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Manitou Reduce Programme

Manitou Reduce Programme

The Manitou Reduce Programme is your essential guide to smart, safe, and sustainable operations.

The Essence of the Manitou Reduce Programme

Elevate productivity, minimise costs and stay safe with the Manitou Reduce programme.


The Manitou Reduce programme is a one-of-a-kind initiative by the Manitou Group aimed at striking the perfect balance between safety and sustainability. With a focus on corporate social responsibility, Manitou offers a new future where enhanced productivity pairs with elevated safety and reduced environmental impact. For Manitou, this isn’t merely a programme but a philosophy. So, why should you care? The answer is simple. Material handling equipment (MHE) and storage systems are no longer just about moving goods from point A to B. They have become complex ecosystems where safety lapses can have dire consequences. Did you know that proper safety measures could have prevented a staggering 70% of MHE accidents? The Manitou Reduce programme positions safety at the forefront. It offers bespoke solutions designed to prevent such mishaps before they occur.


But that’s not all. The Manitou Group has an unyielding commitment to the planet. With climate change breathing down our necks, the time to act is now. The Manitou Reduce programme doesn’t just give you efficient machines; it assures that they are eco-friendly too. In a world of dwindling resources, reducing fuel consumption is not just an option but a necessity. Manitou equips you with the tools to do just that. Efficiency is another cornerstone of the Manitou Reduce programme. Whether you are a startup with a handful of staff or a multinational conglomerate, rising operational costs concern all. The programme’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculators can pinpoint how to cut those costs without cutting corners. Imagine having the capability to identify the machine best suited for your needs in just a few clicks. That’s not just smart business; that’s visionary.


But what sets the Manitou Reduce programme apart is its foresight. It’s not just about what can be done today but about paving the way for a sustainable, safe, and efficient tomorrow. The programme equips you with the know-how, the tools, and most importantly, the confidence to face future challenges head-on. This isn’t just a product offering but a partnership for a better tomorrow. In short, The Manitou Reduce programme is more than a suite of features or a collection of machines. It’s a game-changing philosophy that aims to revolutionise industry standards. By choosing Manitou, you’re not just making a purchase — you’re making a statement. A statement that echoes a commitment to safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Welcome to the future of material handling and storage systems.

Reduce Your TCO

Get to know the actual cost of your machines.

Manitou’s Reduce Total Cost of Ownership programme makes it easy to see every cost, from day one to resale. Make a smarter investment today and save money in the long run.


Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

Cut fuel costs and boost eco-efficiency.

Manitou’s Reduce Fuel programme tells you how much fuel you’ll use so you can make smart choices. Trust its data to make a real difference in your costs and carbon footprint.


Reduce Your Operational Risks

Boost safety and cut risks.

Manitou’s Reduce Risks programme can help you pick the best machines and teach your team how to use them safely. Trust Manitou to make your workplace both safe and productive.



Master Cost Efficiency with the Manitou Reduce Programme

Navigate the complex terrain of your machine’s Total Cost of Ownership with Manitou.

This section of our in-depth guide is focused solely on the Manitou Reduce Programme’s approach to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Navigating the costs associated with heavy machinery can be a complicated task. The Manitou Reduce Programme simplifies this process by offering transparent, actionable insights. This section will explore how you can understand and substantially lower your TCO.

Informed decisions are the cornerstone of successful operations, and that’s what this guide aims to facilitate . . .

What Encompasses TCO?

TCO isn't just about the upfront price tag of your machinery. It's a cocktail of fixed and variable costs, including depreciation, fuel, maintenance, etc. This comprehensive gauge offers a clearer picture of your investment's long-term impact. The breakdown is simple — depreciation at 35%, fuel at 30%, maintenance at 20%, and the rest adds up to 15%. With Manitou, there are no surprises — just straightforward accounting.

Before & After Purchase

Before you take the plunge, Manitou's Reduce programme has you covered. Get the scoop on fuel consumption and opt for a maintenance contract. After your purchase, keep your machinery shipshape with regular service from qualified technicians. Trust genuine parts and always keep your team trained. Each choice you make before and after your purchase directly affects your TCO. Make them count.

Innovate & Save

From the proportional management of engine speed to regulated ventilation systems, Manitou is there to help. It's machine innovations are designed to take a load off your TCO. By implementing features like Stop & Go and Eco mode, you can see reductions in fuel consumption by up to 30%. It's not magic; it's just smart engineering.

Service with Benefits

Manitou's services offer more than just maintenance; they add value to your machine. With options like Easy MANAGER and guaranteed genuine parts, your machine’s resale value will get a considerable boost. Also, Locator's first and second-hand market can give you a promising exit strategy, lowering your TCO.

The Manitou Reduce Programme offers effective management of Total Cost of Ownership. Every business must know its costs to control them effectively. Manitou’s innovative solutions and services provide clear, reliable strategies. So your investments can work for you.

With this extensive understanding, you are now equipped to take firm control of your . . .

| Asset management
| Optimising costs
| And enhancing value

The Manitou Reduce Programme offers a roadmap to cost efficiency. It will guide you through each aspect of ownership and operation,

Ultimately, utilising the Manitou Reduce Progrogramme leads to an optimised, more profitable business.


Master Fuel Management with The Manitou Reduce Programme

Elevate efficiency and sustainability in one calculated stroke with Manitou today.

