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Combi-CS 1000

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Load Capacity:
1000 kg
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
2500 mm


The COMBi-CS is a counterbalance pedestrian stacker designed by Combilift, known for its innovative material handling solutions. This piece of equipment is particularly notable for its patented multi-position tiller arm, which significantly enhances safety and operational efficiency, especially in narrow aisle environments.

Key features of the COMBi-CS include:

1. Patented Multi-Position Tiller Arm: This unique design allows operators to remain at the side of the stacker, rather than at the rear. This positioning provides full visibility of the load and forks, while maintaining full steering control. This feature significantly reduces the risk of the operator being trapped or crushed between the stacker and racking systems.

2. Narrow Aisle Performance: The design of the COMBi-CS enables it to operate effectively in very narrow aisles, a feature that’s highly beneficial in space-constrained environments like warehouses and retail outlets.

3. Safety and Visibility: By allowing the operator to stand to the side of the stacker, the COMBi-CS offers enhanced visibility of the surroundings, the load, and the forks. This improves overall safety, not just for the operator but also for other personnel in the vicinity.

4. Electric Engine: The stackers are equipped with electric engines, contributing to environmentally friendly operations and reduced noise levels, which is especially advantageous in indoor settings.

5. Versatile Capacity and Size: The COMBi-CS models come in different capacities and sizes, catering to a range of industrial needs. For instance, the COMBi-CS 4400 model has a capacity of 4400 lbs and an overall width of 67 inches, making it suitable for handling substantial loads in narrow spaces.

Combilift’s commitment to innovation and safety in material handling is evident in the design of the COMBi-CS, making it a valuable asset in various industries such as building materials, logistics, food, and drink logistics.