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Featuring over 10,000 innovative products, Locators is ready to supply virtually anything to a wide range of businesses across the UK. The following page takes a look into some of the latest and greatest deals. Want to see what else is on offer? Click the button below to visit our online industrial catalogue.


Locators can help you reach new heights

Make no mistake, sometimes height does matter. Fortunately for you, accessing the top shelf is no tall order for Locators. We offer a wide selection of steps and ladders that ensures nothing will be out of your reach ever again. Choose from a variety of heights, configurations, sections and materials – including steel, aluminium and plastic. Browse everything from handy kick steps for that extra boost right through to telescopic ladders. Our products feature a range of tread options too; such as anti-slip, which is an essential component in ensuring your team operates safely. We also supply and maintain powered access equipment. Regardless of your requirements, Locators guarantee that our tools can help you get the job done safely and efficiently.

  • Safety steps
  • Kick steps
  • Certified en steps
  • Step ladders
  • Warehouse steps
  • Handy steps
  • Fort steps from stock
  • Weight reactive steps
  • Multi-purpose ladders
  • Platforms
  • Glass fibre steps
  • Telescopic ladders
  • Podiums & lift cages
  • Vehicle loading
  • MEWP

Locators’ Pick

Telescopic Ladder

Manufactured in lightweight, yet strong aluminium, the ladder expands and contracts with a single click. Its one-time release mechanism has a controlled retraction that helps prevent trapped fingers. Easily transportable, the red tread on the uppermost rungs signifies the top tread to use – allowing for increased user safety. In addition to this, it features a strong stabiliser bar with rubber moulded feet for long-lasting durability.

  • Extended Height mm: 3910
  • Closed Height mm: 930
  • Max Load: 150kg
  • Weight: 14g

*Certified to EN 131


Go the extra mile with Locators

It’s well-known that prolonged heavy lifting and manual handling can lead to injury. To minimise risks and increase productivity, dependable trucks and trolleys are essential. They reduce stress and effort on staff and minimise time spent on storage and distribution too. No matter the weight, shape or fragility of your items, Locators have the tools to ensure your goods get transported in one piece. However, the use of wheeled transport has evolved. Now, it features enhanced durability and manoeuvrability across many different disciplines. Yet, to ensure handling is safe and efficient for your staff, the correct trolleys and trucks should be employed to move materials around. We supply and maintain a full range of materials handling equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

  • Sack Trucks
  • Trolleys
  • Turntable Trucks
  • Platform Trucks
  • Pallet Trucks & Scissor Lifts
  • Distribution & Security Trolleys
  • Folding Box Trucks
  • Dollies
  • Order Picking Trolleys
  • Container Trolleys & Bar Trucks
  • Stainless Steel, Galvanised & Wire Trolleys
  • Specialist Trucks & Trailers
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Wheels & Castors

Locators’ Pick

Heavy Duty Distribution Trucks

Available with or without lockable doors, heavy duty distribution trucks are great for the transportation of delicate essentials. All units feature x2 fixed and x2 swivel braked castors.

  • Size #1 L x W x H mm: 1,000 x 650 x 1,490
  • Size #2 L x W x H mm: 1,270 x 750 x 1,790
  • Load Capacity: 500kg evenly distributed
  • Load Capacity per shelf: 30kg
  • Base/Shelf Size mm: 860 x 620
  • No of Shelves: 1-4

*Some assembly required


    Locators help make the most of your space

    When it comes to warehouses, space is a premium and every inch racks up. We should know, as we’re known to solve just that. Organising your surroundings not only allows for additional goods but reduces stress in the workplace. Clutter can cause chaos, and you might find employees are unable to complete tasks due to difficulties in finding relevant items. Want to unclutter your workspace and maximise your storage capacity? Then browse our goods for practical solutions. Our storage products are available in a flexible range of sizes and styles to accommodate any space. From plastic boxes to racking and shelving, we have everything your warehouse will ever need to organise and protect your goods.

    • Lockers
    • Cupboards & Cabinets
    • Hazardous Storage
    • Security Cages
    • Small Parts Storage
    • Containers
    • Bar & Vertical Storage Racks
    • Cantilever Racking
    • Sheet Racks
    • Drum & IBC Storage
    • Shelters & Stores
    • Cylinder Storage
    • Racking & Shelving
    • Pallets

    Locators’ Pick

    Storage Container Cupboards

    Featuring “No Snag” handles with 2-point locking, this weld and rivet construction is robust and durable. Louvre panels on the doors and carcass enable you to conveniently store coloured containers nearby. This aids compartmentalisation, allowing storage container cupboards a multitude of storage options.

    • 75kg UDL capacity galvanised shelves
    • Overall size: 1800H x 900W x 460D mm
    • Container sizes L x W x H mm
      o Size 2 – 165 x 100 x 75
      o Size 3 – 240 x 150 x 132
      o Size 4 – 350 x 205 x 132
      o Size 5 – 350 x 205 x 182
      o Size 6 – 375 x 420 x 182


    Help your business grow with Locators

    If your business has experienced rapid growth, you might consider expansion or relocation. However, did you know that you could save yourself thousands by optimising your current space instead? At Locators, we understand how storage systems integrate with materials handling equipment. Our expertise allows us to refine our customer’s overall operations and help them hone their business. We source the very best in versatile commercial shelving to economise the space you already have. In addition to this, our modular heavy-duty frameworks are designed to suit your warehouse, factory, van or yard. Our goods are suitable for premises that need adjustable, high-quality racking at practical prices.

