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Industrial Cantilever Racking

Industrial Cantilever Racking

Locators’ Ultimate Guide to Industrial Cantilever Racking

Get more from your floor with our industrial cantilever racking, a revolution in warehouse efficiency.

The Compelling Case for Industrial Cantilever Racking

Unveil the hidden square footage in your warehouse with industrial cantilever racking.

Imagine your warehouse as a puzzle. In this complex grid, every piece must fit to create a seamless picture of efficiency and profitability. Businesses have tried to solve this puzzle for years with traditional pallet racking systems. However, the vast majority learned that some pieces don’t quite fit. This is the struggle of every enterprise dealing with longer, bulkier, or irregular materials. It’s akin to trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, resulting in inefficiency, wasted space, and an unsolved puzzle. But this is where industrial cantilever racking proves itself to be a game-changer. This isn’t merely an alternative; it’s a revolution. The challenge of finding a place for long loads like metal bars, timber, and oversized machinery is now solved. No more wrestling with wide aisle widths that are the bane of counterbalance forklift operations. Gone are the days of poor storage density and a regrettable waste of usable space.

Your warehouse deserves to be more than a repository of missed opportunities. With industrial cantilever racking, you can reclaim the hidden square footage in your facility. Like finding the missing piece to your puzzle, everything suddenly falls into place. Your warehouse is primed to turn from a labyrinth of inefficiency into a streamlined hub where each square inch works in your favour. So, why invest in industrial cantilever racking? Because it takes the rules of conventional storage, breaks them apart, and then writes a new playbook. One where you dictate the terms — whether you’re storing steel rods, yacht masts, jet engines, or timber. Industrial cantilever racking tailors itself to fit the unique geometry of your storage needs, not the other way around.

Remember, time is as valuable as space when it comes to logistics and storage. Manoeuvring large, cumbersome items through spaces designed for smaller objects drains your resources. More often than not, your workforce will spend countless hours juggling things, wasting time and energy. These are two resources that could be better used elsewhere. So opt for industrial cantilever racking and watch your capacity expand, efficiency rise and costs decrease. With this innovative storage system, you don’t just adapt to modern warehousing challenges but anticipate them. It’s time to shift the paradigm and choose a storage system that promises not just to hold your items but to elevate your entire operation. The choice is yours. Do you want to remain entangled in the limitations of outdated storage solutions? Or do you want to seize the revolutionary advantages of industrial cantilever racking? Don’t let the untapped potential of your warehouse go to waste.

Make the switch today and align every piece of your warehouse puzzle into a masterpiece of efficiency.

Unlocking Warehouse Brilliance with Industrial Cantilever Racking

Step into the future of storage, where industrial cantilever racking turns your warehouse into a haven of efficiency.

Welcome to a new paradigm in industrial storage solutions. With Locators, every square inch of your warehouse becomes a strategic asset, teeming with potential. Traditional storage methods have held businesses captive to rigid designs and limited capabilities. Yet now, we can present a way to break free from those constraints. Industrial cantilever racking is not just another addition to your storage options. It’s a revolutionary approach that dramatically alters what is possible in a warehouse setting. This system allows you to store various items, many of which have always posed a challenge for standard storage solutions.

Here’s how industrial cantilever racking offers unprecedented efficiency and optimisation in your operation . . .

Versatility at its Core

The essence of our industrial cantilever racking is its open-fronted design. It’s a stroke of genius that erases the constraints set by typical pallet racking systems. This configuration invites you to go beyond the standard shapes and sizes. It lets you store products that were once considered problematic. You name it, and industrial cantilever racking can house it — from slender metal bars to bulky machinery parts.

Customisation for Every Need

Do you need a shelving system that works for you and not against you? Our cantilever racking can be customised to meet your unique storage demands. Different decking options allow you to place almost any product securely. From heavy-duty steel deckings to wire mesh layers, there’s a custom solution waiting for you.

Streamlined Material Handling

Partner our cantilever racks with specialised material handling equipment (MHE) — like Combilift multi-directional forklifts, side loaders, or 4-way reach trucks — for the ultimate package. These integrated systems significantly cut down on loading and unloading times. In turn, it results in a noticeable boost in overall operational efficiency.