Fuel management has become one of the critical factors that countless businesses across industries can no longer afford to ignore. It’s not just about cutting costs; it’s about smarter, more responsible usage of resources. This is where the Manitou Reduce Programme comes in — specifically, the Reduce Fuel initiative. Using this programme, businesses can significantly lower the fuel consumption of their heavy machinery. This can lead to both economic and environmental benefits. As your trusted MHE partner, Locators is proud to present this innovative approach to fuel management. This section explores the sophisticated methods and technologies behind Manitou’s Reduce Fuel initiative.

Gain a thorough understanding of how it can reshape the way you manage your fleet’s fuel usage . . .

Measurement & Protocols

With over seven years of expertise in fuel consumption testing, Manitou has perfected its protocols. These specific protocols measure fuel consumption under real-world conditions. Telehandlers and platforms are tested in various modes, such as handling, loading, idling, and road travel. In doing so, they provide countless businesses with comprehensive data about fuel consumption.

Validated for Reliability

The programme's procedures have received external validation by UTAC. UTAC is a leading group in the field of development and validation testing. They focus on automotive homologation and new technologies related to the autonomous industries. UTAC's involvement adds an extra layer of trust and reliability. In doing so, it sets a standardised benchmark for fuel consumption across the sector.

Information is Power

Manitou provides robust educational tools, including machine labels and calculators. In doing so, they can keep you well-informed about your machinery's fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Comparison labels are also available. These offer an insight into how Manitou stands against previous generations and competitors.

Fuel Economy Guide

Many helpful tips are available on the Manitou Reduce Programme's website to reduce your machinery's fuel consumption — from tyre inflation to choosing the original manufacturer's parts and undergoing eco-driving courses. Practical guidelines like these might sound simple, but the little things often prove highly effective.

Innovation at the Core

Manitou has introduced cutting-edge technologies like Stop & Go, Eco-mode, and Bi-Energy System. The team at Locators understands that eco-design has been a significant issue for Manitou. Yet, such adaptions contribute to fuel efficiency and add to the sustainability of your operations. Take it from us — Manitou is committed to innovating for a more sustainable and economically beneficial future for you.

To deliver measurable fuel consumption reductions, the Manitou Reduce Programme’s Reduce Fuel initiative provides a comprehensive solution that combines . . .

| Rigorous testing
| Industry validation
| And advanced technology

This programme stands out because it provides tangible, verified outcomes rather than mere promises. Consequently, businesses can expect to not just see a dip in their fuel expenses. They can also see an improvement in overall operational efficiency and a step forward in their sustainability goals. Locators are fully committed to aiding your business in adopting these pioneering solutions. By choosing the Manitou Reduce Programme, you are making a strategic decision. One that benefits your bottom line and contributes to environmental conservation. This isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a transformation in how your business approaches fuel management.

Ensure you’re prepared for the future with Manitou and Locators today.


Master Safety with the Manitou Reduce Programme

Manitou provides a comprehensive guide to reduce risks.

Safety is an imperative that no organisation can afford to overlook. This is particularly the case regarding the operation of heavy machinery and equipment. In this context, the Manitou Reduce Programme introduced the Reduce Risks initiative. Its comprehensive features and guidelines are engineered to establish unparalleled safety standards. It ensures your personnel’s well-being and property protection are maintained and actively enhanced. Locators is pleased to be your partner in this endeavour and offer a detailed look at the multiple facets of Reduce Risks. This initiative is not simply a set of safety features but a layered, integrated approach. It addresses concerns ranging from the comfort of operators to safeguarding assets. But what can you achieve by incorporating the Manitou Reduce Programme’s Reduce Risks initiative?

Take a proactive step to elevate the safety protocols of your business to exceed industry standards . . .

Safety of Personnel & Their Environments

The Reduce Risks initiative ensures one thing with features ranging from a Presence Detector to a Gas Detector. Operators and their surroundings will be as safe as possible from operational hazards. The approach integrates ergonomics and well-being into the core functioning of machinery. In doing so, it leaves no room for compromise.

Safety of Property

The Reduce Risks initiative offers multiple technologies to protect property. These include Manitou's patented stabilisers or the Mast Camera. The focus is to facilitate operational effectiveness without compromising the assets' integrity.

Manitou Machine & Attachment Process

Listening to customers, rigorous prototyping, and third-party verification. These all form the backbone of the Manitou Reduce Risks programme. Through multiple phases, each feature is fine-tuned to deliver maximum security.

Manitou's Prevention Campaign

Alongside technical solutions, the Reduce Risks initiative also encompasses prevention campaigns. The explicit purpose of these is to train users tactically. These campaigns aim to equip operators with the necessary knowledge to avoid mishaps.

The Manitou Reduce Programme’s Reduce Risks initiative is more than a set of features; it’s an integrated safety framework. This framework provides a multi-dimensional approach to safety, addressing complex operational requirements.

Better still, the Manitou Reduce Programme does so while prioritising . . .

| The health and well-being of personnel
| The protection of property
| Innovative technologies and best practices

Plus, it can adapt to real-world challenges in heavy machinery operations with robust solutions. Locators are committed to aiding your transition towards this elevated standard of safety. With the Manitou Reduce Programme, your organisation doesn’t merely comply with regulatory requirements. It can set a new benchmark for what safety can and should be in the modern workspace. Remember, by aligning your business with this initiative, you are not only investing in safety.

Instil a culture of proactive risk management that resonates throughout your operations.