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When you are in need of a new machine whether it’s permanently or just temporarily you need a reliable supplier that you can count on. That supplier is us. We are here to make sure that all of your forklift and equipment needs are catered to so that you aren’t left needing anything more than what we provide to you. With our magnificent hire service, your business benefits from reliable, safe equipment while keeping within your budget. We operate a young hire fleet that’s in great condition. Our hire rates remain very competitive and we also offer fixed cost transport to ensure that you get your machine quickly and without you having to worry about getting it to your workplace. We maintain over 2,500 machines with highly-trained teams of mobile engineers. With overnight parts delivery and our continuous investment in training mean we really deliver when it comes to supporting our customers.

We supply and stock all types of material handling equipment. This includes industrial forklifts, telehandlers & rough terrain vehicles, as well as warehouse and access equipment. A lot of other rental services will only stock the most commonly found models of forklifts and equipment; But at Locators, we cover the entire range to cover any gaps you may have in your fleet. Materials handling equipment is vital in day-to-day trade. Yet, they can be a considerable investment for any business to make. This is what makes it essential to find the best type of MHE to fit your business needs.

More On, Hire A Forklift With Locators

Things like seasonal demands and unexpected bulk orders can offset your business and put your business under unnecessary pressure. If your current fleet doesn’t have the facilities to keep up with such volume then you will want to be thinking about a temporary hire to get you through the high demands. If you decide to buy a new forklift or machine to cope with all of the orders you have by the time everything has processed and you actually get the machine it might already be too late. Hiring is a great option that is available at short notice. Maybe you don’t get any seasonal demands, but if your machine suddenly breaks down you will probably need another one to fill in until your one gets repaired. Hiring equipment can be a lifesaver. Our responsive service support team are always on hand when it comes to supporting our customers’ equipment. 

We are very much committed to our customers and this is firmly strengthened by keeping health and safety are the forefront of our conscience. When working at height, you must consider the associated risks and put in place sensible and proportionate measures. Where it’s needed, forklift training is readily available for our customers. We do this to ensure we remain a responsible business. Today Locators are the South’s leading integrated supplier of industrial and construction materials handling equipment and storage systems. With a staff of around 75 and 20 mobile engineers, we work some of the largest companies in our area as well as many of the smallest. With a strong succession plan in place, Locators will be around for many years to come. So if you’d like a partner with the resources and capability to help your business grow then, please contact us today.


If you come with us you will have access to these benefits


Overnight Part Delivery


Factory Trained Mobile Engineers


Reliable Safe Equipment


Access To A Young Fleet


An Extensive Range Of Equipment


Competitive & Affordable Rates


Forklift Training Readily Available.



If your business requires additional materials handling or access equipment then contact us today. We guarantee:

– Competitive commercial terms
– The best standard of equipment
– Prompt delivery timescales
– A comprehensive range
– Responsive mobile engineering support