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Navigating the future of forklifts with UK telematics

These data-driven UK telematics systems are the key to smarter, safer, and more efficient forklift management.

The value of telematics in the UK material handling industry

This data-driven tool is a game-changer for the material handling industry.

Telematics epitomises the seamless integration of telecommunications and informatics. This data-driven tool has progressively become indispensable in the UK material handling industry. But why is it so integral? The power of UK telematics lies in its ability to optimise efficiency, enhance safety, and streamline operations — all of which are critical in today’s competitive business landscape.

Imagine overseeing a vast fleet of forklifts. Each one features unique operational parameters, maintenance schedules, and operator behaviours. Tracking and optimising these elements would be a Herculean task without an integrated system. That’s where telematics comes in. Telematics provide real-time data on every facet of forklift operation. They equip fleet managers with the necessary information to make timely, informed decisions. Decisions that ultimately lead to improved efficiency and cost reduction.
But the significance of telematics extends beyond mere operational optimisation. Every UK business grapples with at least three challenges. These are fluctuating demands, supply chain complexities, and an increasing emphasis on sustainability. However, telematics provides the resilience and adaptability to navigate these changes. It offers unparalleled visibility into operations, enables swift responses to new events, and optimises energy consumption.
Telematics is not merely a technological tool — it’s a strategic asset central to the future of material handling in the UK.

The mechanics of UK telematics

The nuts and bolts of telematics — the data-driven tool transforming the UK’s material handling industry. 

Telematics is a transformative technology. It’s already revolutionised the way we understand and manage forklift operations. Its system thrives on data, and its mechanics include data collection, transmission and analysis. Once it’s collected, transmitted and analysed this data, the manager can use it to optimise their operation. 

The process may seem complex, but when broken down, it’s clear how this ingenious tool benefits the material handling industry . . .

1. Data Collection
The journey begins with data collection. This constant data stream is the foundation of the telematics system. Sensors installed on the forklifts gather crucial information on various parameters such as . . .

🟪 | Location
🟪 | Speed
🟪 | Fuel consumption
🟪 | Maintenance status
🟪 | And operator behaviour

2. Data Transmission
Once collected, the data must be transmitted. This is accomplished through advanced communication systems. These send the data from the forklift to a centralised system in real-time. Reliable, high-speed transmission is vital to ensure that the most current data is always available for analysis.
3. Data Storage & Analysis
The collected data is stored in a central database. It’s here that the raw data begins to take on meaningful form. Advanced analytics software sifts through the data, identifying patterns, trends, and anomalies. This analysis forms the basis of the actionable insights that telematics provides.
4. Actionable Insights
The final step in the process is the generation of actionable insights. The information is often displayed on an intuitive dashboard so managers can make quick, informed decisions. These insights enable fleet managers to . . .

🟪 | Identify inefficiencies
🟪 | Schedule preventative maintenance
🟪 | Ensure operator safety
🟪 | Predict future trends or problems

5. Real-Time Alerts
Telematics doesn’t just provide after-the-fact reports; it also offers real-time alerts. The system sends an immediate alert if a forklift has a collision or is due for maintenance. This feature allows for prompt response to potential issues, often before they can escalate into larger problems.
6. Operator Management
Telematics systems also manage operator behaviour. They can identify if a forklift is being used improperly or unsafely. It can then provide the opportunity for targeted training or intervention. This not only promotes safety but also helps extend the lifespan of the equipment.
7. Predictive Analysis
One of the most advanced features of telematics is its ability to predict future trends. Such predictions let businesses stay ahead of the curve and proactively adjust before issues arise. Using historical data and advanced algorithms, telematics systems can . . .

🟪 | Forecast future maintenance needs
🟪 | Identify potential bottlenecks in operations
🟪 | And even predict changes in demand

Telematics is a transformative tool for the material handling industry. Its mechanisms facilitate an all-encompassing solution for managing and optimising forklift operations. Data collection, transmission, and analysis yield actionable insights, empowering fleet managers to . . .

🟪 | Make data-driven decisions

🟪 | Ensure operator safety

🟪 | And streamline operations

Telematics helps UK businesses maintain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving industrial landscape.

Telematics solutions in the UK

Harness the future today and discover the best telematics solutions in the UK.

