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Combi-GTE 5500

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Load Capacity:
5500 kg
Fuel Type:
Diesel & LPG
Max Lift Height:
7500 mm
Number of Drive Wheels:


The COMBi-GTE is a highly efficient and innovative sideloader forklift, designed specifically for operations in confined and narrow spaces. Its standout feature is its suitability for handling long and bulky loads in very narrow aisles, making it an ideal choice for stock-holding facilities handling materials like steel, metal, tubes, and PVC extrusions.

Key Features of the COMBi-GTE:

1. Capacity: This forklift is capable of handling loads ranging from 6,000 to 11,000 lbs. This range demonstrates its versatility in handling different sizes and weights of materials.

2. Engine Type and Power: The COMBi-GTE operates on electric power, offering a cleaner and more efficient energy solution. The electric engine ensures quiet operation and is ideal for indoor environments.

3. Design for Narrow Spaces: One of the critical advantages of the COMBi-GTE is its ability to operate in extremely narrow aisles. Its narrow cab design is tailored to fit within existing narrow aisle facilities, reducing on-site storage costs and adapting stock density to meet growing demand.

4. Maneuverability and Safety: The forklift features guided aisle operation, which greatly reduces the risk of damage to products and racking. This feature, combined with its 4 wheel steering and load sensing steering, enhances its maneuverability and safety.

5. Operator Comfort: The COMBi-GTE places a strong emphasis on operator comfort. The design of the cab allows for easy and frequent entry and exit, a significant advantage when operators need to do a lot of picking. Options like a folding seat and a spacious, ergonomic cabin further add to the operator’s comfort.

6. Customization: Platform lengths and other features of the COMBi-GTE can be customized to meet specific industry requirements, making it a flexible solution for various applications.

The COMBi-GTE is particularly suitable for industries like aluminum, logistics, metals, plastics, steel, and warehousing, where handling long loads in narrow spaces is a common requirement. Its robust design, combined with efficient and safe operation, makes it a valuable asset in these sectors