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Load Capacity:
16000 kg
Fuel Type:
Max Lift Height:
95 mm


The COMBi-HC-PPT is a specialised piece of material handling equipment, designed to provide an efficient and ergonomic solution for moving heavy loads in various industrial environments. “HC” typically stands for “High Capacity,” indicating that this equipment is built to handle particularly heavy or bulky items, which is a common requirement in industries like manufacturing, construction, and warehousing.

Key features and benefits of the COMBi-HC-PPT might include:

  1. High Load Capacity: As a high-capacity machine, the COMBi-HC-PPT is engineered to lift and transport heavy loads that standard equipment might not handle. This makes it ideal for operations involving heavy pallets, machinery, or other substantial materials.
  2. Powered Pallet Truck Design: Being a powered pallet truck (PPT), it offers motorised assistance in moving loads. This reduces the physical strain on operators and increases efficiency, especially in tasks that involve long distances or continuous operation.
  3. Enhanced Maneuverability: The design likely includes features that enhance maneuverability in tight spaces, which is crucial in crowded warehouses or production facilities. This could include advanced steering capabilities, responsive controls, and a compact footprint.
  4. Durability and Reliability: Equipment like the COMBi-HC-PPT is typically built to endure the rigours of industrial environments. Robust construction and high-quality components ensure long-term reliability and reduce downtime due to maintenance or repairs.
  5. Operator Safety and Comfort: Safety features are paramount in such equipment, protecting operators from accidents and injuries. This could include emergency stop functions, safety sensors, and ergonomic design to reduce fatigue during operation.
  6. Energy Efficiency: Many modern powered pallet trucks are designed with energy efficiency in mind, possibly using electric motors that offer a cleaner alternative to traditional fuel-powered engines, contributing to a lower carbon footprint and reduced operating costs.
  7. Customisation Options: Depending on the manufacturer, there might be options to customise the COMBi-HC-PPT according to specific operational needs. This could involve adjustable forks, various tyre options for different terrains, or battery choices for extended operation.

The COMBi-HC-PPT is likely to be a valuable asset in settings where heavy loads are a norm, offering a blend of strength, efficiency, and safety that can significantly enhance operational capabilities. Its specific design and features would be tailored to meet the challenges of heavy-duty material handling, making it a critical tool in many industrial and commercial applications.