In the swiftly evolving landscape of the UK’s material handling industry, one thing is clear. Telematics systems are revolutionising the way businesses operate in the UK. These systems enhance the efficiency of operations and help ensure the safety of workers. They drive cost-effectiveness and optimise asset utilisation. Telematics are not the future of material handling. They have already become an indispensable tool in the UK. Systems feature advanced sensors, state-of-the-art communication systems, and sophisticated data analytics. Each one offers various insights into every aspect of material handling operations. These insights empower businesses to make data-driven decisions to stay ahead in a competitive market.

UK businesses have a wealth of options to tailor their telematics to their unique needs from prominent providers such as . . .

Fork Truck Control (FTC)

Industry-leading systems and support for your materials handling fleet.

FTC is a leading provider of telematics solutions in the UK. They specialise in robust fleet management, safety systems, and efficiency systems. FTC’s products offer a compelling blend of technology and control, designed to . . .

🟪 | Enhance operational efficiency
🟪 | Ensure safety compliance
🟪 | Help maximise asset performance

Fleet Management

FTC's fleet management systems provide detailed, real-time data on fleet performance. These help managers make informed decisions for improved operations.

  1. Optafleet
    FTC's advanced fleet management system provides an invaluable tool for fleet managers. It offers real-time data on fleet performance and operator behaviour. With Optafleet, managers can monitor their assets and access crucial information anytime — anywhere.
  2. Access Control Systems
    FTC's keypad entry system helps control who can operate your forklifts and other MHEs. It can store up to 1,000 unique pin codes and offer access using RFID swipe cards. This system is a secure solution for managing equipment access.
  3. FM Lite & Asset Tracking
    FTC's FM Lite is a solution designed for comprehensive asset management. This entry-level system allows you to monitor and record all vehicle movements around the clock. It offers timely information on location, fuel levels, speed limits, and more.
  4. Consultancy Service
    FTC's consultancy service understands its client's fleet requirements and provides bespoke advice. This service has been instrumental in enhancing the performance of FTC's products over the years.
  5. Impact Detector
    The FTC standalone impact detector is a cost-effective solution. It monitors and controls excess damage to valuable equipment. Designed for ease of use, this system can significantly reduce equipment damage costs.

Safety Systems

FTC's safety systems utilise hardware and software solutions to ensure the highest level of safety in the workplace.

  1. Camera Active Reversing System
    FTC's range assists operators in safely reversing heavy plant equipment. In doing so, its systems mitigate one of the most significant workplace hazards.
  2. Continual Recording Camera Systems
    FTC's industrial-grade MDVR system captures accurate information surrounding workplace incidents. Such footage is essential for insurance claims and incident investigations.
  3. Driver Aid Camera Systems
    These systems enhance operator visibility from the standard driving position. Cameras can be strategically placed on the vehicle to provide a clear view of required areas.
  4. Firetrack
    This automated self-seeking fire extinguisher system is designed for the materials handling industry. It offers a vital layer of safety.
  5. Fleet Aware
    Utilising ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, Fleet Aware is a state-of-the-art proximity warning system. Unlike RFID-based systems, Fleet Aware offers pinpoint accuracy. You can set proximity zones around hazardous equipment and enable the detection of personnel.

Efficiency Systems

FTC's efficiency systems focus on maximising productivity while reducing operational costs.

  1. Idle Limiter
    The 'Idle Limiter' is an automatic cut-off device designed for internal combustion engine forklifts. It reduces excess fuel expenditure and automatically turns off unattended trucks, enhancing safety.
  2. TXP Transmission Protection
    Available in two versions — standard and plus — the TXP system can be easily installed by any qualified forklift truck engineer. It aims to protect the transmission, a crucial component of the vehicle. In doing so, it reduces maintenance costs and prolongs the lifespan of the forklift.


Taking forklift safety and warehouse productivity to the next level.

Essensium is a technology company specialising in advanced warehouse safety solutions. They offer a variety of systems designed to enhance warehouse efficiency and safety. Essensium provides real-time location services and collision avoidance systems by leveraging their proprietary . . .

🟪 | Essensium Positioning System (EPS)
🟪 | Artificial intelligence (AI)
🟪 | And camera-based technology

SafeTrack Vehicles

SafeTrack Vehicles employs the EPS for vehicle position detection and inter-vehicle ranging. This enables a multi-layer approach to collision avoidance with built-in redundancy.

  1. Customisable Safe Operating Distances
    The site operator can define safe operating distances for different vehicles and locations. In doing so, they can vastly enhance safety and productivity.
  2. Integrated Alarm System
    This system alerts vehicle operators when they violate safe operating distances. It can also integrate other alerts, like speed-related warnings.