    • Racking Systems
    • Shelving System
    • Bar & Vertical Storage Racks
    • Cantilever Racking
    • Sheet Racking
    • Mobile Shelving
    • Rack Protection

    Locators’ Pick

    Drive-In Racking

    Often used in cold store environments, drive-in racking is the perfect solution for high-density storage of large quantities. These utilise wide floor space and operate on a first in, last out principle. Racking can be used in conjunction with a reach truck and/or counterbalanced forklift.

    *Note that this racking doesn’t possess full access to all pallets


    Locators assist with health and safety

    Warehouses can pose a number of risks to health and safety. An accident in the workplace could not only cost you your business its reputation . . . it could also cost someone their life. Therefore, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Clear visual warnings reduce the risk of accidents occurring on site. Most accidents can be pre-empted and avoided altogether. To comply with health and safety regulations, you must invest in warehouse signage. You should isolate and identify any potential risks to effectively manage site safety. Once you put policies in place to address hazards, you can reassess and optimise them later on. This ensures that your employees have peace of mind navigating your warehouse.

    • Safety, First Aid & Workwear
    • Safes & Security
    • Signs & Identification
    • Waste Management
    • Safety Matting
    • Barriers & Traffic Control
    • Hazardous Storage
    • Lockers
    • Shelters & Stores
    • Furniture
    • Cloakroom Equipment
    • Winter Management
    • Cleaning & Hygiene
    • Premises Equipment

    Locators’ Pick

    Heavy Duty Barrier System

    Simple and easy to install, these barriers can stand between your forklift operators and a perilous racking collapse. Double ridged for extra strength and rigidity, rolled edges help eliminate sharp edges for passing staff members. Posts are suitable for use as both in-line and corner posts. These are available in either a yellow stove enamel finish – so staff will have a hard time missing it – or a galvanised finished for outdoor use.

    • Post Mounting Plate Size: 220 x 220mm
    • Post Size: 100 x 100mm
    • Post Height: 510mm


    Keep your business rolling with Locators

    Handling equipment is an effective solution for transporting drums, kegs, and cylinders in a way that adheres to health and safety. Ideally suited for care and cleanroom environments that tend to contain substances that can be hazardous to health. Such as bulk liquids and granulated substances like chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients. Therefore, you must keep their containers out of harm’s way in a purpose-designed unit. This will help reduce the chance of spillages and the risk of injury. These materials are crucial components to some industries and should be moved in a safe and organised manner. Locators’ wide range of lifting equipment is great for manoeuvring large, heavy drums and cylinders from one area to another.

    • Pallet Trucks
    • Stackers & Lifters
    • Scissor Lift Tables
    • Drum Storage
    • Drum Lifting
    • Drum Transporting
    • Cylinder Cages & Stands
    • Cylinder Handling
    • Spill Control
    • Drip & Spill Trays
    • Hazardous Storage
    • IBC
    • Hoists, Ratchets & Clamp
    • Drum Accessories

    Locators’ Pick

    Cylinder Pallet Cage

    Available in x3 unique sizes, these cages transport cylinders via pallet truck, with a width across forks of 680mm. This fully welded construction has supported sides and central sections for cylinder retention. Complete with a retaining chain strap, the cages feature a non-slip steel floor to aid the safe loading and unloading of cylinders.

    • Size L x W x H mm: 555 x 480 x 1,010
    • Number of Cylinders Held: 2
    • Max Diameter: 275mm
    • Weight kg: 20


    • Size L x W x H mm: 1,100 x 480 x 1,010
    • Number of Cylinders Held: 4
    • Max Diameter: 275mm
    • Weight kg: 40
    • Size L x W x H mm: 1,200 x 1,050 x 995
    • Number of Cylinders Held: 9 x 286mm/12 x 229mm/20 x 178mm
    • Weight kg: 120

     *The latter cage is suitable for transportation by forklift only


    Locators offer a better way to work

    A growing trend amongst businesses is to work from home. However, not everyone appreciates the transition to online working and so for them, the office will remain their reality. When it comes to engaging such staff, businesses should reconsider building just another room with four walls. Instead, focus on crafting an environment designed with your worker’s productivity in mind. Every nook and cranny is an opportunity to enable a better working environment for everyone. Yet to repopulate your workplace with staff eager to work and socialise, they need to be comfortable, and the workspace needs to be organised. Fortunately, our simple and seamless products allow businesses to shape their work environment as they see fit.

