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Combi-SC SC3

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Load Capacity:
100000 kg
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The Combi-SC Straddle Carrier SC3 is a specialised piece of material handling equipment, designed by Combilift, known for its innovative approach to warehouse and logistics solutions. The SC3 model stands out in the Straddle Carrier range due to its exceptional capabilities in handling large, bulky, and heavy loads, particularly in industries such as shipping, logistics, and manufacturing.

Key features of the Combi-SC Straddle Carrier SC3 include:

1. Heavy Load Capacity: The SC3 is designed to handle extremely heavy loads, with a typical capacity to lift and transport items weighing several tonnes. This makes it suitable for handling large containers, oversized pallets, and other bulky items.

2. Customizable Lifting Options: The SC3 offers various lifting options, which can be customized to suit specific operational needs. This includes different attachments and lifting mechanisms to handle a variety of load types and sizes.

3. Enhanced Manoeuvrability: Despite its size and capacity, the SC3 is engineered for excellent manoeuvrability. It can navigate tight spaces and turn in confined areas, which is crucial in crowded industrial environments.

4. Wide Range of Applications: The SC3 is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from ports and shipping yards to large industrial warehouses and manufacturing plants.

5. Operator Efficiency and Safety: The design of the SC3 prioritizes operator efficiency and safety. The cabin is equipped with comfortable seating, intuitive controls, and excellent visibility, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing safety during operations.

6. Durability and Reliability: Built to handle tough industrial conditions, the SC3 is robust and reliable. Its construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring a long service life.

7. Efficient Space Utilisation: The SC3 is particularly useful in environments where space is at a premium. Its ability to handle large loads in confined spaces allows for more efficient use of storage and operational areas.

8. Reduced Ground Pressure: The design of the SC3 ensures that even when carrying heavy loads, the ground pressure exerted is minimal. This is crucial in preventing damage to warehouse floors or yard surfaces.

The Combi-SC Straddle Carrier SC3 is a powerful solution for businesses that require the handling of heavy and oversized loads with precision and efficiency. Its combination of heavy lifting capacity, customizability, and manoeuvrability makes it a valuable asset in a range of industrial and commercial settings, offering a practical solution for complex material handling challenges.