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Load Capacity:
80000 kg
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The COMBI-MGT, a variant of the COMBi-MG (Mobile Gantry) series, is an innovative material handling solution designed by Combilift. This mobile gantry system is engineered to provide a versatile and efficient approach for lifting and transporting large, heavy, or awkwardly shaped loads in various industrial settings. It combines the functionality of a gantry crane with the mobility of a vehicle, making it an invaluable asset for businesses requiring adaptable and powerful lifting solutions.

Key features of the COMBI-MGT (Mobile Gantry) include:

1. Telescopic Functionality: The “T” in MGT often stands for “Telescopic”, indicating that this model features telescopic lifting capabilities. This allows for greater flexibility in handling different load sizes and shapes, and in operating within varying height constraints.

2. High Load Capacity: The COMBI-MGT is designed to handle very heavy loads, which is essential in sectors like manufacturing, construction, and logistics. Its lifting capacity can be significant, tailored to meet specific operational needs.

3. Mobility and Flexibility: Unlike traditional stationary gantries, the COMBI-MGT is mobile. This feature allows it to be used across different locations within a facility or across multiple sites, providing greater operational flexibility.

4. Adjustable Height and Span: The gantry’s height and span can be adjusted, making it adaptable to various operational environments and capable of handling a wide range of load dimensions.

5. Indoor and Outdoor Compatibility: Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the COMBI-MGT is versatile, capable of operating in diverse environments. This makes it suitable for businesses that have varied operational landscapes.

6. Enhanced Operator Safety: Safety is a key consideration in the design of the COMBI-MGT. It typically includes features that ensure the safety of the operator, such as protected cabins, intuitive controls, and excellent visibility.

7. Precision in Handling: The COMBI-MGT offers precise control in lifting and moving loads, which is particularly beneficial in congested areas or where specific placement of loads is crucial.

8. Robust Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of intensive industrial use, the COMBI-MGT is durable and reliable, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

9. Customisation Options: Combilift provides various customisation options for the COMBI-MGT to meet specific industry requirements. These can include different lifting mechanisms, attachments, and sizes.

The COMBI-MGT (Mobile Gantry) is particularly effective for businesses that require a heavy-duty, flexible, and safe lifting solution. Its telescopic capabilities, combined with its mobility, make it a standout choice for handling challenging loads in a variety of industrial and commercial contexts, offering a practical alternative to fixed lifting systems and traditional cranes.