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Kärcher is dedicated to providing various innovative cleaning solutions tailored to multiple industries. Their extensive range of products is designed to meet the unique demands of different sectors. This includes agriculture, automotive, construction, healthcare, and more. This commitment to specialised solutions helps businesses enhance their cleaning operations. Better yet, it does so while minimising its environmental impact.

In addition to providing Kärcher equipment, we can support your business with many services. These include technical training, on-site optimisation, and flexible leasing options. These services don’t just ensure that companies can get the most from their cleaning systems. They do so while helping you stay operating with little downtime.

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Kärcher understands each sector and emphasises efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. They use that understanding to tackle their cleaning challenges. They provide systems that achieve superior cleanliness. These systems also respect both economic and ecological limits. They focus on creating sustainable and adaptable solutions. This shows their role as a leader in the cleaning industry.


Efficient | Reliable | Hygienic

Kärcher floor scrubbers and scrubber dryers offer exceptional cleaning performance. Hygienic, they work on various floor types and are engineered to be easy to operate and maintain. Ideal for large and small spaces, they ensure deep cleaning with minimal effort.

  • Polishing Machine
  • Stair Cleaning
  • And More


Powerful | Durable | Versatile

Kärcher floor sweepers and vacuum sweepers can handle anything from fine dust to large debris. These machines can help ensure thorough cleanliness across all places and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has strong construction and advanced technology for top efficiency.

  • Scrubber Drier
  • Vacuum Sweeper
  • And More


Robust | Eco-friendly | Extensive

Kärcher’s municipal equipment is built to tackle the rigorous demands of public cleaning tasks. These machines offer solutions that ensure sustainable operations. They work with street cleaning to park maintenance and combine strong cleaning with green thinking.

  • City Sweeper
  • Implement Carriers
  • And More

Information sourced from Kärcher