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Kärcher High-Pressure Washer HD 9/20-4 S ST Classic

As robust as it is powerful: the HD 9/20-4 S St Classic stationary cold water high-pressure cleaner for tough cleaning applications. Assembly, operation and maintenance that is so effortless, it’s child’s play.

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The HD 9/20-4 S St Classic cold water high-pressure cleaner designed for consistent, long-lasting and ultra-reliable operation even under the toughest working conditions. To fulfil its remit, the solidly built stationary machine is fitted with a strong, easy-to-adjust crankshaft pump with a high-quality brass cylinder head and a low-speed 4-pole motor with automatic shutoff and air/water cooling. While the pump is well-protected by a built-in and easy-to-clean water filter, the other standard equipment speaks for itself – with trigger gun, lance, 10-meter high pressure hose and a power nozzle all included in the scope of supply. For added speed and convenience, these all come with our innovative EASY!Lock quick-release couplings. For the very best cleaning performance, the machine’s 7 kW motor output produces up to 200 bar of working pressure, which in turn delivers an hourly flow rate of 900 litres. And it doesn’t end there; service and maintenance tasks on the HD 9/20-4 S St Classic can be completed just as quickly as installing its ultra-sturdy steel frame to the wall or floor.