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Hiring An Electric Forklift

Reliable and Cost Effective Electric Hiring Fleet

An electric forklift can be a lot better than a normal LPG or Diesel forklift. The first benefit you can get from these is the tough performance that they provide to you. The forklift has enhanced braking technology, tighter controls and handling, making it powerful yet easy to drive and manipulate. Commercial forklifts today also have the edge over LPG forklifts, in terms of power and driveability. The electric forklift is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, has large weight lifting loads, and can handle a wide range of materials. In essence, the electric forklift can perform the same tasks as a diesel or LPG forklift. You just need to assess if your work environment to see how long you would need to hire one for.

Another benefit of the electric forklift is that it is highly affordable with much lower operating costs than diesel forklifts. They are also much cheaper and easier to maintain. This is becuase electricity costs much less than the fuel for the other forklifts and they also require less maintainance, and because they have less parts it means you will have to replace less parts over a longer period of time if you decide to own one instead of hiring.

Of course the forklift produces zero emissions, so you can’t get any more environmentally friendly than that. This is also better for the operator and the surrounding workers. As no emissions are being emitted there isn’t the need for any expansive warehouse ventilation. These forklifts also work to reduce the noise within the work area. The only noise that will be coming from the forklift will be the tyres on the ground and the alarm when the forklift is in reverse to alert other people about the whereabouts of the forklift.



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More About Hiring An Electric Forklift

These forklifts are ideal for smaller construction sites because they can be lower than 2m in height, ensuring that they can fit in low-level builds. These smaller forklifts also have a much smaller chassis, which improves manoeuvrability with their compact turning radius. Therefore, if your warehouse has narrow aisles and low ceilings, this is the ideal forklift for you.

We operate a young hire fleet that’s in great cosmic condition but our hire rates remain very competitive. We also offer fixed cost transport. You benefit from reliable, safe equipment while keeping within your budget. We have over 2,500 machines with our teams of factory-trained mobile engineers. Overnight parts delivery and an investment in training and parts stock mean we really deliver when it comes to supporting our customers.

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