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Combi-GTE 3000

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Load Capacity:
3000 kg
Fuel Type:
Diesel & LPG
Max Lift Height:
7500 mm
Number of Drive Wheels:


The COMBi-GTE 3000 is a multi-directional stand-on forklift designed for the safe, space-saving, and productive handling of long and bulky loads. It has a capacity of 3000 kg and a platform length of 1200 mm. The overall width of the forklift is 3050 mm.

The Combi-GTE range is highly customizable to suit industry needs. It is available in multiple fuel types such as diesel, electric, or LPG. The range is capable of capacities of 3,000 kg up to 5,500 kg. Multidirectional operation allows for more versatility, improving efficiency and safety. The COMBi-GTE range is designed to deliver the safest way to handle long and specialized loads. The narrow cab design enables operation in extremely narrow aisles. Platform lengths can be customized to fit existing narrow aisle facilities. The Combi-ST/GT models reduce on-site storage costs coupled with the ability to adapt stock density to growing demand. Robust and reliable, Combilift stand-on sideloaders can maneuver long loads indoors and out. The Combi-GT two-way sideloader can work in aisle-widths of just 1.27m. Guided aisle operation is taken up by many customers, making it very quick to enter and steer down aisles while greatly reducing the risk of damage to both product and racking. When operators are required to do a lot of picking, the cab’s design makes it quick and easy to enter and exit on a regular basis compared with ride-on forklifts, and the option of a folding seat offers further levels of comfort.