DULEVO Sweepers

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Power Supply: Petrol, Diesel or Battery

Locators are an authorised distributor for the DULEVO range of industrial and commercial sweepers.

DULEVO sweepers are unique in having GORE filters. The GORE coating provides superior filtration and is extremely efficient removing dust during the cleaning process. The filters can be cleaned and have a 5 year warranty which reduces the high consumable costs associated with other manufacturers cleaning equipment.

The main brush sweeps forward into a sealed hopper rather than trying to throw dust and waste behind itself. This means the suction is direct and creates a much more powerful vacuum in the hopper and around the brush, further reducing dust. The V shaped brushes direct waste in towards the centre of the brush and have a polyurethane core which lasts longer than traditional cardboard ones.

Other features like self adjusting brush pressure and a trailing main brush add to the life of the brush and improve productivity and efficiency. The machines are robust and designed for industrial use in tough working environments.

With a range of further safety and productivity options including programmable performance and weight indicators, every machine can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.
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