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Mezzanine Floors

Independent expertise and advice from Locators​

Feeling cramped?

Considering expansion?

Why not take your business up a level?

For over 20 years, Locators’ mezzanine floors have raised our clients to new heights. So why not follow in their footsteps? Make the most of your space. Install a new platform for your commercial or industrial venture to thrive.

Through accommodating our extensive clientele, we know that every business is different. One might need new office space, whereas another might need a greater storage capacity. That’s why our experienced team arrange a consultation with everyone who contacts us. We like to take the time to understand our clients’ needs on an individual basis. This way, we can offer a bespoke design and installation support that’s delivered on time and on budget.

What’s a mezzanine?

A mezzanine is a free-standing structure utilising steel columns, I sections and purlins. In essence, it gives staff an elevated platform to work on without fear of falling through. However, for the staff to reach such great heights, the mezzanine would need to be fitted with the following:

  • A staircase(s)
  • Pallet gates
  • A handrail

These floors can be used for many applications and will free up space underneath. All raised storage areas and mezzanines require Buildings Regulations approval. Locators are a single-source supplier. Which means we’ll take care of the application and final approval for you – leaving you with the time to concentrate on your business.

Less is floor

Alongside being a quirky addition, mezzanines are a much cheaper alternative to relocating. Better still, mezzanines are an effective way of utilising your available space. Locators offer a fully tailored service that delivers a high-quality cost-effective solution. Our bespoke design and installations service is delivered on time and on budget. It enables our clients to maximise their available height, whilst reining in costs. With mezzanine flooring you can create room for extra:

  • Offices
  • Canteens
  • Bulk storage
  • Packing areas
  • Production spaces
  • Retail areas
  • And more!

Mezzanines that can help you reach new heights

Why even consider the hustle and bustle of moving left or right when you can simply move up in the world? As great as organic growth is, it can have disparaging ramifications. Whilst your business expands, so too does its requirements for space and storage. Relocating is the obvious answer but that comes with associated costs. So why not save your business a pretty penny or two and better utilise your space? Locators can help transform your area with our unique approach to spatial planning. Such planning can also have a considerable knock-on effect on your warehouse management.

Your staff’s productivity could see a new lease of life when they’re given a better area to work in. After all, successfully utilising your space is the key to making the most of your warehouse. So, increase your storage capacity with our mezzanine floors. Reduce your floor space and picking times. Improve your employee retention and dramatically reduce costs. How? By calling on Locators for our innovative design and finessed installations. Depending on your needs, our mezzanines can be multi-tiered for those in need of more space. The only limit is the height of your ceiling!

Reach new heights with the same space

Locators’ single or multi-level mezzanines can be erected wherever there’s adequate space above. At its most basic level, our process can be broken down into two simple steps – design and installation.


  1. Using state-of-the-art CAD software, we’ll draft conceptual designs for your mezzanine floor. This way, you can see what your mezzanine will look like in your business space. This stage of raw creation is where you should lay all of your ideas on the table – namely what you’ll use the addition for.
  2. This stage must factor into account multiple elements. Chief amongst them are safety precautions resulting from your staff working at height. Building Regulations would also need to approve the designs so we can make it a reality.
  3. We would need to verify all aspects of the design – from costs to ergonomics – including relevant additions such as electrics. After all, you would need emergency lighting or fire detection systems. Not to mention any equipment you might want to use in your new space.


  1. For over 20 years, Locators have supplied and fitted storage systems. Our professional installers have plenty of experience and can completely fit the project. This would not only include the floor but any electrical installations too.
  2. Locators are the South’s leading supplier of forklifts and storage solutions. Should you need extra fixtures for your mezzanine – such as racking or shelving – then we can optimise your space. Our specialist areas of expertise could prove invaluable to you and your business.
  3. Rest assured that once the work is done, we won’t run. Locators are always open to provide continued support to all our clients. No matter whether it’s to do with your new mezzanine floor or another of our services you might want to explore.

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