Cantilever Racking

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The challenge

Do you have the challenge of storing loads that are too long to fit in a pallet racking bay?
If you are using a counterbalance forklift to handle these loads then you will also have wide aisle widths resulting in poor storage density and waste of usable space.

Typical long loads

Metal bar and tube – steel stockists, lampposts, yacht masts.
Timber – timber merchants, sawn and finished timber, panel products.
Over-size products – machines, jet engines, spare parts for ships.
Plastic pipes – gas, drainage, water.

Our solution

For these applications our range of open fronted, cantilever racking products overcome all the problems associated with storing long loads on standard pallet racking. Cantilever racking can be loaded with products of any length and it can also be decked to make it suitable for storage of almost any product.
Locators is different from other storage products companies are we are able to supply specialist, narrow aisle materials handling equipment such as Combilift multi directional forklifts, side loaders and  4-way reach trucks which work seamlessly with the cantilever racking system.

Why Locators

Being a materials handling AND storage company allows us to design systems to operate with reduced aisle widths which provides you with more storage space in your warehouse.
We have been in the business for over 30 years and have the experience to make your warehouse more efficient and productive.
Don’t think about moving or increasing the size of your warehouse to store more product. Talk to us first.


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