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Forklift Truck Hire


It can be a tricky decision to make when deciding whether to buy or hire. There are arguments for both sides but the final decision is made by the customer. An example of where hire could benefit you is with a new start-up company, as the business wouldn’t have a large amount of cash to spend out on purchasing a forklift so hiring will allow you to save money as you won’t be spending out on a massive upfront cost. These hire agreements can be as long as you need them for; This could be a few weeks or a few months the choice is yours. The savings you will make on cash and flexibility could prove to be a huge benefit to any young business. This cash saving could be used to invest in another part of the business that would be worthwhile.

Whilst long term rental or finance could be cheaper from a weekly rate point of view, it really depends on what the business demands are like. That is why we make sure we assess each application and business so we can make recommendations that are best suited to their business. At Locators, we have over 2,500 machines that we maintain with our brilliant teams of factory-trained mobile engineers. We give our customers peace of mind in knowing that the equipment they buy or hire from us is well maintained and in safe working condition. We have internal combustion forklifts as well as electric forklifts. Again each of these has its own benefits but we would recommend the electric forklift as it is easier to use, less polluting and doesn’t need any ventilation system if operating inside.

More About Forklift Truck Hire

Hiring could also help you if you already have an existing fleet and for a short period of time in the year were you have an increased seasonal demand then hiring could help you in this time period. Rather than spending out on a new forklift that would just be sitting around when you don’t have the increased demand you can hire a forklift to deal with the demand and then hand it back when the demand decreases. Also if one or more of your forklifts suddenly breaksdown you can hire a forklift to replace it until your one is repaired and running again.

If you are intertested in hiring or purchasing any of our forklifts please get in contact with us
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Factory Trained Mobile Engineers


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