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How can automated forklifts optimise your warehouse?

Whether you’re a logistics provider or production worker, automation can accelerate your work ethic. By adding a new dimension of productivity, you can simplify repetitive handling with automation. This allows staff to focus on less laborious and more delicate procedures.

Automation in different sections

Offering precise navigation, smarter handling and intelligent communication, automation is the future. No matter the scale or type of your business, its implementation will only add to its value. Read on to see how it can benefit you and your staff.

Block stacking

Stacking in blocks for compact storage

High-level storage

Storing and retrieving goods at height

Horizontal Transportation

Repetitive ground level product movements

Store more and save more with the shuttles from Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling Europe is launching new shuttle solutions to the European market. The automated Toyota Radioshuttle and Toyota Autoshuttle pallet carriers travel within specialised Toyota racking structures at high speed, safely and without damaging goods. These high-density storage systems can utilise up to 80% of any warehouse volume, increasing storage space and improving throughput.

With the Autoshuttle joining the shuttle family, the aisle-free storage offer from Toyota is expanding. The shuttle stores and retrieves palletised goods up to 1500 kg in a quick, safe and efficient way. The newly improved Toyota Radioshuttle can move up to 1800 kg and is available with the Toyota fleet management system and Lithium-ion batteries lasting more than 16 hours. Both shuttles will boost productivity and cost-efficiency, especially in expensive environments such as cold stores.

Shuttles will save time and cost as drivers will spend less time handling pallets and trucks can be used more efficiently. It is also a flexible system compatible with FIFO and LIFO workflow, ideal for filling unused space above a shipping bay or creating a buffer storage over a picking tunnel.


Flexible logistics with automated solutions


🟧 | Safe Pallet Handling
🟧 | Precise Navigation
🟧 | Intelligent Communication
🟧 | Smart Charging
🟧 | Return on Investment


🟧 | Efficient Replenishment
🟧 | Variety of Load Carriers
🟧 | Precise Navigation
🟧 | Smart Charging
🟧 | Return on Investment


🟧 | Safe Pallet Handling
🟧 | Clear Connectivity
🟧 | Efficient Productivity
🟧 | Quick & Easy Charging
🟧 | Cold Store Operation