SafeTrack Pedestians

SafeTrack Pedestrians uses AI-enabled object recognition to locate pedestrians in relation to vehicles. This system doesn't require people tags. As such, it can reliably prevent accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles in warehouses.

  1. AI-Based Recognition
    The system uses AI to identify pedestrians and inform drivers of their locations, improving safety.
  2. Customisable Alerts
    If available, the alarm system can be fully personalised according to customer needs and integrated with a traffic light system.

Efficiency Systems

Essensium offers a wide range of EPS services, from site surveys to full on-site support. They provide comprehensive solutions for improving the safety and efficiency of warehouse operations.

  1. Full-Service Support
    Essensium's services range from site surveys to installation and management. They strive to ensure a seamless and effective implementation of their solutions.
  2. Proof of Concept (PoC) Assistance
    Essensium offers support for PoC creation, providing valuable insights for organisations.


The EPS Real Time Location System (RTLS) uses camera-based technology, sometimes complemented by AI. They use this to monitor the positions of tracked vehicles and pedestrians within the premises of the warehouse at all times.

  1. Real-time Monitoring
    EPS devices installed in each forklift provide real-time data to the driver. It then transfers this data to a central server for analytical purposes.
  2. Fully Configurable
    The system can be customised based on various parameters. These include vehicle size, weight, speed, location, time, and operator's training level.

Artificial Intelligence

Essensium uses AI as part of its SafeTrack Pedestrians solution. AI supports the identification of pedestrians close to forklifts. It also alerts the driver of potential unsafe situations.

  1. Predictive Capabilities
    AI allows for predicting situations based on historical data — such data aids in analysing user behaviour and better understanding the environment.
  2. Enhanced Safety
    AI helps identify pedestrian positions and potentially dangerous situations, improving safety.

Future Applications

Essensium innovates and tests new solutions to further improve warehouse safety and efficiency. They focus on expanding their AI developments and moving into Advanced Analytics.

  1. Continual Innovation
    Essensium tests new solutions in real environments. In doing so, they can ensure their customers can access the latest technology.
  2. Customised Analytics
    They work closely with customers to define custom analytics and remote monitoring approaches. In doing so, they can tailor solutions to specific operational challenges.

Manitou Connected Machines

Manitou Connected Machines is designed to monitor and control heavy machinery remotely. This innovative technology is accessible via a web portal or mobile app. The system offers capabilities that enhance machine productivity and simplify ownership. It can cater to any brand of Manitou machine, providing real-time access to vital information for . . .

🟪 | Fleet Managers
🟪 | Machine Users
🟪 | Maintenance Technicians

EasyMANAGER Fleet Management Platform

EasyMANAGER is a comprehensive fleet management platform that grants access to real-time data, such as . . .

🟪 | Tracking of Machine Status
🟪 | Geolocation
🟪 | Access Management
🟪 | Maintenance Monitoring
🟪 | Fuel Levels
🟪 | Hours of Use
🟪 | Scheduling
🟪 | Alert Management

EasyMANAGER also promotes seamless information sharing among machine owners, users, and technicians. It even supports API solutions for integrating data into a global management system.

  1. Real-time Fleet Oversight
    EasyMANAGER offers real-time fleet oversight. Therefore, stakeholders can immediately understand each machine's status and performance.
  2. Efficient Data Integration & Sharing
    The platform's data integration and sharing capabilities facilitate proactive and efficient maintenance. Such data integration can significantly reduce machine downtime and the overall cost of ownership.

myManitou Mobile App

The myManitou mobile app is designed for end users, providing the same range of data and access as the EasyMANAGER platform. With this mobile application, users have real-time access to their machine data. Real-time access enables them to make informed decisions promptly.

  1. Anytime, Anywhere Access to Machine Data
    The myManitou mobile app provides users with access to their machine data anytime, anywhere. Immediate access to data makes it easier to analyse and make swift decisions.
  2. Seamless Contact with Maintenance Professionals
    Users can easily contact maintenance professionals for expert advice and remote support using the app. Such support can further minimise downtime and enhances machine productivity.

Overall Benefits of Manitou Connected Machines

Manitou Connected Machines maximises productivity and reduces the total cost of ownership. The remote diagnostic capabilities allow for faster and more efficient maintenance interventions. Geolocation helps plan the quickest route to the machine. Plus, features like access management and fuel level monitoring minimise unproductive time.

