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Hire Forklifts In Berkshire

Reliable and Cost Effective Hire Fleet

At Locators we have a very young hire fleet and these are in great cosmetic condition. Many would think that the hire rates on machines that are young and in great condition would be expensive but with us they aren’t. We are very competitive in the hire buisness and when you hire something from us we offer a fixed cost transport to make life that bit easier for you. What you benefit from by purchasing from us is reliable, safe equipment while keeping within your budget. 

At our factory we maintain over 2,500 machines with our teams of factory trained mobile engineers. Overnight parts delivery and an investment in training and parts stock mean we really deliver when it comes to supporting our customers. We stock and supply all types of material handling and access equipment including electric vehicles. Talking about electric equipment, these can be a huge benefit to your workplace.

The first and most obvious benefit is that it is good for the environment as they produce zero emissions and with that you won’t have to have any industrial ventilation systems inside of your warehouse as no toxic gasses will be released. Another great benefit of an electric vehicle is that they are very quiet and this means that in a warehouse or factory where noise can become louder as it bounces off the walls you and your staff would benefit from quiter machines to be able to concertrate more. Electric machines are also more affordable with lower operating costs and is much easier and cheaper to maintain as they have fewer parts.

More About Hire Forklifts In Berkshire

Hiring a forklift can be great when you need an extra forklift or equipment for a short period of time. As a lot of businesses will get seasonal demands every year it is useful to get an extra forklift to help with the increase in demand to make sure you complete jobs before deadlines and then hand the equipment back once you are done with it. As a buisness it is always best to have a plan for the worst. If your fleet isn’t big enough to cover any breakdowns or downtime, hiring equipment could be a life saver. Our responsive service support team are always on hand to help. Renting can be a more optimum cost for your business and will allow you to stretch your budgets out.

If you are interested in what we have to offer you please get in contact with our team to find out more infromation.


If you come with us you will have access to these benefits


Overnight Part Delivery


Reliable Safe Equipment


Competitive Rates


Access To A Young Fleet


With It All Being Safe, Quick and Easy


Factory Trained Mobile Engineers


An Extensive Fleet



If your business requires additional materials handling or access equipment then contact us today. We guarantee:

– Competitive commercial terms
– The best standard of equipment
– Prompt delivery timescales
– A comprehensive range
– Responsive mobile engineering support