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Hire Equipment In Dorset

Hire Equipment In Dorset

Here’s why people opt to hire equipment in Dorset

Competitively priced and extensively stocked – that’s Locators.

People want things cheap – they want things now – BUT they want these things to work, and rightfully so. When hiring equipment in Dorset, local businesses will simply look for the cheapest rates they can find. However, in doing this, they tend to overlook the drawbacks. That’s why we not only seek to charge competitive prices but ones that also provide our clients with convenience. As the South’s leading material handling equipment and storage solution provider, we aren’t strangers to this.

Our integrated approach ensures you are not swept by the wayside when it comes to what matters most to your businesses.

Benefits of our hire equipment in Dorset

Extensive Young Fleet

Factory Trained Mobile Engineers

Overnight Parts Delivery

Quick, Easy & Competitive Rates

Safe & Reliable Equipment

People approach us for our products and here at Locators, we only provide hire equipment in Dorset that we know our customers actively want to use. As such, our high-quality equipment has rigid servicing checks that ensure YOU only receive the best. This way, we can ensure our equipment is in circulation or being maintained. If we are unable to provide something as part of our stock and it is not immediately available, there is a good chance our customers will go elsewhere.

Yet at the end of the day, we know that people buy from people.

Our team is no stranger to this, so – if you too run a business – the chances are that you are more than familiar with this too. Friendly advice from our knowledgeable staff has helped enhance people’s opinion of our business. By providing a range of services – like our hire equipment in Dorset – we have attracted and retained business throughout our endeavours. This, coupled with our high levels of organisational skills, attracts a variety of customers.

How can our hire equipment in Dorset help your local business

YOUR decision can seriously affect your budget and timescale.

An upcoming project might necessitate that your business utilises specific warehouse equipment. So, whether you need to cover seasonal demands or provide a spare tool for that extra worker, we offer functional equipment hire in Dorset. Choosing the right hire company for your overall business objectives is an important task with numerous factors at play. Your decision can seriously affect the budget and timescale of your project.

Yet, if your business is growing at a rapid rate, hiring can provide some much-needed backup.

Locators can provide warehouse equipment that supports you in getting your business up and running for less. We offer long term rental or short term hire options – so you can rent equipment for a couple of days to a couple of years. Our hire equipment in Dorset removes the need to source equipment yourself. So why not save yourself from having to maintain your equipment with Locators?

Sound Familiar?

Is your current fleet capacity struggling to keep up with the demands of unexpected peaks in your handling requirements?

If it’s currently stretched thin, how do you think your business will fare against seasonal demands or unexpected breakdowns?

Here at Locators, we’re here to help. Our team offer long and short-term packages for a range of hire equipment in Dorset.

What can our hire equipment in Dorset do for you?

Save money, diminish seasonal demands and cover your corner.

In need of specialist equipment to complete a job but are failing to justify the expense? If so, we can help. Here at Locators, we offer safe, quick and easy hire equipment in Dorset. Hiring can be a HUGE benefit to you and your business, and there are MANY advantages to hiring over buying. In most cases, you will save money while hiring, but also . . .

  1. Hiring is GREAT for short-term equipment needs where you don’t need to buy a whole new machine for just one job.
  2. If your business experiences seasonal demands and necessitates another machine to deal with demands, hiring can help ease work.
  3. Hiring can cover equipment in need of repairs. In the meantime, our rentals will pick up the slack until yours is ready to roll.

Yet, this is hiring in GENERAL. What makes our hire fleet so fantastic? For starters, it’s not just young, it’s in great cosmetic condition. We have safe and reliable hire equipment in Dorset with rates that remain exceedingly competitive. In addition to this, we offer fixed-cost transport for over 2,500 machines, including forklifts and warehouse equipment. Backed by our factory-trained mobile engineers, we offer overnight parts delivery and all types of equipment. So, no matter what you need, we have it. An investment in training and parts stock means we really deliver when supporting our customers.

Aisle Masters & Equipment Hire in Dorset

Efficient | Innovative | Space-saving

We supply a wide variety of warehouse equipment to suit most applications. With an aisle master, we can increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Excellent visibility and ergonomics

Up to 50% increased storage capabilites

1.6m Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) ability

Electric, LPG or Diesel Forklifts for Hire in Dorset

Comfortable | Ergonomic | Interactive

Locators offers a full range of counterbalance forklift trucks. Various lift heights and capacities are available. Increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Excellent turning radius

Indoor & outdoor work

Multi-load handling

Telehandlers & Access Equipment for Hire Dorset

Dynamic | Maneuverable | Precision

Need a specialist machine for rough terrain, access equipment or to handle long loads? If so, we can increase your efficiency and productivity with . . .

Exceptional 360° visibility from cabin

Lifts heavy, bulky loads without moving

Perfect flexiblility with 3 steering modes

Get in touch and benefit from our hire equipment in Dorset

Locators are the South’s leading material handling and storage system company.

If you are interested in our hire equipment in Dorset, you can also be assured of our expert impartial advice and high-quality services. Our team works with some of the largest companies in our area as well as some of the smaller ones too. So, if you would like a partner with the resources and capability to help your business succeed, get in touch.

We guarantee

Access to Young Fleet

The BEST Standards of Equipment

Competitive Commercial Terms

Prompt Delivery Timescales

Responsive & Mobile Support