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Forklifts In Hampshire

Reliable and Cost Effective Hire Fleet

At Locators, we have a range of amazing forklifts that you can purchase from us. We have industrial forklifts, warehouse equipment, telehandlers, rough terrain, access equipment and more. Whatever you need we will be able to supply you with a forklift that can do the right job for you. When you purchase a forklift or any equipment it is important that you purchase the correct one that has the right spec for you to use across your workplace. For example, choosing the right fuel type can be a huge benefit for you. LPG, Diesel and Electric are the main fuel types that you can get for a forklift.

Electric can be used in a lot of situations around the workplace and is probably the most versatile fuel type. If you have an electric forklift inside a warehouse or factory, you won’t need any complicated ventilation systems as the forklifts don’t emit any toxic gases. They are also very quiet so your workforce won’t be distracted by loud engine noises.

Diesel-powered forklifts have more pulling power because of the torque they produce so they are ideal to move heavy loads, they are also a lot quicker to refuel compared to the electric-powered forklifts. If you don’t want to purchase a forklift because of how expensive they are, we offer a great hire service.

We have a great young hire fleet that’s in great cosmetic condition but our hire rates remain very competitive. We also offer fixed cost transport. You will benefit from reliable, safe equipment while keeping within your budget. We maintain over 2,500 machines with our teams of factory-trained mobile engineers. Overnight parts delivery and an investment in training and parts stock mean we really deliver when it comes to supporting our customers. We supply and stock all types of material handling and access equipment for your hire needs.

More About Forklifts In Hampshire

Our hire service can be taken advantage of when you have seasonal demands or unexpected bulk orders. We think that it is great if your business is booming, but if your current fleet of material handling cannot cope with a high increase in demand this might lead to delays and missed deadlines. if you can’t justify the need to purchase a new machine for this increased demand then our hire service is available at short notice. As a business, it is always a good idea to have a plan for the worst. This could be a forklift or machine suddenly breaking down and one of our hire fleet machines can help to cover the workload until your machine is up and running again.

So why choose our hire equipment? Our range of machines are in great condition. Each one is regularly maintained by our engineers to ensure they’re brought to you in optimum working condition. Once prepared, our high-quality rental equipment is delivered safely to you in our covered transport. Rentals can be a cost-effective solution for many customers.

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If you come with us you will have access to these benefits


Overnight Part Delivery


Reliable Safe Equipment


Competitive Rates


Access To A Young Fleet


With It All Being Safe, Quick and Easy


Factory Trained Mobile Engineers


An Extensive Fleet



If your business requires additional materials handling or access equipment then contact us today. We guarantee:

– Competitive commercial terms
– The best standard of equipment
– Prompt delivery timescales
– A comprehensive range
– Responsive mobile engineering support