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Industrial Fit Out


🟪 | Ambient Lighting Systems
🟪 | Bespoke Industrial Office Fit-Outs
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🟪 | Multi-Tiered Mezzanine Installation
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Feature Specification
Ambient Lighting Systems Enhances visibility, improves work environment
Bespoke Industrial Office Fit-Outs Tailored to company needs, boosts functionality
Efficient Space Planning Optimises use of available area
Multi-Tiered Mezzanine Installation Adds vertical storage, maximises floor space
Customised Manufacturing Floor Layouts Streamlines workflows and enhances productivity



Unlock Your Space with Our Industrial Fit-Outs

Elevate your operation with Locators’ expertly crafted industrial fit-out solutions.

When it comes to industrial operations, one thing is for sure. The design and layout of your workspace are critical components. They drive productivity, safety, and innovation. An optimised workspace tailored to your needs can transform your operations. Such a space allows your team to do their best work in a space designed for success. This is where the concept of an industrial fit-out is an indispensable asset. Our experts provide bespoke solutions that maximise every inch of your space for optimal use. A well-planned industrial fit-out addresses unique challenges. Old facilities, small spaces, and bad layouts can hinder your business’s growth and productivity. By turning these challenges into opportunities for innovation, we can elevate your operation to new heights. With our help, a carefully considered fit-out plan can ensure that your workspace is not just a place to work but a place that works for you. Partnering with fit-out experts means investing in a future-facing workspace. Our specialists will design this with your people and processes in mind. Trust us when we say that such a commitment goes beyond mere refurbishment. For us, it’s about creating a visionary environment that supports your business’s ambitions. We want to craft a space that fosters a culture of safety and efficiency and stands ready to grow alongside your enterprise.

Let’s build a space that reflects your team’s hard work and dedication, a space that works as hard as you do.



The Benefits of Industrial Fit-Outs

Maximise efficiency and propel your business to success.


    1. Optimised Space Utilisation

      Efficient space planning transforms cluttered areas into productive work zones. This strategic use of space can significantly enhance operational efficiency and workflow.

    2. Improved Employee Well-being & Productivity

      Ergonomic and well-designed workspaces contribute to better employee health and morale. A comfortable work environment boosts concentration and productivity.

    3. Enhanced Safety Measures

      A well-thought-out fit-out includes safety improvements that reduce workplace accidents. Compliance with health and safety regulations protects businesses from potential liabilities.

    4. Bespoke Solutions for Unique Needs

      Every business has unique needs; custom fit-outs ensure that every aspect of the workspace serves a specific purpose. Tailored designs reflect the company’s brand and operational requirements.

    5. Long-term Cost Savings

      Investing in a quality industrial fit-out can lead to significant long-term savings. Efficient use of space and resources reduces wastage. Meanwhile, ergonomic designs decrease the likelihood of work-related health issues.



Shaping Success with Industrial Fit-Out Expertise

Here’s how Locators craft innovative workspaces that work harder for you.

In transforming your industrial space, our approach is strategic and tailored to meet the exact needs of your business. We delve deep into understanding the unique challenges and goals of your operation. Our specialists plan and undertake fit-outs with precision. It’ll improve the safety and functionality of your workspace and align with your long-term business goals.


Deep Dive & Design

Our process starts with a comprehensive analysis of your current operations. Our team will assess your space and identify any potential areas for improvement and innovation. We consider every factor, from workflow to employee well-being. We’ll ensure that the solutions we propose are holistic and future-proof. This phase involves translating your business objectives into a physical layout. One that supports and enhances your operational goals.


Collaborative Implementation

Implementing your industrial fit-out is a journey we undertake together. Our team of experts works hand-in-hand with you, ensuring that every design element is executed perfectly. We use cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to meet today’s needs. Yet, with that said, our team also plan for future growth. The whole operation is a partnership to transform your space into an inspiring and motivating environment.


Your Partner in Progress

Choosing Locators means partnering with a team that’s invested in your success. We’re committed to delivering spaces that reflect your business’s ethos and drive towards efficiency. Let us help you create a workspace that’s not just a place to work but a strategic asset that propels your business forward.


Our team’s commitment is to deliver a complete industrial fit-out. We’ll use all we have to ensure it exceeds expectations, drives productivity and fosters growth. What makes our input even better is that our process is collaborative. We’ll involve you at every step to ensure that the outcome reflects your vision and drives your business forward. Locators are here to transform your industrial space into a powerhouse of efficiency and innovation.

It’s time to make your workplace a space where your business and people can thrive.



Industrial Fit Out FAQs

Have a question about our industrial fit out solutions? You may find your answer below.


1. What makes Locators different from other fit-out providers?


Locators specialise in fully integrated material handling equipment with custom industrial fit-out solutions. Our deep understanding of spatial dynamics sets us apart. Plus, we blend high-tech with ergonomic design to improve productivity and safety.

2. How can an industrial fit-out improve my business operations?


A tailored fit-out optimises every inch of your space. It streamlines workflow, boosts employee morale, and reduces wasted time and resources.

3. What types of spaces can benefit from an industrial fit-out?


These benefits apply to any industrial space seeking efficiency, safety, and growth. This includes warehouses, factories, and distribution centres.

4. How long does a typical industrial fit-out project take with Locators?


Each project is unique. But, our simple process ensures on-time completion without sacrificing quality or precision.

5. Can Locators accommodate my business's specific needs and requirements?


Absolutely. Our approach is centred around understanding and fulfilling your unique operational needs. This way, we can ensure that your space not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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