    • Office Storage
    • Office Furniture
    • Office Chairs
    • Office Steps
    • Office Trolley
    • Waste Management
    • Mailroom Trolleys
    • Package Equipment
    • Mailroom Sorting Systems & Benches
    • Display Systems
    • Barriers
    • Weigh Scales
    • Computer Tables & Monitor Stands
    • Retail Equipment

    Locators’ Pick

    Mailroom Sorting Systems

    Practical, yet stylish, mailroom sorting systems are ideal for sorting incoming or outgoing post. Comprising of a mail cupboard – with or without doors – a tabletop sorting unit features 30 compartments and a pull out sorting unit. These floor-mounted systems feature adjustable shelving at 32mm intervals. Each has a slanted edge with an aluminium profile, which makes labelling easier.

    • Size W x D x H mm: 315 x 400 x 1,800
    • No of Compartments: 18
    • Colour Beech/Birch/White


    • Size W x D x H mm: 915 x 400 x 1880
    • No of Compartments: 54
    • Colour Beech/Birch/White

    * Supplied with a pack of 20 labels


    A successful warehouse hinges on one core principle – the optimisation of your environment. If your workplace isn’t laid out in a proficient manner then it will hinder your staff’s engagement. So how can you alleviate the strain of day-to-day tasks, embolden their productivity and your business’s longevity? Start small. After all, workshops are whatever you need them to be. Whilst they tend to lend themselves to storage and a place for DIY projects, workbenches are a must. Typically speaking, any project is made easier by having a clean, flat surface to work on. Consider it a blank canvas for your employees. If this sits at the right height and supports all necessary tools and supplies, your staff are more likely to use it whenever they get the chance.

    • Drawer Cabinets
    • Workshop & Tool Trolleys
    • Workbenches & Workstations
    • Workshop Storage
    • Waste Management
    • Drip & Spill Trays
    • Spill Response
    • Flood Protection
    • Cleaning & Hygiene
    • Safety, First Aid & Workwear
    • Weigh Scales
    • Winter Management
    • Hazardous Storage

    Locators’ Pick

    Euroslide Super bench with Worktop

    Featuring a fully welded framework for extra strength, this workbench has a tough light grey powder-coated finish. Adapt your modular workbench with our high-quality range of drawer divider kits, extra shelving and more. 

    • Available in 6 sizes
    • Load Capacity: 1,200kg
    • Size H x W x D mm (Standard): 840 x 1,200 x 750

    Various Worktop Surfaces: Beech/Laminate/Linoleum

    To find out how we can help your business, email sales@locators.co.uk today, or call 01202 854 200 to arrange a discussion with a member of our expert team.

    What our clients say

    We are very pleased with the change from an engine to an electric fleet. The trucks have been well received by our operators as they are comfortable and quiet to drive and give excellent protection from the elements. We even have the option and flexibility to use spare batteries and a simple battery change system if we ever want to work back to back shifts in the future. Locators also design, supply and install all types of racking and storage systems. They reconfigured the CooperVision warehouse for narrow aisle operation which increases the storage density and pallet locations. Locators supplied Aisle-Master articulated forklifts to work in this area.

    Coopervision, Hamble

    We have worked with Locators for nearly 20 years. We are confident they can always make the best use of the space we have available and provide us with forklifts that are well suited for the long loads and other stock we have to move.

    Colin Macgregor
    Director, Y Goldberg

    Every time we look at an application, Locators approach it like a blank canvas and always recommend the best equipment for our business. Locators have proved themselves as a very reliable and proactive service provider by keeping our trucks working and our fleet costs as low as possible.

    Adam Conrad
    Group Transport Manager for Covers

    Being able to work with one supplier for storage and materials handling has been a benefit to us. Locators managed the complete installation and ensured the correct materials handling equipment was specified for their design. They also service and maintain all of the equipment they have supplied and offer a rack inspection service to make sure our warehouse remains a safe working environment. We are very happy with our new facility and we believe we have made the best use of the available space.

    Marc Congdon
    Engineering Manager, Costa

    We purchased our first Toyota forklift from Locators 14 years ago for our farm. This truck has been very reliable and is still in service so we had no hesitation in deciding to purchase another Toyota machine. Locators recommended an electric forklift for our machinery depot as it is very quiet, has low running costs and does not create any pollution, making it ideal for working both inside and outside. Our operators are very pleased with our new Toyota truck and our business is very happy to be operating a forklift that has such a low impact on the environment.

    Ed Smales
    Director, NFFM

    Locators installed the new racking system within a tight timeframe while our business was fully operational. They have provided us with a facility that has a similar storage capacity and reduced the size of our forklift fleet allowing us to lease one building instead of two. We are very happy with the outcome.

    Paul Bickell
    Nippon Express

    Locators gave us the benefit of working with just one supplier for all of the storage and materials handling requirements of this project. By mixing 3 and 4 wheel trucks from the same model range, we have gained extra pallet locations and have the option to battery change between them and work multi-shift in the future. I was initially sceptical that electric trucks could replace LPG, but I am very pleased with the successful outcome of this project.

    Mark Davis
    Logistics Supervisor for Hall & Woodhouse brewery

    It is a great benefit to us that we have a single source supplier who understands the needs of our business. This saves us time, improves efficiency and ultimately reduces cost.

    Richard Horrocks
    Smurfitt Kappa