Rack Types to Fit Every Business

Are you a small business looking for manual adjustments or an industrial giant needing heavy-duty support? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our Light Duty, Heavy Duty, Mobile Cantilever, and Rack Clad options. Each type offers advantages, but we’ll ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Industrial cantilever racking isn’t just about adding more shelves or creating a few extra slots for oversized items. It’s about rethinking and redefining your storage system’s role in operational efficiency. When you opt for industrial cantilever racking, you’re making a significant investment in the future of your business. It’s an empowering step to adapting to a continually evolving industrial landscape. This kind of adaptive capability is not just a nice-to-have feature. It’s an essential component of any modern warehouse that aims to stay competitive. The benefits extend beyond merely holding your items. They spill into every facet of your operation — from loading and unloading efficiencies to floor space utilisation. So, the pivotal question isn’t whether or not you should adopt industrial cantilever racking. Instead, it’s about how quickly you can implement this game-changing system.

So, how will you elevate your operation to new heights of success and efficiency?

Industrial Cantilever Racking Unpacked

Discover the architectural marvel of industrial cantilever racking — where every beam and bracket serves your storage dreams.

If you’ve been searching for an exceptional storage system that fulfils all your industrial needs, your journey ends here. We’ve outlined the compelling reasons for switching to this game-changing system. Plus, we’ve given you an in-depth look at how it transforms your warehouse operations. But now, let’s give the deserving spotlight to the product itself — industrial cantilever racking. This is where we break down the various elements that give this system its top-tier reputation. You’ll soon discover that this industrial cantilever racking is not just a product.

Here’s how it’s a comprehensive solution that’s ready to resolve your storage challenges thanks to everything from its . . .

| Meticulous engineering
| High-grade materials
| And integrated safety features

So, fasten your seatbelts as we venture into the details that make industrial cantilever racking a true standout . . .

Design & Structure

When discussing the anatomy of industrial cantilever racking, we delve into a masterclass in engineering. Its vertical columns are at the heart of the system and are engineered to withstand considerable weight and stress. Attached to these columns are the horizontal base arms. These provide the foundational support for the entire structure. And then, of course, are the cantilever arms, which jut out to offer a range of storage levels. What’s more, these arms are adjustable, allowing you to tailor your storage space according to the dimensions of your goods. This is the cornerstone of its versatility. Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all approach limited your storage capacity. Here, you tailor the system to fit your unique requirements.

Material & Durability

One cannot emphasise the role of materials in the effectiveness of a cantilever racking system enough. Our racks are constructed from high-grade steel. This ensures they stand the test of time. Depending on your unique needs, you can opt for specialised finishes. For example, galvanised steel offers excellent resistance against rust. Plus, it’s ideal for outdoor storage. On the other hand, a powder-coated finish can add an extra layer of durability for indoor use. So, whether you’re storing items indoors or need a rugged solution for outdoor storage, know this. Our materials will ensure that your racking system remains robust and functional year after year.

Safety Features

Safety is never an afterthought; it’s integrated into the DNA of our industrial cantilever racking systems. Every rack has safety locking pins that ensure the arms are securely attached. This minimises the risk of accidental detachment. We also incorporate guard rails at strategic points to prevent items from falling. In addition to this, we include deck supports to distribute the load evenly. We’ve thought through every scenario to ensure that storing your valuable goods is as safe as houses. So you can allow your workforce to operate with peace of mind.

The Locators Difference

What distinguishes Locators from other providers is our holistic approach to storage solutions. For us, it’s not just about selling you a rack. It’s about offering a fully integrated system that revolutionises your warehouse operations. At Locators, you can access specialised MHE — like Combilift multi-directional forklifts, side loaders, and 4-way reach trucks. These aren’t just add-ons. They’re integral components that can make your cantilever racking system work more efficiently. Imagine a storage system and MHE working together perfectly; that’s what you get when you choose Locators. It’s a complete package that delivers on the promise of maximum storage efficiency.

At this point, it’s clear that industrial cantilever racking is not just a set of shelves to store your goods. It’s a robust, versatile, and secure system that plays a pivotal role in your warehouse’s functions. By choosing industrial cantilever racking, you’re making a long-term investment. Such an investment will bolster your operational efficiency for years to come. But beyond that, you gain a partner when you opt for Locators. You gain an expert committed to tailoring solutions that perfectly align with your needs. It’s not just about what you’re buying; it’s about who you’re partnering with, and that makes all the difference. So, as you stand at the crossroads of making a critical operational decision, remember. Choosing industrial cantilever racking isn’t just an option — it’s imperative for future-proofing your warehouse operations.

Take the leap today and redefine what’s possible for your storage capabilities.

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