Fully integrated material handling & storage systems for your business

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Adopt technology and future-proof your warehouse

Preparation is Key

Refine your logistics, save time and money.

Investing time and manpower into your warehouse organisation can lead to long term savings. Yet, to create a productive working environment, you need to implement the correct working processes. Chief among these is improving your storage solutions and optimising the layout of your warehouse. The first step should be to evaluate how you’re currently working and prioritise the changes you want to make against your budget.


Customise your warehouse layout to your industry. Keep batches together so they’re ready to ship or store items individually so they’re easy to sort and send.


Allocate a couple of hours a week to cleaning the warehouse and reducing clutter.


Regular staff training emphasises why organisation and layout is important

Adopting Technology Will Future-Proof Your Warehouse

Gain the competitive edge with improved accuracy and efficiency

46% of small and midsize businesses either don’t track inventory or are still using manual methods. However, 68% of warehouses plan to use mobile devices to manage inventory by 2018 (at least). At Locators, our solution specialists keep our client’s best interests in mind. We recommend you gain the competitive edge with a barcode and scanner labelling system. It not only helps improve accuracy and efficiency in your warehouse but also makes it easier for staff to find their way around the floorplan map.


Barcoding is at least 75% faster than manual data entry

Our five top tips for smart storage solutions


Tip 1

Placing high sellers or frequent items near the shipping area saves time going back and forth.


Tip 2

Label everything products, rows shelves and warehouse sections.

Tip 3

Make sure you factor in space for forklifts to move around safely if you opt for pallet racking.

Tip 4

Maximising vertical space makes storage easier and less overwhelming.

Tip 5

Custom shelving solutions bring problem areas to light and enforce change that’s better for business.