage capacity. This size was previously needed to operate a counterbalance forklift. Following the installation, Locators were asked to complete a second phase. This time, for an increased capacity of an additional 300 vehicles. For this, we recommended a Combilift C5000, which provided a greater lift height required for the new installation.

We are very pleased with the productivity and efficiency gains we have made at our sites. Locators have enabled us to achieve much more without the need to purchase additional land and this has a very significant cost benefit for us.

Chris Morgan

Director, ASM Auto Recycling

What Forklifts do Locators Supply to St Albans?


Ranging from the mighty to the miniature, we supply a fleet of forklifts fit for you:


Toyota Electric Counterbalance (Traigo range)


Toyota IC Counterbalance Trucks (Tonero range)


Combi Aisle Master


Combi Straddle Carriers range and Mobile Gantry


Combi Sideloader Forklifts


Combi Multi-Directional Counterbalance Trucks


Combilift C Series

About Us


Founded in 1985 by Brian Cowles, Locators secured a distribution deal with Toyota. Soon after, we claimed our first major deal with Bacardi Martini in Southampton. Since then, the company has bloomed in partnership with Toyota. In fact, we became one of the first-ever suppliers of articulated forklifts. At first, we supplied customers solely from our purpose-built facility in Dorset. However, due to our growth, we widened our reach with Toyota and in 1996, established a branch in Reading. This gave us greater coverage of the M4 corridor and West London.

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