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Material Handling Equipment

Independent expertise and advice from Locators

Within all industrial and commercial settings, safe material handling equipment is a must. In fact, Health and Safety regulations dictate it is to be used in lieu of manual lifting. This is especially the case for heavy goods but also for lighter materials too. Due to this, such equipment is in particularly high demand.

For the past three decades, Locators have equipped all manner of UK businesses. In fact, Locators are the South of England’s leading independent materials handling company. Our range offers safe methods of transportation and storage. They are perfect for use in factories, warehouses, workshops and other industrial workspaces.  Locators provide walk-behind, ride-on and stand-on equipment for all your handling needs.

With comfortable working conditions for the operator, our goods guarantee results. Materials handling equipment improves efficiency and boosts productivity within the workplace. We believe all businesses should seriously consider investing in such equipment. If you’re unsure about how your facility could benefit, please arrange a consultation. We’d be happy to talk you through our range and their uses. However, alongside supplying goods, we also provide additional services too. These span service support for material handling equipment to storage solutions and more.

Our Product Range

Industrial Forklifts

An indispensable piece of material handling equipment used in manufacturing and warehouse settings. These industrial trucks are used to lift and move materials over short distances.

Warehouse Equipment

Increase your warehouse’s productivity and efficiency with these powered trucks. Capable of assisting with the movement of goods and materials throughout your warehouse.

Telehandlers & Rough Terrain

Widely used within agriculture and industry settings, telehandlers are a hybrid of a forklift and crane. With alternate attachments and an extended reach, telehandlers have increased versatility.

Cleaning Machines

Maintaining the cleanliness of your warehouse has never been easier. Our walk-behind and ride-on scrubber driers and sweepers are easy to operate and manage.

Racking & Mezzanines

Racking is the most widely utilised material handling utility. It’s most often used for the storage of palletised materials. A mezzanine is a transitional floor in a building open to the floor below.

Access Equipment

Warehouses and construction sites tend to use these types of material handling equipment. Its purpose is to lift workers with ease so that they can safely operate at elevated heights.


About us

Founded in 1985 by Brian Cowles, Locators secured a distribution deal with Toyota. Soon after, we claimed our first major deal with Bacardi Martini in Southampton. Since then, our supplier and service company has bloomed in partnership with Toyota. In fact, we became one of the first-ever suppliers of articulated forklifts. At first, we supplied customers solely from our purpose-built facility in Dorset. However, due to our growth, we widened our reach with Toyota and in 1996, established a branch in Reading. This gave us greater coverage of the M4 corridor and West London. Which meant we could provide our material handling equipment further afield.

Quality material handling equipment

The big? The small? We provide it all.

Locators have over 35 years’ experience as regional Toyota Materials Handling Equipment dealers. In fact, we’re the South’s leading supplier of forklifts! Members of the agricultural, industrial and manufacturing sectors have thrived from our services. So much so, that many have relied on us in future to further their business needs.

Although we supply goods in a professional and timely manner, we prioritise the selection process. This way, you receive the equipment that’s best for you and your business. If you’re concerned about picking improper equipment for your sector, don’t worry. We’re experts in our field, plus we have hundreds of case studies we can refer you to for absolute certainty. We don’t just supply warehouse equipment, we also offer maintenance check-ups too.

Need independent advice with your current warehouse set-up? Want to improve your staff’s efficiency with your current fleet? Locators have helped hundreds maximise their warehouse productivity and minimise their fuel costs. Service focused, we’re experts at supporting and maintaining your warehouse equipment. We may have the resources of a national company but we’ve retained our one2one approach. We have a team of 18 field service engineers and a comprehensive stock of spare parts for all machines. So there’s no need to wait!


How we work

Get in touch.

Email sales@locators.co.uk or call 01202 854200

Preliminary meeting.

We’ll arrange a convenient time for a consultation and assessment.

How we can help your business.

Once we inspect your facilities, we’ll recommend quality material handling equipment.

How much will it cost?

We’ll breakdown the cost of our proposal and clarify the benefits they’ll bring to your business.

Sticking with you.

After the completion of your project we provide a SEMA qualified rack inspection service.


Need a lift?

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Remember, Locators offer much more than high-quality material handling equipment. Outside of the obvious product and storage solutions pages, you can find anything your warehouse may need within our easy-to-navigate online catalogue.

Other useful contacts

Short term hire and transport

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Driver training

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CFTS Inspections

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‘Safepower’ battery care and support

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Industrial Cleaning equipment

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