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Kärcher High Pressure Cleaner Hd 9/23 De

The HD 9/23 De diesel-powered is a mobile cold water pressure washer with 230 bar pressure for high cleaning performance. *Picture shown is the petrol model.

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Ideal wherever difficult external conditions and demanding cleaning tasks meet: the HD 9/23 De diesel-powered, cold water pressure washer with its resilient Yanmar diesel engine generates the electricity it needs itself. The required water can be sucked directly from lakes or ponds, allowing you to work in areas with poor infrastructure. The machine delivers 230 bar water pressure and, therefore, measures up to any task. Its ergonomic frame concept and the puncture-proof wheels guarantee maximum mobility, while the robust basic frame can withstand heavy-duty use. The EASY! Force high-pressure gun, makes use of the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the holding force for the operator to zero, also the EASY!Lock quick-release fasteners, making set-up and dismantling five times faster than with conventional screw connections. A large water filter and a thermostat valve are built in to protect the pump. The HD 9/23 De impresses with its simple operating concept, storage options for accessories and practical expansion options. For example, an attachment kit for a hose reel and an extra cage frame with eyelets for loading onto a crane are also available as optional extras.