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Manitou Attachments

For fields as diverse as construction, mining, environment and waste management.

Keen to boost the versatility of its machines, Manitou turned to its years of technical knowledge. Wanting to elevate the operator experience and refine their fleet, they did so with a simple yet effective change. Now, Manitou attachments have altered how industries approach their roles forever.

Manitou attachments essentially act as operable Swiss Army knives. Operators not only benefit from saved time – they benefit from siding with a dual manufacturer of machines AND accessories. As such, each Manitou attachment is compatible with the entire Manitou range.

Better still, Manitou’s Easy Connect System (ECS) means that Manitou attachments are easy on the operator. ECS decompresses the hydraulic attachment line without the need to even switch off the engine. Now, operators can effortlessly switch out their attachments and power on with any tasks at hand.

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