  1. Maximised Productivity & Reduced Cost of Ownership
    With Manitou's connected solutions, equipment is consistently under control. Key data can easily be interpreted for quick decision-making to save time every day.

Toyota’s I_Site

Toyota I_Site is a sophisticated fleet management tool. It’s designed to enhance the performance of forklift trucks using online data. This connectivity improves efficiency, safety, and cost management in logistics operations. It offers comprehensive data about each connected machine, providing a detailed overview that . . .

🟪 | Aids in optimising performance
🟪 | Ensures long-term business profitability

I_Site Starter

I_Site Starter is the basic package that comes at no extra cost with Toyota's smart trucks and provides . . .

🟪 | A fleet overview
🟪 | Machine usage
🟪 | Key insights
🟪 | Service information
🟪 | And requests

  1. Basic Fleet Information Access
    The I_Site Starter package provides access to basic fleet information. It offers a general oversight and understanding of machine usage and service requirements.
  2. Cost-efficient Solution
    Available at no additional cost with smart trucks from Toyota. As such, the I_Site Starter package offers a cost-efficient solution to essential fleet management needs.

I_Site My Fleet

I_Site My Fleet builds upon the Starter package. However, it provides additional data for improved cost control and a detailed service history.

  1. Enhanced Cost Control
    The I_Site My Fleet package provides more detailed data. It offers enhanced control over operational costs and promotes smart investments.
  2. Comprehensive Service History
    Having access to a comprehensive service history helps in predictive maintenance. It reduces downtime and helps prevents unwanted financial surprises.

I_Site Explorer

I_Site Explorer expands upon the My Fleet package and includes a . . .

🟪 | KPI dashboard
🟪 | Information on machine
🟪 | Driver utilisation
🟪 | Shock management
🟪 | Truck positioning
🟪 | And smart access.

  1. Detailed Performance Overview
    A KPI dashboard and detailed reports provide a comprehensive performance overview. Therefore, the I_Site Explorer package offers informed decision-making.
  2. Advanced Safety Management
    The package's shock management and truck positioning features contribute to improved safety. This contribution can help prevent damage and reduce insurance costs.

Overall Benefits of Toyota I_Site

Toyota I_Site's online data and advanced features not only boost warehouse productivity. They can also contribute to cost control and promote a safer work environment. The system also assists in optimising the environmental performance of connected smart trucks. Such optimisation can lead to . . .

🟪 | A longer battery lifetime
🟪 | Extended machine lifetime
🟪 | And lower CO2 emissions

Toyota I_Site's various packages cater to different fleet management needs. Such a wide variation helps ensure an efficient and flexible response to changing circumstances.

The future of telematics in the UK

Telematics is not just a present-day solution; it’s the future of material handling. As the technology evolves, so will the capabilities of forklift fleets in the UK. The integration of telematics is already underway with systems such as . . .

🟪 | Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
🟪 | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This integration will enhance the value of telematics. It will provide a more holistic view of operations and enable strategic decision-making. Yet, the telematics revolution has only just begun, thanks to emerging technologies like . . .

🟪 | Artificial Intelligence (AI)
🟪 | Machine Learning (ML)

They will pave the way for predictive analytics and autonomous forklifts. Imagine a future where your forklifts not only report their status but also . . .

🟪 | Predict and prevent their own breakdowns
🟪 | Optimise their routes independently
🟪 | Learn from past actions to improve their performance

Making the most of telematics in the UK

Telematics is a game-changer for the UK material handling industry, and its benefits are undeniable . . .

🟪 | Produces actionable insights
🟪 | Improves efficiency
🟪 | Reduces costs
🟪 | Enhances safety

Do you operate a large fleet across multiple sites or a small fleet within a single facility? No matter which, there is a telematics solution that can meet your needs. Carefully consider the features and benefits of each system for your business. You should only choose a solution that aligns with your operational requirements and strategic goals.

While the initial investment in telematics may seem significant, the ROI can be substantial. Telematics won’t just reduce operational costs and improve productivity. It can also enhance your company’s reputation by demonstrating a commitment to safety and innovation.

So, are you ready to unlock the full potential of your forklift fleet with telematics? Remember, choosing the right telematics solution is not just about what it can do for you today but how it can drive your business into the future. Telematics is more than just technology; it’s a strategic tool that can transform your operations.

Welcome to the future of material handling in the UK.