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Why You Should Embrace Barriers & Rack Protection

Elevate your warehouse safety and efficiency with premium barriers and rack protection.

In bustling work environments, the safety of personnel and the integrity of stored goods take precedence. Barriers and rack protection are pivotal elements in the architectural design of a safe storage facility. From our point of view, these measures are not just about compliance. They are about creating a workspace where safety and productivity coexist seamlessly. By integrating robust barriers and rack protection, warehouses can mitigate unnecessary risks. For example, risks associated with vehicle collisions and manual handling errors. This way, they can help ensure their operations run smoothly without costly interruptions.

Implementing these protections shows a warehouse’s commitment to its workers’ health and well-being. It’s a proactive approach that highlights the importance of preventive measures in the workplace. With suitable barriers and rack protection in place, employees navigate less hazardous environments. This can lead to a reduction in workplace accidents and heightened morale. This not only fosters a culture of safety but also reinforces the company’s reputation as a responsible employer. It shows that they are committed to safeguarding its assets — both human and material.

Choosing Locators for your barriers and rack protection needs means partnering with a team. A team that understands the intricate details of warehouse safety. What’s more, our experience spans decades. This enables us to offer solutions tailored to your operations’ unique demands. By putting safety first with strategic barriers and rack protection, we can help you create a healthy environment. One where productivity thrives, protected from the unpredictability of warehouse operations. It’s an investment in the longevity and success of your business.

So why not ensure that every part of your warehouse meets the highest safety and efficiency standards?



The Benefits of Barriers & Rack Protection

Boost your safety standards and productivity with our barriers and rack protection solutions.


    1. Enhance Safety

      Barriers and rack protection significantly reduce workplace accidents. They act as a physical shield, protecting employees from potential hazards.

    2. Increase Compliance

      Adopting these safety measures ensures adherence to health and safety regulations. It keeps your operations legal and avoids costly fines.

    3. Protect Assets

      Robust protection systems safeguard your inventory and equipment from damage. This reduces the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

    4. Improve Efficiency

      A well-protected warehouse streamlines operations. It allows for a smoother flow of goods and reduces downtime caused by accidents.

    5. Boost Morale

      A safe working environment increases employee satisfaction. Workers feel valued and secure, leading to higher productivity and retention.



Elevate Your Safety with Expert Barriers & Rack Protection

Secure your operations with precision-engineered barriers and rack protection from Locators.

At Locators, we understand the critical nature of warehouse safety. Our experts will start with a complete evaluation of your facility. Once onsite, we’ll identify key areas that could benefit the most from better protection. By pinpointing these zones, we can ensure that our solutions are not just practical. They will also perfectly align with your specific operational needs.


Expert Consultation & Assessment

Our initial step involves a detailed assessment of your warehouse environment. We can recommend the best safety solutions tailored to your unique needs. We do this by understanding your operation’s specifics, like traffic patterns and high-risk areas.


Tailored Design & Implementation

With the insights gained from our consultation, we design bespoke barriers and rack protection systems. Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. They’re crafted to fit your space’s specific dimensions and requirements. This way, we can ensure optimal protection and workflow efficiency.


Installation & Ongoing Support

Our service extends beyond design and implementation. We ensure the installation process is seamless and minimally disruptive to your operations. After installation, Locators are on hand to provide ongoing support and advice. We will help you adapt to future changes in your needs, guaranteeing long-term safety and efficiency.


Partnering with Locators for your barriers and rack protection needs means investing in a safer warehouse. It also means investing in a more productive environment. Our expert team is committed to delivering custom solutions.

Our solutions meet today’s safety standards and anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s warehouses.



Barriers & Rack Protection FAQs

Have a question about our barriers and rack protection solutions? You may find your answer below.


1. What sets Locators' barriers and rack protection apart from others?


At Locators, our distinct advantage lies in our bespoke approach to warehouse safety. Each solution is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of your space. We employ the latest in safety technology and materials for its durability and effectiveness.

2. How can I identify the most suitable barriers and rack protection for my warehouse?


Our team of experts will evaluate your warehouse's layout and workflow. This will allow us to find the exact solutions that offer the best protection and efficiency. Plus, this tailored advice ensures you invest in the proper safety measures.

3. Are Locators' solutions compatible with existing warehouse setups?


Yes, our products are crafted for easy integration into your warehouse environment. We aim to enhance your operations and will do so without significant disruptions. Our team will achieve this by upgrading safety measures or adding new solutions.

4. What materials are utilised in crafting Locators' barriers and rack protections?


We prioritise resilience and visibility in our materials selection. Our experts utilise robust steel for barriers and impact-resistant polyethene for rack protection. This ensures lasting performance in demanding warehouse conditions.

5. How do Locators guarantee the quality of our barriers and rack protection products?


Our commitment to excellence extends through every stage, from design to deployment. We guarantee every product meets safety and durability standards. Our experts achieve this through strict quality checks and industry best practices.

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