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Founded in 1935, Kärcher has revolutionised the cleaning industry with its dedication to innovation and quality. Founded by Alfred Kärcher in Germany, the company has become a leader in cleaning technology. They consistently introduce ground-breaking products that set industry standards. This includes their invention of the high-pressure cleaner in 1950 — which has defined their approach to powerful and efficient cleaning solutions.

Throughout its history, Kärcher has focused on sustainable development. They use eco-friendly practices and materials in their vast array of cleaning solutions. These include everything from industrial equipment to household products. Yet, all are designed with efficiency, durability and environmental consciousness in mind. Their innovative products are in over 60 countries and serve diverse markets with unique cleaning needs.

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Today, Kärcher continues to be at the forefront of technology. It dedicates significant resources to research and development, which is evident in its product lineup. 90% of the machines they’ve sold are models developed within the last five years. As a pioneer in the field, Kärcher improves cleaning standards globally and enhances user experience. This demonstrates its mission to make a difference in cleaning practices worldwide.

Kärcher Sustainability

Locators and Kärcher do their best to emphasise sustainability across their product lines. Kärcher’s products use eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies. For more details on their environmental initiatives, please click the link below.

  • Enhanced cleaning efficiency
  • Sustainability Through Innovation

Kärcher Industrial Products

Locators offer a wide range of Kärcher industrial cleaning equipment. Known for its robust and efficient performance, we have a selection of high-pressure cleaners, sweepers, and more. For more information on our products, please click the link below.

  • Floor Scrubbers & Scrubber Dryers
  • Floor Sweepers & Vacuum Sweepers
  • Municipal Equipment

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